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REED Salary Guide 2013


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REED Specialist Recruitment overview of salaries for Czech Market 2013

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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REED Salary Guide 2013

  1. 1. Salary Guide 2013Czech
  2. 2. Market OverviewAgainst a backdrop of continuing challenging economic conditionswithin the Czech Republic, where the recession shows little sign ofending and unemployment remains close to 10 per cent, employers aresearching for increased efficiencies in 2013 and exploring how they canimprove the effectiveness of their human capital.In this environment, enlightened HR professionals can cement theirvalue to the business by implementing innovative resourcing solutionsthat make a positive impact on the bottom line.The Czech Republic retains its popularity among largecorporates as an excellent country in which to locatetheir international service centres, and also for businessprocess outsourcing organisations to base themselves.Meanwhile the valuable local talent pool, supplementedby skilled international candidates, keeps IT, engineering,energy and accountancy as particularly strongemployment sectors.The value of outsourcing to the overall economy extendsto HR, where some employers are choosing to adopt aRecruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) approach as ameans of extracting additional performance improvementsand cost efficiencies. A partnership approachThe ongoing recession is leading many organisationsto work more closely with their resourcing solutionpartners, as they explore a multitude of possible waysthey can become more effective. For some this may meanadopting a search approach for certain hard to fill roles,while for others it could be pursuing an RPO strategy forvolume recruitment projects.For many businesses, the greatest impact is made byexperienced individuals with specific expertise in criticalareas. However, finding these hard to locate mid andsenior-level people and then bringing them into a businessrequires detailed sector knowledge, unrivalled recruitmentexpertise, a search approach and access to a wide poolof talented individual: a combination of factors rarely foundoutside of an established resourcing solutions agency.Recruitment trendsWith unemployment expected to remain high over thenext 12 months, online job advertisements are unlikelyto be the best approach for many vacancies, as they willattract high numbers of applications - many of which arelikely to come from increasingly anxious job seekers whodo not possess the skills and experience required.A more strategic approach will yield the best results,with recruitment agencies tailoring how they work withemployers in order to deliver suitably talented candidatesin the most timely and cost-effective manner.We also expect there to be an increase in demand fromemployers for their recruitment partners to provide RPOsolutions, as these can deliver a wide range of cost andperformance benefits in certain situations – such asvolume recruitment.What next?In these continued tough trading conditions, it isimpossible to overstate the importance of recruiting andretaining the very best available talent.If you think your business might be able to benefit fromadditional resourcing experience and expertise, speakwith the resourcing experts here at REED to find out howwe could help you deliver your recruitment and retentionplans in the Czech Republic where we are proud to becelebrating our fifth anniversary in April 2013.However, if it is specific market intelligence that you wouldlike, or an insight into candidate availability or currentmarket rates, then our experienced consultants would behappy to help there too.Similarly, if you anticipate making an executive or seniormanagement appointment in the coming months, wehave the recruitment expertise, contacts and capacityto help you bring in the best available talent to help driveyour business forward.We look forward to hearing from you.Matt FosterRegional Director, EMEA
