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  • audience entering slide
  • 1. Camp Counselor introduces Solange, Solange introduces Stacey2. Solange reviews the meeting’s agenda
  • 1. Stacey shares her story with an interactive exercise: As marketers you and I ask people to buy things, believe things, or change behavior. Key takeaway: No matter who they are, or what they do, stories appeal to your target audience - it’s human nature. I’ll bet you remember the situations and characters we relate to and connect with: sensory information: sights, sounds, and smells. The people who influenced us, got us to believe in what was possible - that favorite teacher, camp counselor. Human beings were born to remember stories and emotions.2. Solange shares her story about observing Technical Product Marketing people click through endless slides of screen shots, graphs, and bullets… total staff hours clickingpowerpoint slides = 280 hours3. Stacey asks the audience for input andinvites the audienceto close their eyes... reflect on a time when someone inspired you to make a change, believe something, or do something new. Remember what this person wore ... 4. Solange introduces the next slide ….
  • 1. Solange poses the problem she faced at a recent tradeshow … How many mouse clicks? Unknown!
  • 1. Solange addresses, Whois the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, a 127 year old company, 1969 logo left, Today’s logo rightAsk audience … facilitate a short discussion - What, Where, Why and How…2. Stacey transition’s audience to next slide
  • 1. Solange reminds the audience of her real live problem at a former company… Asking everyone in the room to be her marketing consultants!!! Small groups are formed … how much time allotted?? 2. Stacey calls the audience to end small groups…. Depending on time 1, 2, 3? (it doesn’t have to be all of them) Groups report in what were the out comes of their discussions? 3. Solange transitions to next slide…
  • Solange offers a summary of what was reportedStacey adds her input to summary…Solange and Stacey thank everyone and clicks to next slide …. Welcoming everyone to give us your feed back!! Are there evals created for this conference? Does Camp Counselor distribute and collect them???
  • It’s storytelling stupid solange brill-marketing campv4

    1. 1. “It’s Storytelling Stupid, not marketing!”November 3, 2012
    2. 2. The Beginning Formerly know as The Agenda ~ Our Story ~ Your Stories~ Who, What, Where, Why and How ~ Bust A Move ~ Cool Down
    3. 3. Camp Fires
    4. 4. Death by PowerPoint
    5. 5. Heroes & Challenges5
    6. 6. The Middle Small Group Bust-Out How do we get the C-Suite folks to tell our company’s stories … to tell our customers’ stories and to change our company’s cultureso that we ALL know and tell these stories?
    7. 7. The End Cool-DownThe Problem was… The Solution is…The Results are…
    8. 8. Tell us your storySolange Brill Stacey Pang is a corporate experiential is a product marketer who marketer, who is passionate grew up telling stories about creating compelling to people of all generations. marketing programs that Her audiences have included engage customers, deepen people from ages 3 to 93. relationships and drive This skill helps her engage sales. @stacey_pang