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The Great Marketing Myth Exposed


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The great marketing myth is taught by business schools and repeated religiously by many marketing gurus. This presentation exposes that myth and provides a more realistic prospective. The truth is often brutal so be prepared to be discomforted. By George Torok, coauthor of Secrets of Power Marketing.

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The Great Marketing Myth Exposed

  1. 1. The Great Marketing Myth Exposed Needs or Wants? © George Torok
  2. 2. Have you heard the great marketing myth?
  3. 3. Find a need and fill it
  4. 4. Don’t fall for that trap
  5. 5. People often confuse needs with wants
  6. 6. Marketers and business owners must understand the difference Wants Needs
  7. 7. Your market is not everyone who needs your product.
  8. 8. … trying to sell to people who you think need your product Stop wasting time, money and effort…
  9. 9. People don’t buy what they need
  10. 10. Consider this
  11. 11. Who needs to go to fitness clubs ?
  12. 12. Unfit people
  13. 13. But, who goes to fitness clubs?
  14. 14. Fit people
  15. 15. Have you ever heard someone say “I really need this”?
  16. 16. I need a drink
  17. 17. I need new clothes
  18. 18. I need a vacation
  19. 19. What they meant was…
  20. 20. I want
  21. 21. Have you noticed that people often don’t buy the things that they need?
  22. 22. I’ve noticed that many dog owners need to take their dog for obedience training
  23. 23. Drive around the neighborhood and you might notice that some home owners need a new roof
  24. 24. Many businesses need to train their staff to improve customer service
  25. 25. But those dog owners, home owners and business owners don’t want to buy what they need
  26. 26. So, don’t waste your time and money trying to market and sell to people who don’t want your product
  27. 27. Instead, market to those who want your product
  28. 28. My mentor gave me this strange advice
  29. 29. Sell to the greedy, not the needy
  30. 30. That might offend some of you – but think about it
  31. 31. Who Buys? The needy or the greedy?
  32. 32. The businesses who tend to hire me for marketing help don’t really need my help
  33. 33. They are already market leaders
  34. 34. And they want to be better
  35. 35. The ones who really need my help are often unwilling to realize that
  36. 36. Improve your marketing results by selling to those who want what you sell
  37. 37. Don’t waste your time trying to sell to the ones who only need what you sell
  38. 38. Sell to the greedy, not the needy
  39. 39. Improve your marketing results by selling to those who want what you sell
  40. 40. ReCap
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  43. 43. The Great Marketing Myth Exposed Needs or Wants? © George Torok