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Jeffrey Goldsmith Messaging Workshop5


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Jeffrey Goldsmith Messaging Workshop5

  1. 1. Get The Message Right Workshop Why should people want your products or services? Many businesses fail to have a great answer. Their headlines aren’t clear and clever. Their tired tactics don’t make an impact. The right message delivered in the right way will increase awareness and lower marketing costs, sometimes radically. In these workshops, we will generate new ideas by brainstorming with Jeff Goldsmith, then learn how to test and apply those ideas. The goal is to help you tell your target market what benefit you can provide in a creative, engaging, memorable way that sells. ½-Day for One Company or Several Startups • Case study presentations. • Brainstorm messaging for A/B tests. • Media and delivery tactics. Full-Day for Individual Teams or Companies Second half of day focuses on execution. • Headline copywriting for assets. • Growth nurturing strategies. • PR stories and content marketing. Ongoing Consulting • Messaging development and copywriting. • Press outreach strategies and pitches. • SEO, digital advertising and landing pages. • A/B Test Lead Gen, Sales or Downloads. • Lead Nurturing Optimization. • Interim CMO consulting. Jeffrey Goldsmith can develop powerful executable ideas for your business and step you through how to implement tested messaging that turns into real results. Jeff has over 25 years of experience creating advertising and marketing campaigns for seed funded startups to Fortune 500 companies across industries from hospitality to big data and beverages to apps. He has written articles for Wired, Details, and many other publications and has done workshops for accelerators, startups and corporate clients. See case studies and more at Jeffrey Goldsmith Contact Information +1-415-431-0774