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Finance Companies


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MarketFinance has leveraged technology to create one of the best finance companies in India. They have also introduced an innovative Bill discounting product that is significantly cheaper than traditional methods that involve Banks and NBFCs. They provide the cheapest business loans in India. Creating an environment where funding is not just easy but hassle free.

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Finance Companies

  1. 1. Finance Companies MarketFinance is the only place which has a hands on approach in helping startups and small with their financial goals. The number of angel investors in India that they have on their platform is significant
  2. 2. Business Loans Looking for a business loan in India? Then MarketFinance is the place to go! They have a large number of angel investors, banks and NBFCs in India that can provide you the funding that you need.
  3. 3. Angel investors in India In need of equity funding? Angel investors in India can be of help. If you are looking for angel funding, MarketFinance is the finance company in India that can help you achieve this objective. They also have bill discounting and invoice discounting facilities that they offer at competitive rates.
  4. 4. Equity Funding Fund raising has never been as easy as with MarketFinance. Equity funding is seamless and effortless with a high conversion rate for success, provided the business is scalable. On the MarketFinance platform, for business loans, lenders compete to win your business.
  5. 5. Working Capital Loans Their angel investor base in India will provide you with the capital you need, when you need it so you are able to focus solely on growing your business. With their bill discounting facility, they are unlike other finance companies in India as they give you access to retail investors thereby reducing interest rates.
  6. 6. Contact Us Address : G2, Regal Manor, 2/1 Bride St, Langford Town, Bangalore – 560025 Phone No : 96638 88033 Website :
  7. 7. Contact Us Address : G2, Regal Manor, 2/1 Bride St, Langford Town, Bangalore – 560025 Phone No : 96638 88033 Website :