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Airwatch od VMware


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Vojtěch Morávek, Senior Systems Engineer, VMware
Virtualization Forum 2014, Prague, 22.10.2014

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Published in: Technology
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Airwatch od VMware

  1. 1. © 2014 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. Airwatch od VMware
  2. 2. End-User Computing Vision Tablets, Smartphones Mission: Secure Virtual Workspace for Work at Speed of Life Desktop Laptop Tablet Phone Machine 2 PCs, Laptops Thin Clients Desktop and Workspace Services Enterprise Mobility Management and Security
  3. 3. VMware is Uniquely Positioned to Deliver on this Vision Desktop Mobile Social Identity Data 3 End-User Computing
  4. 4. About AirWatch • Leaders in mobile security, mobile device, application and content management across multiple platforms • Strong leadership team, headquartered in Atlanta, ex-Manhattan Associates execs, built with no outside capital • Provides mobility solutions to 12,000+ global customers • Largest Enterprise Mobile Management & Security provider with 1,800+ employees, largest R&D team in category Mission: Simplify Enterprise MobilityTM 12,000 customers 150 countries 17 languages 1,800 employees
  5. 5. Solution Overview What Blackberry Enterprise Server did for Blackberry devices, AirWatch does for today’s iOS, Android, Windows and other platforms Enterprise Mobility Management Platform Mobile Device Management Mobile Application Management Mobile Content Management Mobile Email Management Framework: Security, Multi-tenancy, Scalability, Privacy, Access-Control, Self-Service, Telecom Expense 5
  6. 6. Develop a Comprehensive Mobility Strategy Manage the Device Manage the Workspace Apps Content Email Browsing
  7. 7. Develop a Comprehensive Mobility Strategy Every Mobile Device Every Mobile Operating System Every Mobile Deployment Phones & Tablets Laptops Rugged Peripherals Corporate Multiuser BYOD Line of Business
  8. 8. Evaluate Multiple Security Approaches MDM Manage the Device Containerization Manage a Workspace Hybrid Example: BYOD Example: Corporate-owned 8
  9. 9. Think Global Choose from 17 language packs Allow users to select language from ac5ve list for enrollment, applica5ons, self-­‐service portal and Secure Content LockerTM Edit specific terms and transla5ons Administrator sets language packs across organization Default Term Custom Term Language automatically reflects users’ locale on device or workstation computer Specific terms can be customized in any language Polish Danish Dutch Portuguese Japanese Korean Simplified Chinese Tradi5onal Chinese Languages English Supported Spanish French German Italian Arabic Czech Turkish Russian
  10. 10. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Management Enable Device Choice • Support all operating systems and latest device models • Enable employees to choose the most productive device Enroll Devices Easily • Enroll personal devices into AirWatch • Select “Employee Owned” device ownership Manage Personal Devices • Configure policies and settings based on device ownership • Secure access to enterprise resources, apps and documents Protect Employee Privacy • Configure what info is collected based on device ownership • Isolate and protect both corporate and personal information Mitigate Business Risks • Enforce custom Terms of Use agreements for employee devices • Specify the info being collected and actions IT is allowed to take Enable Self-service Management • Simplify enrollment, configuration and support capabilities • Locate, lock and perform an enterprise or full device wipe
  11. 11. Mobile Device Management Key Features • Extend IT security policies to mobile deployments • Enable access to enterprise services and resources • Configure device seMngs and policies through profiles • Assign profiles based on device, ownership or group • Quaran5ne devices and manage by excep5on • Automate IT processes and workflows • Provide helpdesk and self-­‐service to corporate users • View and report all mobile assets and policies • Create Terms of Use based on device ownership type • Manage rugged devices and printers/peripherals
  12. 12. Mobile Security Key Features • Enable mul5factor user authen5ca5on • Enforce consistent security policies • Encrypt sensi5ve corporate data • Manage user access to corporate resources • Support internal PKI and third-­‐party cer5ficates • Establish network access controls • Separate corporate and personal data with AirWatch Workspace to keep corporate informa5on secure • Enforce compliance rules and escala5ng ac5ons • Separate corporate and personal data with containeriza5on • Remotely wipe enterprise data from device and apps
  13. 13. Mobile Application Management Key Features • Manage enterprise, public and purchased apps • Integrate with App Store, Google Play, Amazon • Create a custom Enterprise App Catalog • Deploy apps based on user, device role or smart group • Enforce compliance with app blacklists/whitelists • Build advanced enterprise apps using SDK • Add security to exis5ng applica5ons with App Wrapping • Track app inventory, versions and compliance • Enable single sign-­‐on for enterprise applica5ons • Run reputa5on scanning for internal and public apps
  14. 14. App Reputation Scanning • Scan apps directly in the admin console • Categorize app risks by area • Privacy • Risky behavior • Design and programming • View results by risk levels • High, medium and low • Take action to blacklist unsafe apps Reputation Integration Partners
