TEN Social Networks & 52 Must-know Facts about Them


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A must-have primer on the most important social networks and indispensable facts about them - so you can know where your customers live online!

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TEN Social Networks & 52 Must-know Facts about Them

  1. 1. TEN S O C I A L N E T WO R K S 52 about ThemMust-know Facts t o h e l p yo u understand your social potential
  2. 2. This factBookwas compiled with statistics from December 2012 and brought to you by MarketShare Masters is ranked of more than HALF A MILLION contractors for multiple advertising categories on freelance marketplace, ELANCE.
  3. 3. So…What do YOUknow about
  4. 4. 36% of ALLsocial media users postbrand-related content.
  5. 5. Tech-focused sites People are almost the ONLY social platforms that spend 22% have more male of their day users than female. online. 70% of adult social networkers make purchases online.M o re t h a n 110 millionE u ro p e a n s a n d A m e r i c a n s a c c e s st h e i r s o c i a l n e t wo r k son their smartphones.
  6. 6. people onEarth, are activeFacebookers.
  7. 7. The The median ageaverage for Facebookersuser has continues to get130friends (akapeople they o ld e r each year.recommendthings to). More than once a day, 31% of users will check-in to locations theyre at.
  8. 8. Twitter handlesmore search queries per month than Bing and Yahoo combined … over 24 billion!
  9. 9. 30% of Tweeters have an income of more than $100,000. One millionaccounts are added every single day. Tweeters are generally than Facebook users.
  10. 10. ninety-eightof AdAge’sTo p 1 0 0 a d v e r t i s e r shave run campaigns onYouTube.
  11. 11. 500 years of YouTube videos are watched every day o n Fa c e b o o k . 1 hour of video is uploaded per second. On average, ONE VIDEO SHAREproduces six new views.
  12. 12. Almost 80% LinkedIn of all users has members are over in more than the age of 35. 200 countries.Who are to? 45% of users work for companies with over 39% of users are 10,000 employees. high-ranking officials in their respective companies.
  13. 13. pin them downPinterest receives 80% of users are 1.3 m i l l i o n female; half of which, visitors per day. are .
  14. 14. Pinterest is 3 times at retaining and engaging users than Twitter.21% of usershave somethingafter seeing it inned. Pinterest drives more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn
  15. 15. The +1 button is used More than 5 billion times 2/3 of users every day. are male. "Student“ Over 42% is the #1 of Google+ users occupation are single.of Google+ users.
  16. 16. Almost 50% of Myspacersare under 35 years old.85% of users do not havea college degree.Half of all users have anannual incomeunder $50,000.A majority of users arebased out ofCalifornia, Florida, and Texas.
  17. 17. Over 50% of Yelpers are fromGeneration X.
  18. 18. One in Fiveromantic couples meetonline.
  19. 19. receives over page views per month. 60% of users Over 2/3 of Cupids are male are college Millenials. graduates.Most female users list There are more at least ONE good- Hispanic users than housekeeping any other ethnic product. group.
  20. 20. With ALL THAT being said,here are the facts to keep you :
  21. 21. Social Media usage is projected to continue increasing at a rate of about e a c h ye a r.
  22. 22. T wo ye a r s a go,only 10% of all seniorswe re u s i n g s o c i a l m e d i a . Since then, that number has increased 150%,and is still rising, as older generations to thechanging technology around them, especially the social network landscape.
  23. 23. More than half of all social users are between 25 and 44 years old, with only 5% and 1 percent over 65. But keep in mind,7.5 million Facebook users in 2011 were underageand registered with fake birthdays. Moral of the story?Dont ever rule out a potential audience just because the numbers say you should right now.
  24. 24. With the speed of technical evolution, all these stats can change in the blink of an eye , and you need to be ready to adapt every time it happens. But of course, you have to havethe right tools and the best resources to catch all the changes, and thats where can help! Give us a buzz and well make sure youre always targeting the right audience! www.MarketShareMasters.com
  25. 25. RESOURCES abcnews.com blog.okcupid.com business2community.com ignitesocialmedia.com jeffbullas.com pewinternet.org pingdom.com prdaily.com quantcast.com searchenginejournal.com slideshare.net/wavelab thesocialskinny.com venturebeat.com
  26. 26. This factBookwas compiled with statistics from December 2012 and brought to you by www.MarketShareMasters.com