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Multiplay: new supply-side strategies


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This report takes a look at the major developments in services being bundled with Internet access.

It analyses trends in triple and quadruple-play bundles, their convergence and their economic impact on vendors.

It also explores deep product line strategies: digital home, rich communication, secure access, and opportunities tied to segmentation.

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Multiplay: new supply-side strategies

  1. 1. Multiplay: new supply-side strategies Phone: +44 20 8123 2220 Fax: +44 207 900 3970
  2. 2. Phone: +44 20 8123 2220 http://marketpublishers.comMultiplay: new supply-side strategiesIDATE Consulting & ResearchDate: July 1, 2012Pages: N/APrice: US$ 4,200.00 US$ 3,360.00 (Offer valid until September 15, 2012)ID: M654EBFF8E3ENThis report takes a look at the major developments in services being bundled with Internet access.It analyses trends in triple and quadruple-play bundles, their convergence and their economic impact onvendors.It also explores deep product line strategies: digital home, rich communication, secure access, andopportunities tied to segmentation. At a time when telecom markets are stagnating, what possible growth outlets are there for telcos? What are the major innovations in the area of services bundled with access: additional services, content, smart access, segmentation? What are the assets and limitations of bundling strategies? How do bundles affect ARPU, margins and customer loyalty? Will adding content to the equation bring growth and, if so, for which type of operator? Is enhancing access with other services closer to telcos’ core business a sound development strategy? Is segmentation operators’ main strategy for handling the explosion in traffic on the networks? Can telcos sell quality of service?Table of Content1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY1.1. Context1.2. Multiplay bundles1.3. Content strategy1.4. Smart access1.5. Segmentation2. METHODOLOGY3. INTRODUCTION3.1. Study context and objectives3.2. Determining factors in offering strategies 3.2.1. Technological advances 3.2.2. Market structure: saturation in pay packages on one side and an explosion in usage on the other 3.2.3. Intensifying competition 3.2.4. Economic outlook: stagnating revenue 3.2.5. Regulatory factors 3.2.6. Operators’ market objectives4. MULTIPLAY BUNDLESMultiplay: new supply-side strategies 2
  3. 3. Phone: +44 20 8123 2220 http://marketpublishers.com4.1. Definition: the multiplay cross-selling strategy4.2. Consumption patterns: bundling is a market reality4.3. Operator positioning in quadruple play services 4.3.1. Changes in positioning 4.3.2. Operator positioning in quadruple play services 4.3.3. Bundling strategies by operator type4.4. Triple play 4.4.1. Triple play becoming the standard and single play gradually disappearing 4.4.2. Examples of triple play packages4.5. Quadruple play 4.5.1. Quadruple play still in its infancy 4.5.2. Examples of quadruple play packages 4.5.3. Summary4.6. Strategic analysis of multiplay bundles 4.6.1. Triple and quadruple play price positioning 4.6.2. Economic impact of bundling on ARPU, churn and profit margin 4.6.3. Limits to leveraging existing customer base 4.6.4. Outlook: triple play’s threat to IPTV, waiting for full quadruple play convergence5. STRATEGIES COMBINING ACCESS WITH CONTENT5.1. Definition5.2. Operator positioning in plans that include content5.3. Must-have services: premium TV, VOD and PVR 5.3.1. Premium TV 5.3.2. VOD 5.3.3. PVR5.4. Differentiating with content 5.4.1. Music 5.4.2. Video games5.5. Packages that include multiple types of content5.6. Strategic analysis: integrator, aggregator or quality service provider—which model is best?6. SMART ACCESS6.1. Introduction6.2. Rich communication 6.2.1. Home phone calling features 6.2.2. Rich mobile communication 6.2.3. Geolocation6.3. Digital home 6.3.1. Access to content 6.3.2. Home network 6.3.3. Remote home access6.4. Secure access 6.4.1. Storage and security 6.4.2. Insurance 6.4.3. Payment6.5. Opportunities in services closely related to the core business, with potential for profit and a competitiveedge over the Web titans7. SEGMENTATION OF OFFERINGS7.1. Segmenting access offerings to make the network more profitableMultiplay: new supply-side strategies 3
  4. 4. Phone: +44 20 8123 2220 7.1.1. Billing by volume 7.1.2. Billing by data speed 7.1.3. Quality of service offerings 7.1.4. Limiting usage to "educate" consumers 7.1.5. Market opportunities tied to type of network, and a smaller target7.2. Family plans: targeting individuals and their groups to build loyalty 7.2.1. Multi-line offerings 7.2.2. Packages for typical families7.3. Offerings for specific segments of the population7.4. Trend: segmentation proving to be key8. CONCLUSION: A NUMBER OF LEVERS TO WORK WITH9. PLAYER PROFILES9.1. Virgin Media UK 9.1.1. A growth model based on cross-selling and up-selling its customer base 9.1.2. Overview 9.1.3. Service strategy9.2. Verizon 9.2.1. Betting on super-fast broadband and mobile 9.2.2. Overview 9.2.3. Service strategy9.3. Comcast 9.3.1. Content to retain customers, broadband to drive ARPU and quadruple play on the horizon 9.3.2. Overview 9.3.3. Service strategy9.4. Orange France 9.4.1. Offering centered around triple and quadruple play bundles including content 9.4.2. Overview of the Orange group 9.4.3. Orange France 9.4.4. Service strategy 9.4.5. Summary9.5. Free 9.5.1. Low-cost-bundle approach to conquering the market 9.5.2. Overview 9.5.3. Service strategy9.6. SFR 9.6.1. Mobile specialist turns multi-screen multiplay operator 9.6.2. Overview 9.6.3. Service strategy9.7. Vodafone Spain 9.7.1. Overview of the Vodafone group 9.7.2. General service strategy 9.7.3. Vodafone Spain: synergy between fixed and mobile9.8. Telefónica Spain 9.8.1. A business strategy focused on existing customers 9.8.2. Overview 9.8.3. Service strategy9.9. Telecom Italia 9.9.1. Betting on VOD to retain current subscribers and win new customers 9.9.2. Overview 9.9.3. Service strategy9.10. Fastweb 9.10.1. An extension to mobile that falls short of its success in triple playMultiplay: new supply-side strategies 4
