Cleveland SEO Company Presents: 36 Link Building Strategies


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Backlinks are a vital part of any effective SEO strategy. But you have to get the RIGHT kind of backlinks. They have to be high-quality and highly-relevant.

It may seem like coming by quality backlinks is extremely difficult. But with a little bit of effort and some creativity you can build an incredible link profile that blows your competition out of the water.

That is why our Cleveland SEO Company has put together this presentation. To show you how you can do it.

Good SEO helps you rank higher in search engines, and in turn get in front of the people that are actively searching to buy for what you have to offer.

The truth is, 9 out of 10 purchasing decisions begin on a search engine (whether the purchase happens online or off).

But 75% of searchers never make it to the second page of the search results. That is why you need to optimize your site to get to that front page, beat the competition, increase your rankings and increase your sales.

Check out this value-packed presentation from Content Strategy Hub's Cleveland SEO Service and take your link building, SEO, rankings and sales to a new level!

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Cleveland SEO Company Presents: 36 Link Building Strategies

  1. 1. 36 Ways to Build Backlinks Cleveland SEO Service Presents: 36 Insanely Effective Link Building Strategies to Help You Rank Higher and Profit More
  2. 2. Presented by…  Eugene Farber Founder of  Find our Cleveland SEO Service at:  We help you increase sales by improving your rankings SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  3. 3. Why SEO?  SEO is search engine optimization  Helps you rank higher for specific keywords that potential buyers are searching for  89% of all purchasing decisions begin on a search engine (whether the purchase happens online or off)  Improving your search engine rankings for targeted keywords can have a direct impact on your bottom line SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  4. 4. What are backlinks?  Backlinks are simply inbound/incoming links to your website from external sources.  The “anchor text” of a backlink is the actual text that is linking to your website (usually in underlined blue font).  Why should you care? SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  5. 5. Impact of Backlinks on SEO  Rankings is largely driven by backlinks.  This has always been true. And if you understand how search engines function, this will continue to be true for the foreseeable future. SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  6. 6. Not All Backlinks Are Created Equal  Quantity and quality of backlinks matters.  You want your backlink structure to look “natural” (variety of anchor text, do-follow vs no-follow links, etc.).  While there are many SEO factors that influence rankings, a better link profile leads to better rankings…period. SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  7. 7. So how do you build quality backlinks to improve your rankings? Here are 36 powerful strategies to improve your SEO, search position and sales… SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  8. 8. Directory Submissions  Yes, this is “old school” but still effective.  There are both paid and free directories, some offer both options.  Paid usually gets you listed faster with more options and better results.  Pick high-quality, high PR, high Domain Authority directories for best results. SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  9. 9. Start Blogging  Create a blog for your website where you can publish new content.  Content is what gets ranked in search engines…give them something to rank.  More content means more opportunity to target different keywords…you can’t rank for ALL keywords in one piece o content.  Promote your content: syndicate the RSS feed, syndicate your content, share to social networks and groups, submit to blog aggregators SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  10. 10. Guest Blog  Rather than publishing content on your own blog and promote it, publish content to other relevant, high-quality blogs and get your link directly.  This also helps you spread your name, brand and build your authority and expertise.  Links usually come from author box, but it is much more effective to get a contextual link from within the actual content of the article. SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  11. 11. Create a Go-To Resource  The safest and best way to get backlinks is to create something that is worth linking to.  Create a go-to resource on a topic in your industry.  Lists are very popular and make for great link-bait (think “Top 100 Ways to….”) SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  12. 12. Submit to Resource Roundups  Most industries have lists of resources. Submit any useful content you create to those lists.  Many educational and government sites have these, this is a great way to get a backlink from a .edu or .gov domain…these are very powerful because they are considered more authoritative. SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  13. 13. Blogger and PR Outreach  Find bloggers and journalists that have written on topics similar to the one you are covering.  Find as many as you can and reach out them with your angle on the topic – perhaps one that differs from theirs or one that supports theirs (either can work).  Find the author’s contact information and email them about the content you just published.  Not everyone will link to you, but some will. And these are high-quality, relevant links. SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  14. 14. Interviews  Interview leaders in your industry and feature their answers on your website.  People want to hear thought leaders sharing knowledge.  Once published, reach out to the interviewee and let them know the content is live…often times they will share the content with their followers (because who doesn’t like their ego stroked?).  Social signals are becoming more and more important in SEO. There sharing of content on your blog can really add up. SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  15. 15. Crowdsource Content  Rather than a one-on-one interview, do a round-up interview of many experts at once.  Again, many will link back to your newly published content and promote it on social media.  