Six Steps to a Successful Webinar, ISA Marketing & Sales


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Webinars are one of the most efficient means to reach vertical market prospects and customers. This highly effective combination of event and content marketing establishes credibility, develops leads, and forms the source of an ongoing stream of promotional material and opportunities.

Jeffery Cawley, VP of Industry Leadership, Northwest Analytics, details a six step structured program of definition, planning, promotion, execution, and post-event follow-up and repurposing that will guarantee a successful event.

Jeff is the founder and VP of Industry Leadership for Northwest Analytical, a vendor of process and quality management and analytics software. He focuses on the vertical market outreach and evangelism. Before starting NWA, he was the Director of Marketing for Alpkem Corporation, an analytical instrumentation firm and an account executive at McWilliams Church and Associates. Jeff has spoken and written widely on the applications of process management and analytics to a variety of vertical industry applications. His academic background is in chemistry and geology. He produces webinars for Northwest Analytics and in cooperation with other companies and organizations. He blogs at,, and

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Six Steps to a Successful Webinar, ISA Marketing & Sales

  1. 1. Six Steps to a Successful WebinarJeffery L. CawleyVP Industry LeadershipNorthwest AnalyticsJune 13, 2013
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Six Steps to a Successful WebinarWhy a Webinar?
  4. 4. Six Steps to a Successful WebinarWhy a Webinar?
  5. 5. Six Steps to a Successful Webinar• Define• Plan• Promote• Execute• Follow-up• Repurpose
  6. 6. Define• Target Audience• Message• Results• Metrics
  7. 7. Plan• Mechanics• Creative• Delivery• Who is responsible• Deadlines
  8. 8. Plan
  9. 9. Promote• Identify most effective methods• Email• Social Media• Advertising
  10. 10. Promote
  11. 11. Promote
  12. 12. Promote
  13. 13. Promote
  14. 14. Execute• Manage– Expert speaker– Facility– Staff• Goal – successful presentation and recording
  15. 15. Follow-up• Structured contact for– Registrant– Attendees– Email• Telemarketing• Follow-up surveys• Offers
  16. 16. Follow-up
  17. 17. Repurpose• Screencasts• Web content• Collateral• Continuous stream of social media content– Blogs– Tweets– Google+– Special interest group postings
  18. 18. Repurpose
  19. 19. Repurpose
  20. 20. Follow-up
  21. 21. Follow-up
  22. 22. Manufacturing Intelligence for Intelligent Manufacturing.™Questions?
  23. 23. Manufacturing Intelligence for Intelligent Manufacturing.™