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ABM Vendor Analysis


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ABM Vendor Analysis

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Account-based-marketing (ABM) software should align sales and marketing.

The key for a successful ABM strategy is the identification of quality target accounts prior to implementing a tailored marketing strategy.

ABM software automates and reduces the lengthy process of identifying prospects and dedicating the right resources to nurture the most promising accounts at he right time and with the right message.

ABM software enables marketers to identify the right people in the right companies and to craft personalized buying journeys, increase customer lifetime value, and build further opportunity for in-pipeline accounts.

ABM allows users to combine prospect data with real-time customer experience data.

ABM software can be used to acquire new accounts, nurture existing and promising accounts, and expand and grow enterprise accounts.

ABM Platforms Accelerate Time-To-Results
- A wide variety of solutions and approaches
- Numerous entrants from adjacent markets
- Lots of mergers-and-acquisitions activity

Three characteristics define today’s ABM platforms
1. Support multiple steps in the ABM process
2. Offer strong native capabilities.
3. Are used by marketers to complement their marketing automation platforms.

ABM Vendor Analysis

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ABM Vendor Analysis

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