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Microfunding - Funding for business start-ups entrepreneurs


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New way to get fundings for business start-ups entrepreneurs. Relation between inventors, investors and managers to develop new business ideas.

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Microfunding - Funding for business start-ups entrepreneurs

  1. 1. Microfunding or the new funding and development solutions for start-ups inventors The importance of funding and management It is necessary to have some money to get one idea up and running. It can be difficult for start-up businesses to find funding for their projects: - Bootstrapping or the family circle solutions are most of the time not enough. - Grants and loans can be hard to get Then, finding investors can be the solution but you will have to seduce them, to show that there is a market for your project out there and that you have the skills to develop the company. It takes more than just a good idea and access to money, however, to become successful. Good management of a worthy project is essential for it to thrive. A new way allows entrepreneurs to get in contact with investors and managers, so that they can network with the very people looking to take new business ideas to the next level. This Micro Funding exchange gives the chance for all three of these factors to come together. The concept: the new three-way funding process Microfunding is the process of three-way funding introductions. It is an online platform that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and managers to help create profitable businesses. Marketest helps inventors to submit their business ideas on that platform and find investors. We also take part in the Microfunding project by testing the market of investors’ projects when they take the “Proof of Concept” stage. More information can be found at the following address: MARKETEST United House North Road Phone: 020 7687 1234 London N7 9DP – 1