Event #4 - Michael Kamleitner


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Event #4 - Michael Kamleitner

  1. 1. Social Customer Support#MNHamburg, 17. Juni 2013
  2. 2. die.socialisten.atsocial network developmentÜber: Die Socialisten“Die Socialisten” sind eine Wiener Social Software-Agentur,die sich seit 2007 auf die Konzeption und Umsetzungvon Applikationen und Marketing-Lösungen aufSocial Web Plattformen wie Facebook konzentriert.Seither wurden weit über 100 Brand-Pages und -Appserfolgreich umgesetzt. Zu den Kunden zählen Red Bull, AxelSpringer/Bild.de, Krone Multimedia, ATV und Hitradio Ö3."Die Socialisten" wurden als erste österreichische Agenturim offiziellen "Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer"-Programm in den Bereichen Apps & Pages gelistet.http://die.socialisten.at | http://facebook.com/diesocialisten
  3. 3. Online Customer Support -What do customers expect?- Support on Phone (toll-free)- Support on Website - “Live Help” - Click-to-Call, Click-to-Chat- Support on Social Media Channels
  4. 4. Consumer Views of Live Help Online2012 - A Global PerspectiveConsumer Research Study comissioned by Oracle, March 20123.111 Consumers, in 15 Countries (US, UK, Europe, Brazil, Mexico,China), 18 years or older.Source: http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/press/1627424
  5. 5. “What types of information are most important to youwhen connecting with brands via social media channels?
  6. 6. “Social media has been added to the list of consumer expectations foraccess to live support. Consumers expect more than marketing andpromotions at social media sites; they want direct access to productexperts and service representatives.”Consumer Reserch Study 2012, Oracle
  7. 7. Customer Support on Social Media -What reacton-time do customers expect??
  8. 8. Customer Support on Social Media -What reacton-time do customers expect?<4 Days
  9. 9. Customer Support on Social Media -What reacton-time do customers expect?Same Day
  10. 10. Customer Support on Social Media -What reacton-time do customers expect?2 Hours
  11. 11. Customer Support on Social Media -What reacton-time do customers expect?30 Minutes!
  12. 12. How fast do you expect a company to respond when you ask aquestion or post a message at their Facebook page?51% expect same-day, 29% <2 hours response!
  13. 13. How fast do you expect a response when youpost a question or complaint via Twitter?81% expect same-day, 53% < 2hours response!
  14. 14. The Great Social Customer Service Race:Top Brands Compete in a Social Response Test, January 201314 Global Brands, 280 Tweets, 26 DaysSource: http://csi.softwareadvice.com/the-great-social-customer-service-race-1212
  15. 15. Common problem: Delayed response due to complicated internalrouting & finding of solution!
  16. 16. Every customer service request is a great marketing opportunity!
  17. 17. Be polite! If a customer thanks for your help,respond “you’re welcome!”
  18. 18. Customers not always @-mention your Twitter handle!It’s therefor important to monitor associated keywords/brandnames!
  19. 19. Customers not always @-mention your Twitter handle!It’s therefor important to monitor associated keywords/brandnames!
  20. 20. Tools for Social Customer SupportSome Free & Premium (SaaS)-Solutions for a One-Man-Army...
  21. 21. Live-Chat / Live-Supporthttp://www.olark.com, https://www.zopim.com,http://www.userlike.de
  22. 22. Live-Chat / Live-Supporthttp://www.olark.com, https://www.zopim.com,http://www.userlike.de
  23. 23. User Feedbackhttps://getsatisfaction.com, https://www.uservoice.com
  24. 24. User Feedbackhttps://getsatisfaction.com, https://www.uservoice.com
  25. 25. Google Alerts + Feedshttp://www.google.com/alerts
  26. 26. Twitter Search + Feedshttp://twitter.com/search, http://www.labnol.org/internet/twitter-rss-feeds/
  27. 27. Dashboard f. Alerts, Search & Feedshttp://feedly.com
  28. 28. Monitor your Facebook Pageshttp://hyperalerts.no
  29. 29. Monitor your Facebook Pageshttp://hyperalerts.no
  30. 30. Monitor your Facebook Pageshttp://shitstormalarm.io
  31. 31. Monitor your Facebook Pageshttp://shitstormalarm.io
  32. 32. Monitor the (Social) Webhttp://radian6.com
  33. 33. Tools for Social Customer SupportFor Agencies & In-house Teams
  34. 34. Tools for Social Customer SupportChallenges for Agencies & In-house Teams:- Many people / departments involved -Customer Support, Community Manager, Marketing!- Agency/In-house-Complexity- Delayed Response, Routing by email- Missed requests, missed Opportunities
  35. 35. Tools for Social Customer SupportSocial Customer Support Workflow makes sure...- You never miss a comment/posting on your social channels- You track your brand/keywords tightly- Requests are routed to the best matching employee...- ...weither In-house or at the agency
  36. 36. Social Customer Support Tools - Ticketinghttp://swat.io, http://www.salesforcemarketingcloud.com, http://www.vitrue.com
  37. 37. Social Customer Support Tools - Contenthttp://swat.io, http://www.salesforcemarketingcloud.com, http://www.vitrue.com
  38. 38. Social Customer Support Tools - Insightshttp://swat.io, http://www.salesforcemarketingcloud.com, http://www.vitrue.com
  39. 39. Michael Kamleitner, Die SocialistenLet’s connect!michael.kamleitner@socialisten.athttp://facebook.com/diesocialistenhttp://twitter.com/diesocialistenhttp://www.swat.io - Free 30 Trial!