A Little Known Viral Marketing Tactic that Forces Your Content to Go Viral


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A Little Known Viral Marketing Tactic that Forces Your Content to Go Viral

  1. 1. A Little Known Viral Marketing Tactic that Forces YourContent to Go ViralWhen I was just starting out my own coaching and consulting business in the pool and spaindustry, I decided to create a high ticket information product to sell to business owners. Doing that would allow me to generate paying customers at break even, or even aprofit, who were great prospects for my coaching and consulting services.The main product was a 372 page manual called, “How to Recession Proof Your Pool and SpaBusiness.”Once I finished the main product, I needed to create several bonus products to sweeten theoffer.I Then Stumbled Across a Guy Named Paul Hartunian.Paul was a PR professional who taught others how to get free publicity for their business.One of the things that caught my attention was that Paul had created a video product called,“How To Get One Milion Dollars Worth In Publicity…Free!”This product was a VHS video tape of Paul giving a 75 minute presentation on how to get freepublicity.Paul HartunianHe was giving away the rights to that product to anyone who wanted to either give it away orresale it.The only stipulation was that you had to order the product from his fulfillment house in lots of 25(at cost). 1/4
  2. 2. I thought that this would make an excellent bonus product so I ordered several lots of the VHStape.When someone ordered one of my products, I bundled in Paul’s VHS tape as the bonus.After it was all said and done, I ended up giving out Paul Hartunian’s VHS to thousands ofbusiness owners.Think About That For a Moment.I referred and implicitly endorsed Paul Hartunian, and his publicity services to every single buyerin my practice.This is a great example of how to dramatically multiply your referral rate by getting others topass around your information.Paul put this marketing tactic on steroids by giving away the resale and distribution rights to hisproducts.Which is what I want to talk to you about today.One of the best ways to get your content spread out around to your target market is to eithergive away or sell the resales rights to your information.The internet makes this marketing tactic even more powerful in that it allows you (if you do itright) to capture the contact information of everyone who downloads or buys your information.For Instance……I have a friend who is a list broker (A list broker is someone who helps business owners findtargeted mailing lists to send direct mail or email to.) To generate more customers, this friend created an information productcalled, “The Secret To Finding High Performing Mailing Lists.”In the product she gave some great information about how to find and test targeted mailing listsand at the end, she made an offer to the listener for a free consultation. 2/4
  3. 3. She then sold the resale rights AND the master resale rights to the product.Owning master resale rights gives you license to sell the resale rights to the product, whichmultiplies the ability to get your product even more widely distributed.From this one simple tactic, she became the #1 mailing list broker in her industry.While other mailing list brokers would have to cold call and beg to get customers, she generatedall the customers she could handle…and more!So if you have information that you want spread across the internet, sell the resale rights to yourproduct.7 Tips To Selling Resale Rights To Your ProductsTip # 1 – Add the ressale rights for a small additional fee rather than giving it away. It willmotivate the buyer even more to make an effort to resale your product.Tip # 2 – Consider selling the master resale rights for an additional fee to dramatically increasethe spread of your content.Tip # 3 – Delineate whether or not your product can be given away by the resales rights buyerrather than just sold. If you restrict your product to just being resold, then you hold up the valueof the product and probably get more people to actually consume your content (but it mightdecrease distribution).Tip # 4 – Provide a turnkey website that includes a high converting salesletter for the resalerights buyer that he can get up and running in a few minutes. The easier it is to get set up, themore likely it will be that your product will be resold.Tip # 5 – Try to create a delivery system that allows YOU to capture the contact information ofall the buyers. You can do this by offering a physical product that gets shipped by yourfulfillment house.Tip # 6 – If your objective is to sell backend services or a higher ticket product, make sure thatyou create that offer in your resale rights product.Tip # 7 – Make sure that you restrict the buyer from altering your resale rights product in anyway…especially any links that direct the buyer to your backend offer.If you want to really make your content go viral and create a lead generating system willcontinually bring prospects to you, then consider creating a top notch information product andsell the reprint and resale rights to it.Hope this helps! 3/4
  4. 4. P.S. If you want to discover how to really make your content go viral, listen to a few of our interviews with viral marketing experts. Read More . . . http://www.marketingblogger.com/2012/viral-marketing-tactic/ 4/4Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)