Oracle Exadata (AtoS)


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19. aprila 2012

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Oracle Exadata (AtoS)

  1. 1. Exadata: So much Performance Can change your business
  2. 2. Disclaimer“The information in this presentation is intended to outline our general product and/or servicesdirection. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into anycontract.Any information provided is given as a general indication of capabilities of Atos only. In the eventthat a customer would be interested in a product and/or service offering based on theinformation given herein, Atos is prepared to further elaborate with the customer, subject to Atosstandard terms and conditions.For the avoidance of doubt, this presentation does not constitute any commitment from Atos,and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, andtiming of any features or functionality described for the Atos products and/or services remains atthe sole discretion of Atos.The commercial information contained in this presentation is strictly confidential and must notbe disclosed to any other person by recipient or by any of its employees without the prior writtenconsent of Atos. Similarly, the information must not be further reproduced and must only beused by recipient for evaluation purposes.”
  3. 3. Presenter » Name: Erik Cramer » Role: Portfolio & Innovation » Location: Netherlands » Mail:
  4. 4. AgendaAtos & Exadata▶Why is Exadata cool ?▶The Compelling Demo▶The TCO scan▶A Customer Experience▶How can we help you?
  5. 5. Why is Exadata cool?▶ Exadata – Delivers extreme Data Warehouse and Database performance (in our demo 150 times faster then other modern solutions) – Makes your Data Warehouse 10 times smaller (at least) – Has a much better TCO and CO2 – Can change your business model▶ Atos – Has a compelling 4 steps demo – Can do an Exadata TCO scan for you – Can deliver you a proven Exadata architecture – Implement, Consolidate and Host Exadata – Consult you on how Exadata can change your business
  6. 6. The Compelling Demo4 steps to show Exadata ingedients▶ What can you see in our demo: 1. Modern Blade Cluster using SAN storage X sec (approx 10 minutes) 2. Exadata Machine 4 Times faster then X (by balanced & optimized HW design ) 3. Exadata Machine + Exadata Software The Magic 75 Times faster then X Ingredients ! * 4. Exadata Machine + Exadata Software + Exadata Compression 150 times faster then X (approx 3 seconds and data volume is 10 times smaller) * See report of Credit Suisse Dr.Exalove
  7. 7. How to avoid traffic jam in your database infrastructure?Use Oracle Exadata! Step 1: Better Hardware Infiniband Network + Complex Query on Components tuning your conventional System Step 2: Magic Ingredient Oracle Query Offloading Step 3: Magic Ingredient Exadata Compression
  8. 8. Exadata TCO scan in actionUsing our experience with >4200 Databases and >200 App Landscapes Performance Noncommittal Oracle landscape EXAdata CPU power increase potential 33% 0% 50% 100% 150% 200% 250% 300% 350% 400% Green IT Noncommittal Oracle landscape EXAdata Energy reduction potential 85% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Noncommittal Oracle landscape EXAdata Floorspace reduction potential 29% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Ever growing storage demands Noncommittal Oracle landscape EXAdata additional Storage availability 271000 GB Compression 1x 0 50000 100000 150000 200000 250000 300000 Changing business demands •Examples: •More information out of your data Travel agencies •More up-to-date information out of your data Reservation Systems •More and better access to your data Large Retail market Financial market Telco market Cost reduction Noncommittal Oracle landscape EXAdata TCO reduction potential 57% 3 Exadata X2-8s 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%8
  9. 9. So much performance…… can change your business• POC with High Tech Manufacturer: Complex Batchrun reduced from 9 hours to 6 seconds• EMEA Telco: DWHS from 13 TB  1 TB• EMEA retailer: marketing segmentation analysis takes >10 hours  analysis only once a week With Exadata it could run in <10 minutes  2 times daily an update
  10. 10. Case: Dutch Government OrganisationThe Deal▶Largest ‘new’ Outsourcing deal in 2010 in NL (source Computable)▶Public Tender Procedure▶Scope – Secure Datacenter Solution – X000 Seats / Workplaces – Y00 Aplications to be migrated – Standardised on Oracle solutions
  11. 11. Case: Dutch Government OrganisationConsiderations▶Atos had freedom to determine FMO – FMO = Future Mode of Operations▶Customer wanted to improve performance and availability of the Key Applications▶Atos has evaluated 3 Strategies 1. Continue existing situation 2. Move to Oracle RAC / Grid 3. Move to Exadata
  12. 12. Case: Dutch Government OrganisationExadata alternatives▶TCO only – Exadata was approx 3M cheaper then continuing the existing situation over a period of 5 years – RAC / Grid was even a bit cheaper – PS: Oracle SW licenses not included in the TCO ..▶But.. – Performance was important – Customer wanted innovation – We prefer a simple elegant infrastructure to manage▶So we..
  13. 13. Case: Dutch Government OrganisationThe Solution▶ ..Ordered 2 Exadata X2-2 Half Racks▶ Planning – Step 1: First one is stationed at the Customers Datacenter (Close to the application servers ) – Step 2: Fill Exadata #1 with applications data and solve urgent performance & storage problems – Step 3: Second Exadata will be installed in our own twin datacenter – Step 4: Use the Exadata #2 for Development, Test, Acceptance to increase the speed of application porting to 11R2 – Step 5: Move the Exadata #1 and the application servers to the other twin datacenter
  14. 14. This customer is happy…and we are happy too▶ Recent request of Custoemr for a 3rd Exadata for New Datawarehouse App14
  15. 15. And more happy customers..▶ Dutch Government Organisation (1) Outsourcing – 3 Exadata racks to improve performance of mission critical application▶ Dutch Government Organisation (2) Outsourcing – 2 Exadata racks to improve performance of Web services▶ Dutch Telco Company – 4 Exadata racks Implementation and management▶ German Telco Company – 2 Exadata racks▶ French Telco Company – Exadata tests successful  performance multiplied by 6 or more▶ Belgian Telco Company – Management of 2 Exadata racks
  16. 16. Atos & ExadataServices» Exadata TCO scan compare your current Database and Datawarehouse Landscape costs with Exadata» POC service with Atos own Exadata machine for Proof of Concepts with real customer data: ‘The proof of the pudding’» Atos is Certified Distributor of Exadata» Consolidation & Implementation Services: Consolidate your database and datewarehouse landscape on Exadata • Atos has over 10 years experience with consolidation of database-landscapes on real Application Clusters, Database Grid and most recently Exadata • Atos is top Oracle database hosting vendor with over 4200 DB’s hosted • Atos Exadata Services delivered from Global Exadata Competnetce Center (GECC)Go to for more information
  17. 17. Exadata 150X Faster and 10X Compressed dataSo much performance can change your business! Thank you!