  5. 5. Phone: +44 20 8123 2220 9.10.2. Overview 9.10.3. Service strategyTABLESTable 1: A large range of multiplay bundlesTable 2: Operator positioning in quadruple play servicesTable 3: Cable operator positioning in quadruple play services and broadband market shareTable 4: Mobile operators’ service offeringsTable 5: Virgin Media ARPU and churn dataTable 6: Example of discounts on multiple SFR product linesTable 7: Telecom operators’ methods of delivering TV and video serviceTable 8: Strategies for packages that combine content and accessTable 9 : Content bundling by certain operatorsTable 10: TV consumption in the USTable 11: Cost of the Cubomusica service from Telecom ItaliaTable 12: Mobile bundles that include content from OrangeTable 13: Features of the Cubovision unicast TV and mobile video service from Telecom ItaliaTable 14: Telecom operators’ positioning in the TV value chainTable 15: Services included by Internet access planTable 16: BT fixed Internet access plansTable 17: Virgin Media – Some business and financial data pointsTable 18: Breakdown of Virgin Media subscribers by bundle type as of Q3 2011Table 19: Virgin Media’s basic servicesTable 20: Virgin Media double play: fixed Internet access + mobile Web with a 3G dongleTable 21: Virgin Media’s multiplay bundles including TVTable 22: Virgin Media’s add-on servicesTable 23: Virgin Media’s Internet access-related servicesTable 24: Data on Virgin Media’s fixed customersTable 25: Verizon – Some business and financial data pointsTable 26: Verizon FiOS triple play bundlesTable 27: Comcast – Some business and financial data pointsTable 28: Comcasts double play TV + Internet bundlesTable 29: Comcast’s double play TV + voice bundlesTable 30: Comcast’s triple play bundlesTable 31: Xfinity Home tabletTable 32: Orange – Some business and financial data pointsTable 33: Orange France financial dataTable 34: Orange’s bundlesTable 35: Free financial dataTable 36: Free’s bundlesTable 37: SFR financial dataTable 38: SFR’s bundlesTable 39: Vodafone Spain financial dataTable 40: Vodafone Spain’s bundlesTable 41: Telefónica – Some business and financial data pointsTable 42: Number of Telefónica customers in Spain (Telefónica España)Table 43: Description of Telefónica’s triple play bundlesTable 44: Telecom Italia – Some business and financial data pointsTable 45: Telecom Italia – Internet figures for the Italian marketTable 46: Telecom Italia’s bundlesTable 47: Telecom Italia’s TV and video contentTable 48: Fastweb – Some business and financial data pointsTable 49: Fastweb’s bundlesMultiplay: new supply-side strategies 5
  6. 6. Phone: +44 20 8123 2220 http://marketpublishers.comFIGURESFigure 1: Positioning strategies for access-based packagesFigure 2: Pay-TV penetrationFigure 3: Broadband penetration by countryFigure 4: Pay-TV household ARPUFigure 5: Increase in IP trafficFigure 6: Change in the telecommunications marketFigure 7: Penetration of bundled packages in European householdsFigure 8: Change in adoption of bundled packages in EuropeFigure 9: Bundled package subscription detailsFigure 10: Inclusion of basic services in bundled packagesFigure 11: Subscriptions rates to bundled packages by countryFigure 12: Changes in the positioning of various players in terms of service offeringsFigure 13: Market share in broadband and mobile servicesFigure 14: Operator positioning in quadruple play servicesFigure 15: Quadruple play strategies of operators in Europe and the USFigure 16: Triple play price positioningFigure 17: Growth in AT&T’s customer baseFigure 18: Increase in Virgin Media’s triple play subscriber base and ARPUFigure 19: Virgin Media churn rate by bundled package typeFigure 20: Virgin Media ARPU based on churnFigure 21: Increase in the number of Virgin Media cable subscribersFigure 22: National Geographic in HDFigure 23: Triple-play fiber offers from OrangeFigure 24: Service continuity for Sky contentFigure 25: Vodafone instant messaging featureFigure 26: Example of an interface that includes communication and file/video sharing featuresFigure 27: Internet+ package from OrangeFigure 28: Different strategies for winning over and retaining customers and increasing ARPUFigure 29: AT&T’s data packagesFigure 30: Change in Virgin Media’s subscriber base by Internet access speedFigure 31: Monitoring fixed Internet consumption with ComcastFigure 32: Change in number of Verizon FiOS and FiOS TV subscribers, 2008-2011Figure 33: Verizon 4G/LTE coverageFigure 34: Change in number of Verizon mobile subscribersFigure 35: LTE-compatible handsets sold by VerizonFigure 36: Verizon’s data plansFigure 37: Broadband market share in the USFigure 38: Orange’s business strategyFigure 39: Vodafone DSL routerFigure 40: MiFi routerMultiplay: new supply-side strategies 6
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