This focuses promotion, links and traffic onto one single page.  Here is an example:  SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  16. 16. Submit to Curation Services  Submit your new content to curation services like  This will give you a backlink directly from the site (high domain authority).  This can also potentially get you in front of other users for directly traffic and more sharing.  Tip: Sites like allow you to suggest content to other people’s boards, giving the opportunity for even more backlinks and traffic. SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  17. 17. Blog Commenting  Comment on other people’s blog posts.  Most blog commenting systems allow you to link back to your site.  These links are not as powerful as contextual links, but can really add up.  Being one of the first to comment (and getting placed near the top of the page) is more effective.  Leave REAL valuable responses to add value (and actually get some traffic back to your site while you are at it). SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  18. 18. Free Web 2.0 Content  Publish relevant, optimized content to free web 2.0 content properties such as Squidoo  Include backlinks to pages you want to rank  Use this as part of a “link pyramid”  The domain authority of these properties allows you to build backlinks of lesser quality to the free content and use the web 2.0 property as a “buffer” between the low-quality links and the page you are trying to rank SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  19. 19. Coin a Term  You can take an existing concept and give it a new name.  This gives you “ownership” of a concept. And those that discover the concept through you will give you credit (and links).  Examples:  Derek Halpern’s “Drafting Technique”  Brian Dean’s “Skyscraper Technique”  These are essentially the same…and both really amount to just blogger and PR outreach. SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  20. 20. Broken Link Building  Find relevant websites that contain broken links (links that no longer lead to an active page).  Old round-up posts will often have these.  Find these pages through Google searches.  Run the page through a free tool like “Xenu” or “Screaming Frog” to find broken links.  Create content that will effectively replace the previous content being linked to (you can find this on  Reach out to publisher and let them know of both the broken link and the suitable replacement you have just created. SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  21. 21. Buy Expired Domains  Find expired domains that already have backlinks and authority.  Use a variety of different tools to find them.   PR Powershot  Moonsy Expired Domains  Buying quality domains can be cheap and save you tons of time building up your own links because you can tap into existing ones.  Link directly to your existing website through redirection or create your own blog network of multiple sites all pointing to pages you want to rank. SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  22. 22. Press Release Distribution  Write a press release optimized for the keyword you want to rank for.  Link to your page from within the press release.  Submit the press release to distribution sites  There are both free and paid sites…paid usually get you better results.  The distribution site will give you backlinks, but there is also a chance of getting picked up by other news outlets.  Combine this with blogger/PR outreach to pitch your new press release directly to journalists SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  23. 23. Be a Resource for Journalists  Journalists are always looking for an expert to quote for a story.  Become a resource for them by answering inquiries.  You an find journalists looking for sources on:  HARO (  Reporter Connection ( SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  24. 24. Leverage Q&A Sites  Answer topical questions on sites like Yahoo Answers and Quora  Show your expertise and link back to resources you have published that will help the person asking the question  These sites can also be a great inspiration for content topics  Sneaky/Blackhat tip: you can create keyword-optimized questions from one account, and answer them with another including a backlink to your site, giving a highly relevant link along with the possibility of ranking the Q&A page in the search results for your keyword SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  25. 25. Citation Sites for Local  If you have a local business then get it listed on local citation sites such as Yelp, Yahoo Local and Google+ Local  Link back to your website from all these sites  Make sure that all information, such as your address, is identical across all your submissions  The high domain authority of these sites also make them a great “buffer” for low quality links SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  26. 26. Local Library Listings  For local businesses…check to see if your library has a business listing. If so, get in touch with them and get listed.  This is a highly-relevant, high-authority, local link. And it should be fairly easy to get. SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  27. 27. Local Chamber of Commerce  Similarly to the local library listing, the local chamber of commerce can be a great place to get a link SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  28. 28. Purchase Links  You can often find great links that you can simply purchase (often a very cheap and effective method).  You can find link sellers on forums such as Digital Point that offer a wide variety of niches  Seek out relevant sites that are already linking to others and get a link as well.  Seek out relevant sites that are not directly-competing and try to get a link even if they aren’t already linking to someone else (sometimes they will want compensation, but every so often you might get lucky and get a free link) SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  29. 29. Swap Links  Rather than purchasing links, find strategic partners with whom you can exchange links (they link to you, you link to them).  Find websites that are ranking highly for relevant terms that have blog rolls.  Reach out to sites that aren’t already linking to others with an exchange offer and explain the SEO benefits.  