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Rusell Savage - AdWords Scripts: The Next Level of AdWords Optimization MKTFEST 2014


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Rusell Savage - AdWords Scripts: The Next Level of AdWords Optimization MKTFEST 2014

  1. 1. Russ  Savage  (@russellsavage)   November  2nd,  2014   AdWords  Scripts:     The  Next  Level  of  AdWords   OpImizaIon  
  2. 2. What  data  drives  your  business?  
  3. 3. hMp://  
  4. 4. 0   2   4   6   8   10   12   14   16   12   13   14   15   16   17   18   19   20   Return  on  Investment  (millions)   Hour  of  the  Day   AdWords  ROI  vs  Hour  of  Day   ROI  
  5. 5. What  data  drives  your  business?  
  6. 6. About  Me   •  Russ  Savage  (@russellsavage)   •  MarkeIng  Engineer   •  Owner   •  From  San  Francisco,  California    
  7. 7. Agenda   What  data  drives  your  business?   But  we  already  have…   What  can  they  do?   What  are  AdWords  scripts?  1   2   3   4  
  8. 8. What  are  AdWords  Scripts?  
  9. 9. What  are  AdWords  Scripts?   •  Simple  (or  complex)  JavaScript  code  that  runs  on  Google  infrastructure   •  Can  be  used  for  reporIng,  automaIon,  and  opImizaIon  
  10. 10. Java-­‐what?   •  There  are  tons  of  resources  out  there  for  learning  JavaScript   •  Start  with  codecademy:  hMp://  
  11. 11. So  what  can  AdWords  Scripts  do?  
  12. 12. Answer:  A  lot   •  Shopping  Product  Groups   •  Ad  Extensions   •  Budgets   •  Labels   •  ReporIng   •  Ad  Customizers   •  Create  Ads  and  Keywords   •  Bids  and  Bid  Modifiers   •  Ad  Groups   •  And  more!  
  13. 13. Infinite  CustomizaIon  of  ReporIng   •  AdWords  Scripts  can  pull  any  report  the  AdWords  API  can  pull  (40+)  
  14. 14. Deliver  Search  Terms  Report  Right  To  Your  Inbox  
  15. 15. Write  it  once  and  run  it  across  your  enDre  MCC  
  16. 16. AutomoIve   MCC   Travel   MCC   Test   MCC   Master   MCC   Test  Accounts   Travel  Accounts   Auto  Accounts  
  17. 17. Of  course,  it  would  probably  look  beMer  in  a  spreadsheet  
  18. 18. Build  your  assembly  line   with  AdWords  Scripts  
  19. 19. AutomaIon  can  save  you  hours  a  day   •  Alert  for  low  performing  campaigns  or  keywords   •  Automate  discovery  of  broken  URLs  and  404  errors   •  Update  Ad  copy  with  pricing  or  inventory   •  Pause  low  performing  creaIve   •  Learn  where  to  focus  your  precious  Ime  
  20. 20. “You  can  do  anything,     but  not  everything.”  -­‐David  Allen  
  21. 21. But  we  already  have…  
  22. 22. But  we  already  have  Automated  Rules   AdWords  Scripts   Automated  Rules   Scheduling   Scheduled  hourly   Scheduled  daily   FuncIonality   Highly  custom;  if  you  can   dream  it,  you  can  build  it   Predefined  set  of  acIons   Scripts  are  infinitely  more  flexible  than  Automated  Rules    
  23. 23. But  we  already  have  the  AdWords  API   AdWords  Scripts   AdWords  API   HosIng   Hosted  by  Google  for   free   Hosted  by  you  at  a  cost   Coding  Skills   Required   Basic  coding  skills   required  but  can  start   with  copy  and  paste   PreMy  tough  without  a   computer  science  degree   Scheduling   Schedule  within   AdWords   Maintain  cron  jobs  or  event   triggers   FuncIonality   Enough  funcIonality  for   most  things  on  most   accounts   Large  accounts;  bleeding   edge  of  features  
  24. 24. AdWords  Scripts  is  easier  and   cheaper  than  developing  with   the  AdWords  API  
  25. 25. But  there  are  some  limitaIons   •  Not  a  great  fit  for  large  accounts   •  SIll  cannot  create  campaigns   •  SIll  new,  sIll  changing,  someImes  old  code  breaks   •  Hard  to  know  when  something  breaks  (alerIng)  
  26. 26. OpDmize  even  further  
  27. 27. What  data  drives  your  business?  
  28. 28. AdWords   Scripts   TV  /  Sports   Schedules   Weather   Data   Pricing  and   Inventory   Data  
  29. 29. Does  your  performance     change  during  the     big  game?  
  30. 30. Does  your  conversion  rate  change   when  its  cold  out?  
  31. 31. Are  you  showing  ads  for  out  of   stock  products?  
  32. 32. How  do  the  prices  of  related   goods  impact  your  conversions?  
  33. 33. AdWords  ScripDng  is  a  powerful  tool  to  take   your  opDmizaDons  to  the  next  level  
  34. 34. Thank  you  for  listening!   •  Follow  me  @russellsavage   •  Check  out  my  blog:   •  Google  DocumentaIon:   •  Learn  JavaScript  with  codecademy:  hMp:// tracks/javascript