COSTAISA Healtcare services


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People, organization and technology at the service of healtcare

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COSTAISA Healtcare services

  1. 1. People,organizationand technologyat the serviceof healthcare
  2. 2. 03 CostaisaSolutions in strategy,business, technologyand outsourcingCOSTAISA Group has a team of Our experience of over 40 years gives us a systemic vision that ensures the implementation of solutionsprofessionals who design and that includes all stakeholders that take place inimplement solutions in strategy, healthcare, technology and outsourcing To guarantee integrated solutions that healthcarespecialized in healthcare sector. organizations require we have developed different business units that provide enterprise’s whole coverage needed, from healthcare organization design and planning to its evolution towards continuous improvement and excellence.
  3. 3. 05 ConsultingWe guarantee theefficient and optimaluse of availableresources Consulting in healthcare organization planning As a result of a successful career in healthcare market and because of our customers’ trust as a business partner than a mere supplier, we have trained We offer to decision makers the best of our a multidisciplinary team in order human capital to healthcare service. to cover all healthcare organization needs. • Functional and strategic plans before the construction decision The current complexity of healthcare systems makes • Planning for construction of healthcare essential to have a systemic approach to ensure organizations strategies, processes and tools to guarantee the • Monitoring and execution of construction efficient and optimal use of available resources. • Implementations of the healthcare services Our consulting in healthcare organization planning has • Healthcare organization’s transfers an impact on different layers and decision making in healthcare organizations.
  4. 4. 07 Consulting Strategic and business consulting Business unit of strategic and business We work closely to our customers to get its future challenges supporting them in making strategic consultancy guides healthcare decisions and knowing their healthcare business. organizations in the process of We have specialized in healthcare market that brings creating value by aligning corporate us the whole vision that healthcare business need. strategy with different stakeholders. • Strategic Consulting • HR Consulting • Process Consulting • Technology Consulting • Quality models: EFQM, Joint Commission, ISOA multidisciplinary • Public-private partnershipteam to work foryour business
  5. 5. 09 TIC Solutions Design and development Our set up as technologic Thanks to our customers’ confidence, we have grown in responsiveness to their needs by enterprise along with healthcare developing technology solutions specializing in knowledge, has made us of technology solutions the field of healthcare, focusing on having the information to streamline business processes a leading company in design and support decision making. and development of technology for healthcare organizations solutions for healthcare organizations.Chaman Sanicost Serapis LinkHFull traceability of healthcare Integrates all administrative Transfers data sets Integration of different clinicalmanagement and financial information to serve the decision-making engineering devices with information systemsChaman HIS, (Health Information System) developed SaniCost, SaniCost is a qualified SAP solution that Serapis, is an integrated software solution that LinkH- is an interoperability solution that providesby COSTAISA applies best practices, both functionally integrates all administrative and financial information transfers data sets of different information systems integration of different clinical engineering devices withand technologically. It is structured in different modules from a healthcare organization. Having more and of healthcare organization and structure this data as information systems. The integration of this informationto ensure full traceability of healthcare management, better information (reliable in real time) makes quickly indicators to serve the decision-making. in addition to streamlining business processes bringsintegrating all Electronic Medical Records regardless and efficiently the decision making of healthcare full information to decision makers.where these have been set up. organizations.
  6. 6. 11 Services Managed Services and Outsourcing We know how important it is to create We have the following managed services and value in healthcare business’ chain. outsourcing services that will ensure the Therefore, we have developed most advanced technology with minimum a business unit of Managed Services investment cost. that allows you to focus on thoseThe most advanced processes that brings you most profit. • Recruiting Software mode SaaS • Managed Services for maintenance of technological equipmenttechnology with We have developed high added value organizational and technological solutions with that will allow you • Hosting and technological Housing to continue to provide the best service converting a fix • Management services, support and cost to a variable cost.minimum cost maintenance of clinical engineering devices • Process Outsourcing Pay for what you need and focus on what you do best, we’ll do the rest.
  7. 7. Pau Alcover, 3308017 Barcelona+34 932 536