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There's an internal battle raging within most companies. Not a battle between good and evil, but a battle between sales and marketing. While they may be working toward the same larger goal—ruling the revenue universe—sales and marketing teams are often worlds apart when it comes to managing leads.

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MarketStar Sales vs. Marketing Lead Nurturing Webinar

  1. 1. Thursday, August 25th 2011- 1 PM Eastern, 11 AM Mountain, 10 AM Pacific
  2. 2. Lead Nurturing eBook available for download at
  3. 3. Presenters Tracy Thayne Director of Marketing Jeff Ernst Principal Analyst
  4. 4. Revenue Engine Problems Sales and Marketing Alignment The Funnel Gap The Lead Management Solution Lead Management Components Results Question and Answers Agenda
  5. 5. “B2B marketing and sales teams perform poorly when it comes to demand generation across the board, which results in continuous tension to support goals to create qualified leads, build pipelines, and meet sales forecasts.” Jeff Ernst, Forrester Research The State of B2B Demand Generation: Disjointed, June 2011
  6. 6. Reporting structure Lead flow volume Events & trade shows Above the funnel No credit for quality Reporting structure Measured on close Focused on this quarter Working bottom of funnel Lower base pay but with … Huge upside potential Type A personalities EOQ Stressing No credit for nurturing Loves big opportunities Work stream flux Field them as they come Base pay – little upside Laid-back reputation Hates quota stress Organized workflow Constant work stream Planning and execution Worlds Apart
  7. 7. Source: Forrester State of Demand Generation Survey, April 2011 Base: 266 marketing and sales leaders Which best describes how your marketing and sales teams work together? Assessing the Situation Marketing consistently generates sales-ready leads that are followed- up on by sales 14%Marketing acts as a facilitator between our products and sales teams 28% Marketing creates leads and sales tools that it throws over the wall to sales 42% Marketing and sales operate autonomously 16%
  8. 8. Base: 66 Marketing and Sales Leaders Source: Forrester - October 2010 Marketing & Sales Alignment Survey 14% Tight alignment in defining lead qualification criteria and following up on leads Tight alignment in mapping out buying process of customers Assessing the Situation 15% Rate collaboration and alignment Between Sales and Marketing. Sales and Marketing are most aligned on internal issues but are least aligned when it comes to the customer.
  9. 9. Source: Forrester State of Demand Generation Survey, April 2011 Base: 165 marketing and sales leaders Marketing generates leads and passes them all to sales 5%Deploy a seamless process in which every prospect touch point is orchestrated Assessing the Situation 39% What best describes your lead management process? 18%Follow a mapped process (scoring, nurturing, tracking, feedback)
  10. 10. The Funnel Gap
  11. 11. Low cost, early stage leads Three Marketing Issues Sales asking for more leads but marketing budget does not grow with demands. 1 2 3 Executives focus and investment in lead acquisition instead of lead nurturing. Lack of discipline to develop messaging to target all buyers in complex sales cycle.
  12. 12. Three Sales Issues 1 2 3 Unfocused Selling & Great effort for little return Sales uses gut feeling to judge the readiness of each lead as there is no transparency. Large number of low quality and early stage leads creates no trust in marketing. Focus on short-term quota results in time is money attitude.
  13. 13. Lead Management and Nurturing Solution
  14. 14. Lead Management and Nurturing Components Content Development and Delivery Expertise and Diligence Automation and Management Tools Integration 1 2 3 4
  15. 15. Stay engaged using relevant content and timely conversations to keep leads engaged until they are ready for a sales conversation. Content Development & Delivery Is it educational and communicate thought leadership? Does the content help the Recipient even if they are not purchasing from you? 1 Does it add value to the recipient? Is it targeted to a certain audience?
  16. 16. We hit everyone with content and offers about our product features and demos We talk about product features, business benefits and outcomes We tell stories that engage buyers at every stage of their problem-solving process 14% Which best describes the content used in your lead generation activities? Source: Forrester State of Demand Generation Survey, April 2011 Base: 165 marketing and sales leaders We have content that educates buyers on the problems we solve 50% 26% 10% Content Development & Delivery
  17. 17. • Marketing Strategists • Sales Insight • Tech & Marketing Writers • Content Experts • Technology Administrators • Continued Tuning & Testing • Designers Expertise and Diligence is required to prepare and execute a committed lead management program with targeted content that positions you as a thought-leader and influences buyer emotions.2 Expertise and Diligence
  18. 18. • Scoring • Transparency • Prioritization • Hand-Off Triggers • Segmentation • Personalization • Geo targeting • Auto Responders • Responsiveness • Analytics Automating engagement and scoring leads as they are nurtured gives your sales team transparency into the interest & intent level of each prospect, triggering strategic, personalized, and focused actions. Automation & Management 3 Marketing Automation
  19. 19. • CRM • Marketing Automation • IT Support Integrated tools and access to IT resources allow you to manage and monitor the complete lead life cycle and provide closed loop feedback to measure effectiveness, communicate thresholds and trigger additional engagement and hand-offs to guide leads towards a buying decision. Tools Integration 4
  20. 20. Lead Management and Nurturing Results Reduction from 90% to as little as 10% in marketing generated leads not worked by sales 30% reduction in cost per sales-accepted lead 3x increase in percentage of qualified sales opportunities sourced by marketing
  21. 21. Questions & Answers Tracy Thayne Director of Marketing Jeff Ernst Principal Analyst
  22. 22. 1. On-Demand Webinar Recording 2. Presentation Slide Deck 3. Podcasts • The Nurturing Cycle • Buying Cycle Mapping (Emotional Decision Points) • Content Marketing • Lead Scoring • Sales Involvement in Lead Nurturing • Case Studies Upcoming Content
  23. 23. Thank You! Remember to download the eBook at Lead Nurturing: The Intergalactic Partnership