  3. 3. reedglobal.czAccounting & Finance BankingThe continued importance of finance professionals to the survival and growth of organisations willensure individual roles continue to be filled when they become vacant. However, employers areincreasingly also looking for financial candidates that additionally possess business acumen andgood communication skills, so that they can bring even more value to the business.In particular, we expect there will continue to be strong demand for Financial Controllers andBusiness Analysts.The banking sector looks set for a fairly flat 2013, although we expect increased demand for frontoffice positions dealing with high net worth individuals, as well as for experienced corporatebankers with strong acquisition skills and knowledge of English.MIN(CZK)PER MONTHMAX(CZK)PER MONTHChief Accountant(Accounting Manager)35,000 55,000Accountant/Bookkeeper 20,000 40,000Payroll Manager 35,000 55,000Payroll Assistant 25,000 30,000Group Finance Director 120,000 200,000Finance Director (6+ years) 100,000 150,000Finance Manager (2-4 years) 70,000 110,000Controlling Manager 60,000 85,000Business Controller 40,000 65,000Financial Analyst/Controller(4 years)35,000 65,000Financial Analyst/Controller(2 years)30,000 45,000Newly Qualified (0-2 years) 18,000 28,000MIN(CZK)PER MONTHMAX(CZK)PER MONTHCredit Analyst 35,000 60,000Risk Specialist 40,000 70,000Product Specialist 35,000 75,000Product Manager 70,000 150,000MIN(CZK)PER MONTHMAX(CZK)PER MONTHBanking Advisor/Service Banker 20,000 30,000Retail Banking Manager/Branch Manager45,000 70,000Retail Banking Senior Manager/Area, Regional Manager50,000 100,000Private Banker 30,000 70,000Private Banking Manager 45,000 100,000Retail Investment Advisor 30,000 55,000Institutional Investment Advisor 50,000 150,000Commercial Banker SME 35,000 70,000Commercial Banker Corporate 55,000 120,000Commercial Banking Manager 75,000 120,000MIN(CZK)PER MONTHMAX(CZK)PER MONTHManager 65,000 100,000Auditor (4 years) 45,000 65,000Auditor (2 years) 35,000 50,000Credit Control Manager 40,000 65,000Credit Controller 35,000 55,000Accounting/Payroll Back office (Banking)Front office (Banking)Internal Audit/Credit Control
  4. 4. reedglobal.czEngineeringthere is a deep talent pool from which experienced individuals continue to be highly sought after bylocal and international businesses.Sectors where demand for engineers, scientists, project managers and research & developmentspecialists is particularly strong include aviation, energy, oil and gas, waste management and thechemical industry.Process engineers, production plant facility managers, quality coordinators and logistics specialistswho also possess good language skills are also highly sought after.MIN(CZK) PERMONTHMAX(CZK) PERMONTHTechnical Sales 30,000 45,000Country Manager 90,000 120,000Mechanical Engineer 30,000 45,000Electrical Engineer 30,000 45,000Automation Engineer 30,000 45,000Commissioning Engineer 40,000 60,000Technical Specialist 35,000 60,000Buyer 25,000 40,000Sourcing Manager 40,000 60,000Production Planner 25,000 35,000Logistics Specialist 30,000 45,000Logistics Manager 60,000 90,000Production Manager 45,000 75,000Plant Manager 70,000 120,000Process Engineer 45,000 60,000MIN(CZK) PERMONTHMAX(CZK) PERMONTHLean Consultant 50,000 70,000Six Sigma Black Belt Leader 80,000 120,000Quality Engineer 35,000 60,000Quality Manager 50,000 80,000Engineering Manager 60,000 80,000Scientist 60,000 90,000Site Manager 60,000 120,000Facility Maintenance 50,000 70,000PLC Programmer 35,000 50,000DCS Engineer 35,000 50,000EngineeringMIN(CZK) PERMONTHMAX(CZK) PERMONTHHR Assistant/Administrator 25,000 30,000HR Specialist 30,000 40,000HR Generalist 40,000 60,000HR Manager/HR Business Partner60,000 100,000HR Director 100,000 150,000MIN(CZK) PERMONTHMAX(CZK) PERMONTHLegal Trainee 25,000 40,000Corporate Lawyer Junior 30,000 50,000Corporate Lawyer Senior 50,000 100,000Legal Manager 100,000 150,000MIN(CZK) PERMONTHMAX(CZK) PERMONTHAssistant 25,000 