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Marketing charts social media companies

  2. 2. Who is Measuring Social Media Value? Use of Social Media Measurement Frameworks % of respondents, August 2011 Source: Altimeter Group Social media sites are wildly popular, but there are still no marketing rules carved in stone, and many companies grapple with Advanced 44% 56% measuring its value. A majority of companies do not have standard frameworks in place to measure the value of social media, according to “AIntermediate 26% 74% Framework for Social Analytics” from Altimeter Group. Only 44% of companies considered Novice 16% 84% advanced in their integration of social media, as well as 26% of intermediate companies and 16% of novice We have We dont have companies, agree they have standard measurement frameworks to help benchmark social media deployments. The Social Media Data Stacks 2
  3. 3. 68% of CMOs Challenged by Social MediaMarketing Challenges Reported by CMOs% of respondents, October 2011Source: IBM Nearly seven in 10 (68%) global chief Data explosion 71% marketing officers (CMOs) feel Social media 68% unprepared for the demands of social Growth of channel media marketing, according to a study 65% and device choices Shifting consumer released by IBM. This is second only to 63% demographics the 71% who are challenged by the so- Financial constraints 59% called marketing “data explosion.” Decreasing brand loyalty 57%Growth market opportunities 56% A large portion of CMOs also feel ROI accountability 56% unprepared for growth of channel and Customer collaboration 56% device choices (65%), shifting consumer and influence Privacy considerations 55% demographics (63%) and financial Global outsourcing 54% constraints (59%). Regulatory considerations 50% Corporate transparency 47% The Social Media Data Stacks 3
  4. 4. Top Performing CMOs Not Too Far AheadMarketing "Unpreparedness" by Performance% of respondents who reported "unpreparedness, October 2011Source: IBM The IBM study found that even when respondents were divided into 77% 73% 72% outperforming and underperforming 70% 65% 66% segments, large percentages of 56% 57% outperformers still feel unprepared for many developing trends. Regarding social media, 66% of the best performing organizations feel unprepared for social media marketing, and 70% of the underperforming companies reported Data explosion Social media Growth of channel Shifting consumer being unprepared. and device choices demographics Outperformers Underperformers The Social Media Data Stacks 4
  5. 5. Brand Sentiment Valued, not MeasuredSocial Media Measurements(% of respondents, July 2011Source: Adobe and Econsultancy More than half (54%) of North American marketers measure the 81% traffic volume generated by social media, according to research from Adobe and Econsultancy. A similar 53% 55% 53% 55% 55% 54% 53% 53% also measure engagement with 49% 49% 48% their Facebook brand page and Twitter accounts. 34% Brand sentiment was ranked high in perceived importance (81%), but in Volume of Engagement Engagement Frequency of Brand Engagement terms of a current practice, only 49% traffic from with Facebook with Twitter social media sentiment with LinkedIn measure it. Slightly fewer marketers social media brand page account(s) brand mentions account(s) think social media traffic volume is We measure this Important important (53%) than currently measure it. The Social Media Data Stacks 5
  6. 6. Social Media Data Feeds StrategyActionable Uses of Social Media Data% of respondents, August 2011Source: WebLiquid and RSW/US Almost 30% of senior marketing executives engaging in social media monitoring Communications strategy 27% incorporate the information into their communications strategy, according to dataCustomer service enhancements 18% from WebLiquid and RSW/US. Media planning 14% Customer service enhancements – ranging from automated search engine alerts to Organic search optimization 13% specific data queries and third-party research – followed at close to 20%. Paid search optimization 10% Other relatively popular answers includeDisplay advertising optimization 8% media planning (almost 15%) and organic search optimization (more than 10%). Other 5% The Social Media Data Stacks 6
