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Tenable Solutions for Enterprise Cloud Security


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Prezentace z konference Virtualization Forum 2019
Praha, 3.10.2019
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Tenable Solutions for Enterprise Cloud Security

  1. 1. Tenable Solutions for Enterprise Cloud Security Jason Clark Senior Security Engineer
  2. 2. 2 MORE THAN 27,000 ORGANIZATIONS TRUST TENABLE TO MANAGE AND MEASURE THEIR CYBER EXPOSURE CREATORS OF NESSUS Most broadly deployed vulnerability assessment technology Worldwide. MARKET LEADING RESEARCH Our research delivers world-class cyber exposure intelligence, data science insights, alerts and security advisories. INNOVATIVE CAPABILITIES Identify assets and vulnerabilities on Cloud, Container, OT and Traditional IT.
  3. 3. Inthedigitaleconomy,digitaltransformation is nolongeraboutdisruption. It’s survival. What strategic digital initiatives is your organization pursuing? How is your team enabling them?
  4. 4. 4 Server Desktop Network infrastructure Web app Mobile Laptop Container Enterprise IoTICS/SCADAIndustrial IoT Cloud IT Cloud OT Virtual machine The attack surface is expanding Creating a Cyber Exposure Gap
  5. 5. Cyber Exposure enables organizations to manage and measure the modern attack surface to accurately understand and reduce cyber risk.
  6. 6. The four key questions… How are we reducing exposure over time? Where are we exposed? What should we focus on first? How do we compare to our peers?
  7. 7. Assess AnalyzeFix Measure IoT OT Cloud IT Discover Identify and map every asset for visibility across any computing environment Understand the state of all assets, including vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and other health indicators Understand exposures in context, to prioritize remediation based on asset criticality, threat context and vulnerability severity Model and analyze cyber exposure to make better business and technology decisions Prioritize which exposures to fix first, if at all, and apply the appropriate remediation technique Addressing the full Cyber Exposure lifecycle
  8. 8. Flexible yet powerful for complete visibility Enterprise IoTIndustrial IoT ICS/SCADA Container Cloud Web App Network Infrastructure Virtual Machine MobileLaptop Server Desktop Trusted by 1.6 million users worldwide Active Scanning Agent Scanning Passive Monitoring Image Assessment Web App Scanning OT Safe Scanning
  9. 9. 16500+VULNERABILITIES DISCLOSED IN 2018 15%Of vulnerabilities disclosed in 2018 were CVSS 9+ 59%Of vulnerabilities disclosed in 2018 were rated critical or high 7%Of vulnerabilities disclosed had publicly available exploits
  10. 10. The 3% of vulnerabilities you need to focus on first. Over 150 different aspects to the model, in 7 different categories. +150 Priority calculated nightly on over 100,000 different vulnerabilities being tracked. +100K PREDICTIVE PRIORITIZATION Focus first on what matters most
  11. 11. The Cyber Exposure Platform Complete Visibility into All Assets Prioritization and Configurable Reporting Flexibility: Cloud or On-prem Tenable Ecosystem Third-Party Data Assets Vulnerabilities Threats Managed On-Prem. Managed in the Cloud. Tenable Ecosystem Third-Party Systems CMDB IT Systems Management Governance, Risk and Compliance NESSUS SCANNER NESSUS NETWORK MONITOR NESSUS AGENT INDUSTRIAL SECURITY CONTAINER SECURITY PCI ASV WEB APP SCANNING Measure and Benchmark Exposure
  12. 12. Accurately identify, investigate and prioritize vulnerabilities. Managed in the Cloud. is an integral component of the Tenable Cyber Exposure Platform that provides actionable insight into your entire infrastructure’s attack surface.
  13. 13. • Identifies assets automatically via an API-driven cloud connector • Scans cloud assets with the BYOL scanner available in the marketplace • Hardens cloud configurations based on cloud provider and industry best practices • Provides flexible options for scanning • Centralises cloud and on-prem scan results for security and compliance assessment • Reduces CapEx and OpEx costs by eliminating the need to buy new licenses or learn new tools
  14. 14. • Securing a dynamic IT environment • Rethinking security for cloud environments • Moving security to the application layer • Focusing on data security • Automating security testing and control
  15. 15. Measure and Benchmark Exposure Lumin combines threat, vulnerability and asset criticality to accurately measure and benchmark Cyber Exposure both internally and externally against your peers.
  16. 16. The 3% of vulnerabilities you need to focus on first. Leverages Machine Learning and Threat Intelligence to reprioritize vulnerabilities based on real world risk VPR Leverages Machine Learning to reprioritize assets based on indicators of business value and criticality ACR PREDICTIVE PRIORITIZATION Focus first on what matters most Vulnerability Priority Rating Asset Criticality Rating +
  17. 17. TENABLE RESEARCH Vulnerabilities detected with over 109,000 plugins +48K Vulnerabilities discovered so far in 2019 by Tenable Research 80+ Median time for coverage of high profile issues <24hrs World class Cyber Exposure Intelligence Zero-Day Research Data Science Insights Cyber Exposure Alerts