78 Article Writing Services Revealed (Never Write Another Article Again!)


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78 Article Writing Services Revealed (Never Write Another Article Again!)

  1. 1. 78 Article Writing Services Revealed (Never Write AnotherArticle Again!)One of the most effective online marketing tactics is to create, publish and promote writtencontent in the form of articles about your products or services.You can use articles to post to your own blog, to post to company or product blogs, to submit toother blogs in the form of a guest blog post or you can submit articles to many of the contentsharing sites such Hubpages.com, EzineArticles.com or Squidoo.comThe problem is that many marketers don’t have the time or talent to write a large amount ofarticles and publish them on the net.Fortunately, you don’t have to. There are a myriad of writing services that will do this for you.After some extensive research, I’ve discovered……77 Article and Content Writing Services that You Can Pay to WriteContent for You.In this list you’ll find content writing services that have different content delivery models. Forinstance, with iWriter.com you can post a writing job and pick a writer based on their ratings.With TextBroker.com you can buy articles at a fixed price and with Constant-Content.com youcan buy articles that have already been written.I have NOT done any due diligence on any of these writing services. I’ve listed them accordingto their Alexa rating (the lower the Alexa rating the more traffic the website receives).However, the website’s Alexa rating has little to do with the quality of their service.NOTE: If you think I’ve missed a writing service that you believe should be added to this list,please let me know in the comments section of this article.Here they are…1. iWriterwww.iwriter.com5,7992. Textbrokerwww.textbroker.com7,145 1/8
  2. 2. 3. Constant Contentwww.constant-content.com19,5634. Need An Articlewww.needanarticle.com20,6265. The Content Authoritywww.thecontentauthority.com23,0716. WriterAccesswww.writeraccess.com27,0417. Zeryswww.zerys.com34,8238. 99CentArticleswww.99centarticles.com42,1449. Articlezwww.articlez.com42,63910. Scriptedwww.scripted.com51,82511. MyArticleExpresswww.myarticleexpress.com62,16012. Article Writing Etcwww.articlewritingetc.com71,69713. Blogging.orgblogging.org84,62714. Article Tellerwww.articleteller.com 2/8
  3. 3. 86,35915. Get Articles Donewww.getarticlesdone.com105,23116. Media Showermediashower.com112,54317. Paid Forum Postingwww.paidforumposting.com113,06418. CCArticleswww.ccarticles.com117,70919. crowd contentcrowdcontent.com149,89720. ContentProzwww.contentproz.net157,21321. Godotwww.godotmedia.com163,61622. CopyPresswww.copypress.com171,07423. Content Development Proswww.contentdevelopmentpros.com223,21924. BuyKeywordArticlesbuykeywordarticles.com238,40825. Ecopywriterswww.ecopywriters.com253,428 3/8
  4. 4. 26. ArticlesOnTaparticlesontap.com277,66827. Ebylinewww.ebyline.com327,20528. ContentBLVDwww.contentblvd.com340,17629. Content Currentwww.contentcurrent.com363,29330. SEOArticleWritingProswww.seoarticlewritingpros.com382,30431. Rightcopywriterwww.rightcopywriter.com393,54532. CredibleContentwww.crediblecontent.net413,19233. Wisden Writerswww.wisdenwriters.com479,25034. 101 Contentwww.101content.com507,42835. Daily Articlewww.dailyarticle.com509,99036. 10 Dollar Articleswww.10dollararticles.com517,45437. Mad Contentwww.madcontent.com 4/8
  5. 5. 519,43838. Content Beatswww.contentbeats.com523,55139. Content Divaswww.contentdivas.com548,16240. Premier Content Sourcewww.premiercontentsource.com636,65541. Skontentwww.skontent.com648,41342. Simply the Best Writingwww.simplythebestwriting.com660,42243. ContentMantrawww.contentmantra.com692,46144. Ozio Mediawww.oziomedia.com730,73845. Content Equals Moneywww.contentequalsmoney.com733,28146. bloghandswww.bloghands.com796,58847. Content Writing Kingwww.contentwritingking.com827,38048. SevenAtomswww.sevenatoms.com857,461 5/8
  6. 6. 49. Article Writing Serviceswww.articlewritingservices.org983,76950. Content Customswww.contentcustoms.com1,019,57251. Stigmatterwww.stigmatter.com1,023,89352. SEO Content Writerswww.seocontentwriters.com1,031,36353. Content Arcadewww.contentarcade.com1,080,83454. SEOArticleWritingProwww.seoarticlewritingpro.com1,191,07155. Best Writing Servicewww.bestwritingservice.com1,222,56056. Article Writing Marketwww.articlewritingmarket.com1,225,77257. The Write Contentwww.thewritecontent.com1,232,87658. Unique Content Writerswww.uniquecontentwriters.com1,263,16959. Content Rowwww.contentrow.com1,349,37660. Bless Articleswww.blessarticles.com 6/8
  7. 7. 1,350,12861. Best Content Writing Servicewww.bestcontentwritingservice.com1,385,41662. ProfCopywww.profcopy.com1,558,36963. content-graphicswww.content-graphics.com1,752,22164. Paid Scribewww.paidscribe.com1,834,52465. PostSckripptwww.postsckrippt.ca2,180,81066. copy-hubwww.copy-hub.com2,576,51167. Read Generationwww.readgeneration.com2,790,24168. Quick Articleswww.quickarticles.biz2,844,65869. Buy Articleswww.buyarticles.biz3,531,89270. Order Articlewww.orderarticle.com4,067,68571. Retired and Writingwww.retiredandwriting.com4,385,614 7/8
  8. 8. 72. PurchaseArticlesPro www.purchasearticlespro.com 4,736,268 73. Article Drove www.articledrove.com 5,016,930 74. Kinetic Word www.contentwritersonline.com 5,960,639 75. Catalyst Writing Services www.catalystwriters.com 7,539,650 76. SureWrite SEO www.surewriteseo.com 7,780,677 77. The Content Writing People www.thecontentwritingpeople.com 9,956,158 78. Content Writing Shop (CWS) www.contentwritingshop.com 10,428,442 Whew! Now there should be NO excuse whatsoever to get your article or content creation done! To your continued success. P.S. Click here to discover over 272 full interviews done with the top marketing experts in over 22 different areas of marketing. Read More . . . http://www.marketingblogger.com/2012/article-writing/ 8/8Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)