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Increase Sales - Sales Conversion - Sales Resources


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Increase Sales by Providing the Right Sales Resources in the Sales Funnel.

Fundamentally, the way to increase sales is to provide the right sales resources to the sales rep at the right time in the sales funnel. The purpose of Sales Enablement is to align the people, processes and systems within an organization to produce deliverables. By incorporating managed and repeatable processes, Sales Enablement increases sales conversion in the sales funnel. Simply put, Sales Enablement makes sure that a sales person has the right sales resources, at the right time and in the right format to drive deals successfully through the sales funnel.

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Increase Sales - Sales Conversion - Sales Resources

  1. 1. Read The Complete Blog PostCLICK HEREIncrease Sales by Providing the RightSales Resources in the Sales Funnel
  2. 2.  Lead routing Sales force automation system Marketing automation system Corporate fact sheet Nurture paths Account research Prospecting emails and scripts Sales portal Presentation Data sheet Brochure Quick reference guide Success Story White papers Analyst reports Sales playbook Competitive, market trends andindustry statistics Use cases RFP database Demos ROI POC Strategy demonstration Project management demonstration Configurator Pricing & Quote References Executive assurance Onsite visits Implementation processSales StagesMarketing QualifiedLead5%Sales QualifiedLead20%Upside Leaning40%Closure Most Likely60%Sales RequirementsSales Resources – Sales Conversion Legal Executive managementIn Purchasing80% OnboardingClosed Won100% Target names and titles ID‘d Right industry, geo and size Potential for business pain suspected Have agreed to meet Willing to engage in a meaningfulconversationSales Tools A live project identified Solving the business problem is high ontheir priority list Business & technical requirementsCometitive review in progress Building a business case Action plan agreed upon by the Client Competition identified, on shortlist Have met with the sponsor 50%+ chance of winning Have access to executive sponsor andother key influencers Technical win confirmed by sponsor Commercial win confirmed by sponsor Have met w/Exec Sponsor Agreed on the next steps to completethe PO and/or contact Time line is well known Decision in our favor Pricing and terms negotiated andcomplete In procurement stage Timing known Purchase Order and/or contract received Accepted by finance and revenue-able
  3. 3. Sales Conversion Rates60%100%5%40%20%80%Marketing QualifiedLeadSales Qualified LeadUpside LeaningClosure Most LikelyClosed WonIn PurchasingMore Opportunity in the Sales Funnel
  4. 4. Questions to Ask to Gauge SalesEffectiveness What sales resources are available by sales stage? Has there been an assessment of the Sales Enablement function? What is the utilization of the sales tools that have been provided? What resources do the most successful sales people use and when? Who is the subject matter expert for topic x, y and z? Who creates the content that is most valued by the sales team? What content is most used by the sales team? Have the roles for all supporting functions to the sales process beenidentified? Is there an automated, self-service infrastructure to supply what salesreps need, when they need it and is it in a sales-ready format? Is there a feedback mechanism to evaluate, update and create newresources for use in the sale cycle? Are there metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of sales resources? Are there metrics to evaluate the efficiency of sales resources?
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