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Event Marketing - Event Planning


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Planning an event is as complicated a large wedding—nothing is rocket science but the number of tasks, the level of detail and the compressed timeline is a breeding ground for mishaps. At the end of the day, B2B sales reps will agree that well run events:

- where meetings with the right people in attendance
- from the right companies
- with a backdrop of a meaningful topic

These are ideal opportunities to increase the sales funnel with qualified sales opportunities. Well constructed marketing Events are also great vehicles to increase the velocity of forecasted deals in the sales pipeline.

For Marketers, it is imperative to establish a managed, repeatable process for events and then to optimize it.

Download the FREE Marketing Event Template to select events based on a process that is consistent with your Marketing strategy.

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Event Marketing - Event Planning

  1. 1. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY NOW! ! !CLICK HERE Go to Market Strategy ! Event Marketing – How to Select & Execute!
  2. 2. •  What is the objective for the show and does it map to the marketing plan? •  Is the show relevant to the business, target audience, market position and key messages? •  Is the organization ready, willing and able to execute? PROCESS TO SELECT
  3. 3. EVENTS GONE BAD! •  Someone in the organization fires an email with a link to a show that “we have to be at” •  The show is in less than a month and was not on anyone’s radar •  A scramble ensues to get a PO, secure floor space and “own the show” •  Some poor Marketing Programs Manager is offered up for the slaughter •  The space is small and in a remote location •  Promotion is too late and few meetings are secured •  Booth traffic is light •  The signage and demo are generic •  The show is a disaster and everyone blames Marketing Maybe this scenario sounds familiar:
  4. 4. ABILITY TO EXECUTE! Is the organization ready, willing and able to make the commitment necessary to have a successful event? Specifically, will the key Pre-Event, Event and Post-Event tasks be addressed?
  5. 5. WHAT IS THE RELEVANCE! It’s important to drill down on the objective to ensure that the event in question is relevant. Specifically, here are some areas and questions from which to drill down on:
  6. 6. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY NOW! ! !CLICK HERE FREE Template to Select Events Based on a Process Event Marketing – How to Plan an Event Created by a CMO Get it With a Click … It’s 100% FREE Claim Your FREE Excel based Template & Bring a Method to the Madness! A 3 tiered selection process to quantitatively and objectively select events! Over 70 action items identified and laid-out across a timeline!