  15. 15. Mobile Content Management Key Features • Share corporate documents via Secure Content Locker™ (SCL) • Enable two-­‐way sync from desktop to device via AirWatch SyncTM • Create a corporate container for documents • Integrate with cloud or on-­‐premise content repositories • Enforce mul5factor user authen5ca5on • Manage user access rights and file privileges • Delegate admin control across internal groups • Track document versions, updates and usage • Integrate user generated content from the Self-­‐Service Portal • Allow collabora5on through personal folders in SCL • Enable app-­‐to-­‐app collabora5on with single sign-­‐on • Enable edi5ng and annota5on of documents
  16. 16. Mobile Email Management Key Features • Integrate with enterprise email infrastructures • Enable a na5ve user experience with AirWatch Inbox • Automate configura5on of seMngs and creden5als • Define email compliance policies and ac5ons • Block email access based on make, model or OS • Install, remove and manage email cer5ficates • Encrypt email aYachments for data loss preven5on • Prevent copy/paste of data to 3rd party apps • Wipe aYachment content from compromised devices • Monitor corporate email ac5vity 24 / 7 / 365
  17. 17. Proxy Model Microsoft Direct Integration Google Direct Integration • Install AirWatch Secure Email Gateway (proxy) on premise through a self-configurable setup utility • Scalable, highly available and redundant architecture • Integrate with email infrastructure using Windows PowerShell APIs • Secure cloud integration via AirWatch Cloud Connector (ACC) • Integrate with email infrastructure using Google APIs • Only managed devices receive Google App credentials through automatic provisioning of an AirWatch profile Email Integration 17 17
  18. 18. Mobile Browsing Management Key Features • Enable browsing through AirWatch Browser™ • Configure custom whitelists and blacklists • Connect to corporate intranet without device-­‐level VPN • Block na5ve browsers and public browser apps • Authen5cate users with corporate creden5als • Create and require custom Terms of Use acceptance • Disable the ability to copy or print • Define cookie acceptance and clear cookies upon exit • Enable tabbed browsing and pre-­‐defined bookmarks
  19. 19. Laptop Management Key Features • Support Mac OS and Windows PC laptops • Enroll laptops through the AirWatch Agent or URL • Authen5cate users with corporate creden5als • Deploy preconfigured profiles and products • Enable scalable distribu5on with imaging capabili5es • Sync, share and manage personal content • View a complete inventory of all connected devices • Send commands to request informa5on and perform ac5ons
  20. 20. Multiuser Management Key Features • Configure a single managed device to be used by mul5ple users • Assign profiles automa5cally based on user permissions • Allow for seamless check-­‐in, check-­‐out process in AirWatch Agent • Require users to accept a Terms of Use (TOU) agreement • Authen5cate users during login with corporate creden5als • Enable single sign-­‐on for access to other AirWatch apps aber login • Manage devices even when device is not checked out • Auto-­‐configure single-­‐app mode when no user is logged in • Configure a 5me interval for automa5c log out
  21. 21. AirWatch Workspace Personal Apps Email Containe r Content Container Intranet Browser App Catalog AirWatch Workspace Consistent user experience with branding, single sign-on & customizable settings Containerize enterprise data within AirWatch Workspace Secure connec5vity to enterprise systems Managed only at applica5on layer (MAM) – MDM op5onal
  22. 22. Content Repository Integration • Synchronize network shares, file servers and file systems with Secure Content LockerTM • Distribute and synchronize files from enterprise or cloud servers to a device • U5lize exis5ng corporate creden5als for user access • Provide author, keywords, date created, date modified, version, notes, created by, etc. in document informa5on • Use Access Control Lists (ACL) for user permissions • Secure distribu5on from SharePoint without VPN (using MAG and Cloud Connector) • Apply default seMngs for security and deployment
  23. 23. API Integration Business Processes Enrollment Authen5ca5on Device details Device profiles Applica5ons User/device groups Enterprise Systems System management Opera5ons management Service management Proprietary systems REST SOAP AirWatch Integra=on Allow external programs to invoke core product func5onality Integrate with exis5ng IT infrastructure and third-­‐ party applica5ons
  24. 24. Pricing and Packaging 24
  25. 25. AirWatch Products & Suites Overview 25 Secure Content Locker Collaborate $48 One Year Subscrip5on Includes Standard Hos5ng $50 Perpetual + SnS ORANGE MANAGEMENT SUITE $60 One Year Subscrip5on Includes Standard Hos5ng $70 Perpetual + SnS Mobile Device Management Workspace App Catalog Inbox** BLUE MANAGEMENT SUITE $75 One Year Subscrip5on Includes Standard Hos5ng $90 Perpetual + SnS Mobile Device Management Workspace App Catalog App Wrapping App Reputa5on Scanning Secure Content Locker View Inbox** Browser GREEN MANAGEMENT SUITE $48 One Year Subscrip5on Includes Standard Hos5ng $50 Perpetual + SnS Mobile Device Management Workspace App Catalog YELLOW MANAGEMENT SUITE $110 One Year Subscrip5on Includes Standard Hos5ng $130 Perpetual + SnS Mobile Device Management Workspace App Catalog App Wrapping App Reputa5on Scanning Secure Content Locker View Inbox** Browser Secure Content Locker Collaborate