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Demand Management PowerPoint Template


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Download the Demand Management Planning Template at

The Demand Management Planning Template is designed for Marketeer's to proactively build a go-to-market plan to methodically follow-up on lead generation programs in a comprehensive and sustained format. The scope of the template spans creating demand management strategy to tactical execution.

Downloading the PowerPoint template provides a framework for a demand management plan that will optimize conversion of responses to qualified opportunities.

Download go to market planning templates at

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Demand Management PowerPoint Template

  1. 1. Demand Management Planning This SlideShare presentation includes 10 of the 24 slides available in the Demand Management Planning Template. Download the complete template at:
  2. 2. Outline1 Overview of the Sales Process, Terminology2 S&M Integration Hand-off to Sales3 Demand Management Process & Follow-up4 Targets, Starbursting5 GTM Messages, Messages by Audience Reverse Engineering #’s, Conversion Ratios67 Integrated Team & Demand Management Timeline8 Content, Account Intelligence & Sales Tools9 Lead Rating, Scoring & Nurturing10 Metrics, Scorecard
  3. 3. Sales & Marketing Synchronization Qualified Need Business Scope & Close Prospect Analysis Impact Proposal Account intelligence Corp identity Qualification Positioning RFP Messaging Sales presentations Lead generation Tech note Website Needs analysis Public relations Demos Social Media Increasing Increasing Business analysis SEO/SEM mind share MARKETING SALES market Value demonstration White papers share ROI Newsletters References Success stories Scope & proposal User groups Negotiation Downloads PricingUser conferences Close Problem Info Search Vendor Purchase Vendor Recognition /RFP Analysis Approval Selection
  4. 4. Terminology & RolesDatabase Marketing Prospect– Data entry, contact development– Build and clean database Data Entry / Contact Development Marketing ContactTelemarketing Telemarketing– Campaign based (in/out) Marketing Marketing ResponseTeleQualification Lead Qualification– Lead Qualification Marketing OpportunityTelesales– Inside selling (thresholds) Sales Prospect PipelineDirect Sales– Direct selling (GT, NA, GV) Sales Forecast Sales Closed Sales
  5. 5. DATABASE A database that includes the right titles and correct contact info for all suspects. ACCOUNTS PREFERRED LEAD SOURCES A list of accounts that you and your Sales A disciplined approach to checking preferred lead sources Rep are working. each hour and day. FOLLOW-UP ACTIVITIES DEMAND MANAGEMENT A structured approach to completed scheduled follow-up activities. PROCESS CHECK PIPELINEMonitor the qualified opp’s that were handed off to DRIVE ATTENDANCE sales to view progression in the pipeline. Drive attendance to online and offline events. COMPETITOR ANALYSIS Research competitive messaging, products, customers, events and EVENT PARTICIPATION influencer afffiliation. Work the physical events to place a face to the name and conduct competitive analysis. CONNECT & SELL Guaranteed live connections with contacts you specify. RESEARCH – SOCIAL MEDIA LinkedIn backgrounds, Twitter Google, feeds, YouTube videos and RSS feeds. RESEARCH - TRADITIONAL Hoovers, Tech Crunch, InsideView, Stratascope, analyst reports, CRUSH reports.
  6. 6. Demand Management – Follow-up Marketing SF Automation  Website  Programs DB Updates New Lead InsideView 30 Day 10 Touch Model Created LinkedIn  SEO/PPC Lead Scored Google Assigned No  Lists Scoring Suspect to: PeopleMaps Call #1 Lead Updated response Email #1  Events Marketing SalesGenius w/i 24 & Appended  BDR Next Day Automation hours  Seminars Routing Hoovers  ISR  Web Visitors iProfile Lead Alert  Sales Rep LinkedIn  Social Media Nurture Sent Blogs Dead Tweets Lead Status Response  Disqualified  Developing Update Activity No response  Working  New  Nurture No Call #2 response Email #2 w/i 3 Next Day Other days Contacts, Response