Works best with “strategic partners” – websites related to yours but not directly competing. SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  30. 30. Forum Signature Links  Join forums that are relevant to your industry.  Establish yourself by joining discussions and adding value.  Most forums allow you to add signature links once you have reached a certain level (a minimum number of comments for example).  Create an SEO-optimized signature link  Gives you an SEO benefit plus gives you the potential of driving traffic directly to your website. SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  31. 31. Give Testimonials  If there is a software, tool or resource that you use and love, provide a testimonial.  Testimonials provide social proof so most sellers love to receive them.  Many will provide a link back to your website along with your name when citing your review. SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  32. 32. Submit to Website Evaluation  Submit your URL to website evaluation/analysis sites.  Don’t necessarily take the analysis seriously, many of these sites aren’t very accurate  Most of these sites will create an analysis page for the URL you have submitted – giving you link from what is usually a fairly high domain authority site. SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  33. 33. Create Infographics  Infographics tell a story visually.  Infographics are HOT.  High quality sites are much more likely to re-publish an infographic than just copy and paste your content.  They will also link back to you as the originator of the infographic.  Increase the likelihood of the infographic being spread by submitting it to infographic directories/marketplaces such as SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  34. 34. Provide Images  Provide original images that people are likely going to want to use.  For example, bring a camera to an industry event or convention and snap lots of pictures.  Publish the images afterwards and give people the right to use the images in exchange for a backlink.  Combine this with outreach – there will be many “summaries” that will get published after large events…help the publisher out by providing images. SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  35. 35. Donate to Charity  Charities provide a great linking opportunity (along with a great way to build your brand name).  Many will link to you as a donator.  If they don’t do it by default, you can always ask.  It doesn’t have to be a large donation, just $10 can get you a link from a very high-quality website. SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  36. 36. Video Descriptions  Include links in video descriptions on platforms such as YouTube  Because YouTube has an extremely high domain authority (coupled with the fact that it is owned by Google), it is fairly easy to rank YouTube videos  A description link for a video optimized for specific keywords is both extremely high quality when the video is ranking well and extremely relevant SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  37. 37. Wiki Backlinks  There are countless wikis that you can leverage for backlinks  Submit optimized articles with backlinks  You can find submission services for extremely cheap on Fiverr SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  38. 38. Contest Sponsorships  Contest sponsors are usually listed…and this can get you a backlink  A well organized contest by a reputable organizer can help you get a high-quality backlink along with a lot of brand awareness  This also helps you leverage someone else’s audiencebuilding efforts SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  39. 39. Easy .edu Links  .edu backlinks are extremely powerful due to the inherent authority of the domain extension  You can get yourself some help (paid or free) by offering an internship position to college students  Submit the position to university job boards along with a link to the your site  You will likely link to the internship/job description page, so link out to other pages from that page to get the most bang for your buck SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  40. 40. Leverage Student Blogs  Another great way to get an .edu link is to take advantage of student blogs  Many universities offer space for students to have their own blog on the university site (or sub-directory).  Find a student with a blog and pay them to include a post with a contextual backlink to your site  This shouldn’t cost very much…students need their beer money  SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  41. 41. Speak  Speaking is not only a great way to build authority and gain brand exposure, but it’s also a great way to get backlinks  Speakers get listed on event sites. And the listing should include your link along with your other information  Great way to get industry-relevant links (and drive some direct traffic as well)  Also a great way to get .edu or .gov links if you can get the gig SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  42. 42. Wikipedia  Create an in-depth industry resource  Edit existing Wikipedia listings and cite your resource  If you or your company already have some notoriety then create a listing about yourself  Don’t write your own…have someone else do it for you. This will ensure you pass the “bias” test for posting. SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  43. 43. Copy & Paste Protection  The demand for content is increasing daily  There are many sites that will do little more than steal your content through copy & paste  Use a tool like Tynt ( to protect your content from copy & paste theft  People can still copy & paste…but the copied content will include a link to the original source  Likewise, always include links to other pages within your content. This is good for internal link structure as well as copy & paste protection. SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company
  44. 44. Hire Us!  Search engine optimization can be very technical and involves both on-page and off-page elements.  Building backlinks is just one aspect, albeit a very important one (though even just this one element is very technical).  If you want effective search engine optimization to increase your rankings and increase your sales, contact us today by going to our site: Cleveland SEO: SEO for Cleveland, OH (or) General SEO Company