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Social Media Planning PowerPoint Template


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The Social Media Planning Template is designed for Marketeer's to educate the organization and to form the basis for your Social Media go-to-market plan. The template summarizes the disruption in power that social media has brought about, its impact on the organization and specifically Sales & Marketing. Download the PowerPoint template to harness social media by developing strategies and tactics to increase awareness that will create pipeline.

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Social Media Planning PowerPoint Template

  1. 1. Social Media PlanningThis SlideShare presentation includes 10 of the 20 slides available in the Social Media Planning Template. Download the complete template at:
  2. 2. Outline1 A Shift in the Balance of Power2 Social Media’s Impact on the Organization & Marketing3 Increase Awareness & Generate Interest4 The Social Buyer, OPN & Engaging the Pack5 Social Media Engagement Funnel & Marketing Engine6 Leveraging Content in Social Media7 Complexities & Challenges in Social Media8 Where to Start9 Social Media in the New & When to Act10 Metrics
  3. 3. Shift in the Balance of Power Today Today, individuals Today, individuals Yesterday, companies Yesterday, companies gather information on gather information on dictated, what, whenCOMPANIESCOMPANIES dictated, what, when and how they would and how they would companies when they companies when they INDIVIDUALS INDIVIDUALS want to and from whom want to and from whom communicate to buyers communicate to buyers they want to they want to Yesterda y
  4. 4. Social Media‘s Impact on the OrgMarketing & SalesMarketing & Sales Development Development Company to many vs. many to the Company to many vs. many to the  Transofrms alpha and beta testing Transofrms alpha and beta testing company company  Harnesses bi-directional information Harnesses bi-directional information Segmentation Segmentation flows flows Sales and buying process Sales and buying process  Supports agile development Supports agile development D ev Product launch  Allows more testing of smaller ke & Product launch Allows more testing of smaller g functioanlity sets el ar es functioanlity sets tin Engaging customers and prospects op Engaging customers and prospects M Sal  Enables shorter development cycles Enables shorter development cycles m Revenue generation Revenue generation en  Generrates new product ideas Generrates new product ideas Brand building Brand building tEmployeesEmployees Support Support Em t Empowers employees to communicate  One size fits one customer support or Empowers employees to communicate One size fits one customer support key messages pp key messages pl  The community supports the community The community supports the community oy Su Convenient and sometimes preferred Convenient and sometimes preferred medium of communication to inform  7*24*365 by all communication vehicles ee medium of communication to inform 7*24*365 by all communication vehicles employees employees s  Instantaneous support Instantaneous support Effective channel for recruiting Effective channel for recruiting  All mediums: text, screenshots, audio All mediums: text, screenshots, audio Creates new positions in the and video and video Creates new positions in the organization organization
  5. 5. Inrease Awareness & Generate Interest The Social Consumer The basic premise is that there are leaders and followers and there really aren’t that many true leaders. Other People’s Netowrks When you reach an individual, leverage them to bridge you into their network. Engage the Pack These are individuals that influence followers based on their thought leadership or technical know how from using the product or service.
  6. 6. The Social Buyer A Se nsUser Reviews A Sense of UrgencyPeople trust others like themselves so Fear, uncertainty and doubt are still eo wuser reviews are the next best thing to motivators. Communicating a special viefirst hand experience. offer, special price or limited time only fU minimizes procrastination. Re rg en er Us cy What’s Hot What’s Hot Creating something interesting, engaging, topical or funny is a way that individuals become evangelists by endorsing you to their network.
  7. 7. Other People’s Networks/Relationships Appealing to Influencers Prosumer Influencer Led Influencers have significant followers and carry a lot of weight. Influencers have tremendous powers of persuasion over their followers and can use their personalProsumer Led networks to make or break a company.Prosumers are technically consumers/individualsbut their technical expertise in a product orservice ranks them as a peer to product peopleinside of a company. There focus is purely onusage and they communicate their experience.
  8. 8. Social Media Marketing Engine Thought leadership, domain expertise, hot topics, and association with influencers. Short, pithy text with headers, bullets and images and leverage all social mediums. Content Grow your span of influence by: Hijack Conversations – jump in when you have value Publish or Perish – continuously produce fresh content Scratch Backs – build relationships with key influencers Profiling – create target profiles of customers and track them Engagement Social Media has created a sense of entitlement that content is free. Offering a 10 question reg form with mandatory questions does not work here. Providing abstracts, downloads, portions of presentations and highlights form content must be offered for minimal contact information— if a user sees value they will engage. Actions Prospects are reseaching your company well before anyone from Sales or Marketing has reached out to them. Many times, your company will be disqualified before you even become aware. With prospects having access to content, product, influencers and your customers, they are much more knowledgable and more qualified when they do engage. Pipeline
  9. 9. Leveraging Content With Social Media  Tweet the blog  Post to LinkedIn page  Guest blog  Post to Facebook  Have other bloggers  Tweet the content to followers blog  Have followers retweet  Tweet to # groups of interest  Tweet to @ based on other people’s followers  Post slides for download  Post slides w/no download, drive to site  Post slides w/partial download  Add content to pages of site  Add content as a digital asset  Include the content in a blog  Create PPCConten  Post a video of the content  Post a podcast of the content t  Post a comment  Request likes  Ask friends to share the comment  Post to your page  Share with groups  Share with your connections  Ask a question and post the content as the response  Post images of the content with a link and text
  10. 10. Complexity Increases Infrastrucutre Requirements Support Strategy Responding to users requests regardless of time of day or day Strucutre Development Soliciting the served market for insight into functions, features and user experience Process HR Responding to employment requests and seeking talent Systems Sales This is a placeholder text. This text can be replaced with your own text. TechnologyMarketing PeopleThe creation of a FB, Twiiter and LIaccount to push out press releasesand promotions
  11. 11. When to ActWWh ha att tto od do o
  12. 12. Next Steps This SlideShare presentation includes 10 of the 20 slides available in the Social Media Planning TemplateTo view all 20 slides, and other go-to-market planning templatesfor demand management, websites, demand creation, investor / board presentations, go-to-market planning and messaging, please visit