Same Co No responseContent Hot Nurture Cold 30 Day 10 Touch Calendar No Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Call #3 response Email #3 Stage 5 Stage 4 Stage 3 Stage 2 Stage 1 w/i 5 T1 Next Day Wk 1 E1 days Topical Possible Yes Yes Wk 2 T2 E2 Response Wk 3 T3 E3 No response Bridge Possible Yes Yes Yes Wk4 T4 E4Solution Possible Yes Yes Yes Yes No Wk 5 T5 Call #4 response Email #4Product Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Wk 6 E5 w/I 7 Next Day daysValidate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Response No response No Qualified Opportunity Call #5 response Email #5 w/I 9 Next Day Initial meeting has taken place with clear next steps established days Project appears to be within the capabilities of the offering A verbal that budget is available (or will be available) when technical Response decision is made. No response Project timeline (award within six-months) Competitive landscape (if known) Key decision makers, sponsors and approvers identified Understanding of compelling event (if available)
  7. 7. Conversion Ratios30% 6,234 Responses 6,234 Qualifying30% 1,894 Live Conversations39% 741 Qualified Opp6.8% 51 Pipeline33% 17 Won
  8. 8. Campaign Timeline – Lead Management Product & Domain Training Marketing Program Briefing Build List (companies & contacts) Sync With Sales FAQs & Competitive Sales Messaging & Scripts Plan Nurture Path Drive Attendance Reminder Communications Attend Event Event 10 Touch Follow-up Plan Executed Nurture Path Executed Starburst List Qualified Opportunity Generated Hand-off to Sales Monitor Forecast
  9. 9. Lead Rating ModelPrimary Qualification QuestionsCriteria Question Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Scenario 4 Scenario 5 Project Budget, Timeframe, Budget, Timeframe, Budget, Timefr Budget budget, Timeframe, Web 2.0 Opportunity ame Web 2.0, Opportunity  Do you have budget for a web 2.0 projectBudget Y Y Y Y Y (<=180 days)  Do you have plans (<=180 days) to incorporateTimeframe Y Y  Y  Y Web 2.0 (B/W/R)Web 2.0  Are you currently using Bogging, RSS, feeds and/or Y YComponents a WikiOpportunity  Is your company actively using SharePoint Y YLEAD GRADE – Scoring based on primary questions A A A A ASecondary Qualification Questions Criteria Question Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Scenario 4 Scenario 5 Scenario 6 Scenario 7 All IT IT All IT SP, $, Empl, B All Budget, Title, Budget, Title budget, Title, D 2X DM role , Vendor M role, VendorBudget to What is the size of your budget to Y Y Ypurchase software purchase software?Title Is your title a C level or VP level? Y Y YRole in decision Approve, decide, recommend, influence Meets any 2 Meets any 2 Meets any 1 Y Ymaking out of the 4 out of the 4 out of the 4 criteria criteria criteriaTechnology / Are X, Y and Z strategic partners Y Yvendors# SP sites How many SharePoint sites up at your company? YGroup that Meets any 3 Meets any 3 Meets any What group manages the SharePoint site? Ymanages SP out of the 6 out of the 6 <=2 out of criteria criteria the 6 criteriaWho uses What internal and/or external groups use the YSP site? SP site? Are your company total revenuesRevenue Y >= $250 M# of Does your company employ >= 1,000 Yemployees employees globallyBusiness B2B or B2C YLEAD GRADE – Scoring based on secondary questions A A A A B B C
  10. 10. Scoring ModelHigh Propensity to Purchase D1 C1 B1 A1 Sales Ready D2 C2 B2 A2 Nurture D3 C3 B3 A3 Starburst D4 C4 B4 A4 Ideal Target
  11. 11. Lead Nurture Demand Creation Demand Management SalesLead Generation Lead Qualification Lead Nurturing Lead Management “Need/pain recognition” “Bridge from “Solution introduction” trusted source” Web Email Scoring Star Bursting Events Ready Sales Willing Engagement Able Campaigns Custom Paths Social Media
  12. 12. Next Steps This SlideShare presentation includes 10 of the 24 slides available in the Demand Management Planning TemplateTo view all 29 slides, and other go-to-market planning templates for messaging and positioning, websites, social media, investor/board presentations, go -to-market and demand creation planning, please visit