30,000Executive Assistant 30,000 45,00030,000 45,000Human Resources & Executive SupportOften an outsourced function among embryonic businesses, HR can play an increasingly importantrole throughout the whole business lifecycle. HR is increasingly being seen as an importantstrategic business partner, and bringing in HR specialists with the right skillsets and businessand management experience. In contrast, HR generalists are seen, especially by larger corporations,Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants continue to be in high demand, providing essentialsupport to senior executives challenged with leading their organisations through the tough economicconditions that currently exist in the Czech Republic. There is a trend in the legal area which showsa continued demand for hiring In-house Lawyers. This is creating job opportunities for experienceddemand.Human Resources LegalAdministrationMIN(CZK) PERMONTHMAX(CZK) PERMONTHCustomer Service Specialist/Representative25,000 35,000Customer Service Team Leader/Manager35,000 60,000Customer Service
  5. 5. reedglobal.czMultilingual Shared Service Centres (SSC’s)Most of the SSC’s in Czech Republic are located in either Prague or Brno, where a wide varietyof national and international organisations - including ExxonMobil, Covidien, SAP, Sita, JNJ GBS,Siemens, Infosys and Honeywell – have Finance and Accounting, IT support and CustomerService Centres.IT support staff with English and an additional European language are in strong demand, especiallythose with experience in SAP, Unix, Linux, IFRS, US GAAP and SOX. Language skills which tend tobe in short supply are Turkish, all of the Nordic languages skills, Dutch and German.Accounting RolesCustomer Service RolesMIN (EUR)PERANNUMMAX (EUR)PERANNUMJunior Accountant with English 9,500 14,500Junior Accountant with Englishwith additional language9,500 14,500Senior Accountant 14,500 24,000Accounts Payable/Receivableclerks with languages11,000 14,5002-3 years of experience 14,500 17,0005 + years of experience 16,000 18,500Team Leader of AP/AR 17,000 24,000Manager OF AP/AR 26,000 52,000Head of Accounting Department 22,000 38,000Payroll Specialist 14,500 19,500Senior Payroll Specialist 16,000 25,000Payroll Manager 28,000 40,000VAT Compliance (Manager) 26,000 32,000Tax Manager 30,000 40,000Internal Auditor 22,000 35,000MIN (EUR)PERANNUMMAX (EUR)PERANNUMCustomer ServiceRepresentative9,500 16,500CS Team Leader 17,000 24,000Customer Service Manager 28,000 40,000Cash Collection/Collectors 12,000 18,000Order Management (OTC) 12,000 17,000Inside Sales Representative (Fix) 12,000 15,000Inside Sales Supervisor (Fix) 16,000 20,000Inside Sales Manager (Fix) 24,000 35,000IT Help Desk Operator (1st Level) 12,000 16,500IT Help Desk Operator(2nd Level)15,000 21,500Various SSC / BPO PositionsMIN (EUR)PERANNUMMAX (EUR)PERANNUMFinancial Analyst/Controller 17,000 23,000Process Specialist 16,500 27,000Transition/Project Manager 22,000 66,000Six Sigma/Lean Experts/Consultants30,000 50,000Shared Service Director 48,000 90,000HR Administrator 9,500 18,500Procurement Specialist 14,500 19,500Buyer 13,000 23,500
  6. 6. reedglobal.czHR & TrainingMIN(CZK) PERMONTHMAX(CZK) PERMONTHSales Director 100,000 200,000Sales Manager 70,000 120,000Field Sales Manager 80,000 100,000National Key Account Manager 80,000 120,000Key Account Manager 50,000 80,000Area Sales Manager 40,000 50,000Account Manager 30,000 40,000Sales Representative 25,000 40,000Channel Sales Specialist 50,000 80,000IT Sales Representative 60,000 90,000IT Business Consultant 50,000 90,000Sales & MarketingSales professionals with strong track records of success – whether as Key Account Managers orin New Business Acquisition roles – continue to be in very high demand, especially in the growingFMCG sector. Competition for these individuals is fierce, which is causing salary inflation.Marketing continues to grow in stature and size, especially in the online and social mediaenvironments. However, the rapid rate at which marketing in the social media is expanding makesit inevitable