  7. 7. Google Alerts is Tool of ChoicePopular Social Media Monitoring Tools% of respondents, August 2011Source: WebLiquid and RSW/US Senior marketing executives in the WebLiquid survey named Google 50.0% 45.0% Alerts as the most popular social 40.0% media monitoring tool among survey 35.0% respondents, with slightly more than 30.0% 45% reported usage. 25.0% 20.0% “Not monitoring social media” was the 15.0% second most-popular response. 10.0% 5.0% 0.0% The Social Media Data Stacks 7
  8. 8. SocNets Ads Lag Behind Other Formats Consumer Actions by Ad Type % who reported action in past six months, August 2011 Source: Internet Advertising Bureau Video Email Search ad/ Web/ Social Mobile Social media advertising promptsAction Total ad ad Sponsored Banner ad media ad ad consumers to become a fan on aDone any action 59 41 37 41 37 28 17 social media network, butClicked on ad 45 26 22 27 23 15 7 otherwise performs below mostVisited advertisers site 38 22 19 19 17 12 8 other types of digitalSearch for more 28 16 13 12 11 8 6 ads, according to a study from theproduct/service info Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).Became fan on a socnet 18 10 4 3 4 12 4Went to retail location 17 10 7 5 5 6 5to see/purchase For example, 41% of both videoPurchased online 16 9 7 4 4 5 4 and search ad viewers have takenShared ad via email, some type of action resulting from 11 5 5 3 3 5 4Twitter, socnet the ad in the past six months, whileSent an email, text to 9 5 4 4 3 4 3 on 28% of social media ad viewersadvertiserCalled advertiser for were inspired to act. 8 4 4 3 3 4 3more info The Social Media Data Stacks 8
  9. 9. How are Marketing Budgets Affected? Planned Use of SEO Marketing, Online Advertising % of respondents who are actively social media marketing, April 2011 Source: SocialMedia Examiner SocialMedia Examiner found that seven in SEO Marketing Online Advertising 10 (71%) marketers who use social media plan to increase their use of search engine 8% optimization (SEO) in the near future. Only 27% 1% plan to decrease their use of SEO and 20% 8% have no plans to utilize it. 46%1% Slightly less than half (46%) of social 71% marketers plan on increasing their online 24% advertising efforts, with 27% having no plans to utilize online advertising. 24% will 3% keep online advertising levels the same and Increase Decrease Stay the same No plans to utilize 3% will decrease them. The Social Media Data Stacks 9
  10. 10. 2 in 3 Will Increase Email MarketingPlanned Use of Email Marketing, Webinars% of respondents who are actively social media marketing, April 2011Source: SocialMedia Examiner Nearly two in three social marketers (64%) Email Marketing Webinars plan on increasing their email marketing efforts in the near future. Some, 3% 5% percent, plan to decrease email usage, and 5% have no plans for email. 27% will keep 27% its usage the same. 42% 41% Four in 10 (42%) of social marketers have 65% no plans to use webinars, with another 41%3% planning on increasing their use of these tools and 16% keeping their usage the 16% 1% same; it would seem that many businesses are not yet sold on the idea of virtual Increase Decrease Stay the same No plans to utilize events. The Social Media Data Stacks 10
  11. 11. Facebook: 281% Ad Spend GrowthFacebook Advertising Growth% change, Q2 2010 v. Q2 2011Source: IgnitionOne Looking at ad growth on Facebook, spending 281% on and impressions of Facebook ads both increased dramatically between Q2 2010 and Q2 2011, according to IgnitionOne. 200% Facebook ad spend of all clients increased 281% year-over-year in Q2, while Facebook ad impressions of all clients grew 200%. Facebook advertising spend is up 22% YOY on a same-client-basis, with impressions up 22% 11%. 11% All clients Same Client Spend Impressions The Social Media Data Stacks 11
  12. 12. Data PartnersOur data sources for “The Social Media Data Stacks” are:ACSI / Foresee Results  Adobe and Econsultancy  Altimeter Group  Arketi Web Watch  e-tailing group and PowerReviews  ExactTarget  IBM  IgnitionOne  Internet Advertising Bureau Janrain  The Nielsen Company  NM Incite  Pew Internet & American Life Project  ROIResearch and Performics  SocialMedia Examiner   WebLiquid and RSW/USAt MarketingCharts, we consistently follow and locate new data sets from our partners in order to publishthe most relevant resources for our readers, including our data partners at that arealso featured in this is part of the Watershed Publishing network of business-to-businessonline trade publications. The Social Media Data Stacks is from Watershed Publishing’sData Insights series.Please contact Sarah Roberts at to become a sponsor of aData Insights package. 13