that there is a marked shortage of proven specialists.SalesThe IT sector is expected to grow in the next 12 months, as the Czech Republic remains attractiveto investors because of its skilled local workforce and low production costs. This is expected tomanifest itself through further investment in IT service centres and software development centres,as well as a strengthening of in-house IT functions.The main demand will be for IT Developers, Analysts and Senior System Administration Specialists,while there is not expected to be much call for Project Managers and general IT Managers.TechnologyMIN(CZK) PERMONTHMAX(CZK) PERMONTHABAP Developer 45,000 60,000.NET Developer Senior 70,000 100,000Analyst (MIS/Data) 50,000 60,000Business Analyst 45,000 70,000Developer (Applications) 40,000 80,000Information Security 37,000 60,000IT Help-Desk Support 30,000 47,000IT Manager 60,000 150,000IT Project Manager 50,000 130,000IT Systems Engineer/Administrator25,000 37,000JE22 Developer Senior 60,000 100,000Network Engineer 35,000 45,000Programmer/Developer Manager 60,000 110,000Service Delivery Manager 55,000 100,000Siebel Developer 30,000 60,000Systems Engineer 30,000 50,000Technology
  7. 7. MIN(CZK) PERMONTHMAX(CZK) PERMONTHDirector of CorporateCommunication100,000 150,000PR Manager 60,000 100,000PR Specialist 40,000 60,000Internal CommunicationSpecialist40,000 60,000Event Specialist 40,000 60,000MIN(CZK) PERMONTHMAX(CZK) PERMONTHNational Store Manager 100,000 150,000Regional Store Manager 60,000 90,000Store Manager 30,000 50,000Assistant Store Manager 25,000 30,000Sales Assistant 20,000 25,000National Visual Merchandiser 80,000 100,000National Merchandiser 80,000 120,000Visual Merchandiser 30,000 40,000Retailreedglobal.czMIN(CZK) PERMONTHMAX(CZK) PERMONTHMarketing Director 100,000 200,000Marketing Manager 70,000 120,000Marketing Specialist 30,000 50,000Group Brand/Product Manager 70,000 90,000Brand/Product Manager 40,000 60,000Junior Brand/Product Manager 35,000 40,000Trade Marketing Manager 60,000 80,000Trade Marketing Specialist 35,000 50,000Market Research Manager 70,000 90,000Market Research Analyst 35,000 45,000Head of Media Planning 70,000 90,000Media Planner 40,000 55,000MIN(CZK) PERMONTHMAX(CZK) PERMONTHOnline Marketing Manager 80,000 120,000Online Marketing Specialist 35,000 50,000eCommerce Manager 100,000 150,000eCommerce Specialist 40,000 55,000Marketing CommunicationSales & MarketingOnline MarketingWe Are Fair, Open and Honest• we treat everyone with fairness and respect• we act with integrity• we are true to our commitmentsWe Take Ownership• we respond swiftly to execute our promises• we take responsibility for providing solutions• we hold ourselves accountable for our actionsWe Work Together• we work in partnership and build sustainabletrusted relationships• we value a diverse workforce and respect thecontributions of all• we support our customers and colleagues inachieving their goalsOur ValuesWe Are Fair, Openand Honest, We TakeOwnership and We WorkTogether. These are thevalues that make ReedSpecialist Recruitmentstand out from the crowd.These values underpineverything we are andeverything we areaspiring to be as amarket leader.
  8. 8. Despite being established for over 50 years, Reed SpecialistRecruitment remains an independent, family-owned business.What’s more, we continue to demonstrate our commitmentto corporate and social responsibility. 18% of Reed SpecialistRecruitment is owned by the Reed Foundation – a charitableorganisation that donates revenue from annual dividends to anumber of worldwide charities. Our founder, Sir Alec Reed,received a knighthood for his services to the charity The Big Give(, while our sister company – Reed inPartnership – delivers ‘return to work’ services for the long-termunemployed across Australia and the UK.We Give Back…
  9. 9. Contact UsREEDnámestí Republiky 1078/1a, Palladium110 00 Prague 1Czech RepublicT: (+420) 225 985 111E: Finance, Banking, Engineering,Human Resources Executive Support,Multilingual Shared Services, Technology,˘Sales Marketing.