Worldwide Point of Care Diagnostic Test Markets


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  • Point of care testing (POCT) is a new concept in laboratory medicine that is widely used at present. It is the new advent that helps ease medical care in the present day. The knowledge on the POCT medicine is very important and necessary for the general practitioner. In this specific book, the author summarizes, presents and discusses on the concept of POCT, its importance and examples of important POCT tools.
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Worldwide Point of Care Diagnostic Test Markets

  1. 1. Get more info on this report!Worldwide Point of Care Diagnostic Test MarketsDecember 1, 2010Countries covered: GlobalDiagnostic tests performed outside the central laboratory or decentralized testing isgenerally known as point-of-care (POC). Over the years, the increasing introduction oftransportable, portable, and handheld instruments has resulted in the migration of POCtesting from the hospital environment to a range of medical environments including theworkplace, home, disaster care and most recently, convenience clinics.Moreover POC test devices have contributed significantly to the growth of the overalldiagnostics market over the past 10 years. As more diagnostic manufacturers pursueCLIA waiver status for their POC devices and CE Mark for POC or self use, moredecentralized test venues are investing in non-waived rapid tests and instruments. POCtesting appears to be headed for an even bigger role in diagnosis and monitoring patientcare and the world market for POC tests has shown consistent growth, a trend that isexpected to continue. This report, Worldwide Point of Care Testing Markets, includesthe following: Market Estimates and Forecasts for POC OTC Market Estimates and Forecasts for POC Professional Testing Product Information Products in Development Revenues (2009) of Leading Companies Trends in POC Testing Company Profiles Analyst ConclusionsThe field for rapid test devices is crowded, worldwide, more than 100 companies marketrapid tests using the whole gamut of instruments, devices and technologies that reducetest times to minutes or hours in some cases. Growth in POC testing is fueled by theincreasing number of diagnosed diabetics, by the globalization of infectious diseasesand the associated public health issues, and by the need to monitor an ever-growinggroup of people with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, cancerand other chronic conditions.
  2. 2. Market analysis in this report covers world markets for point of care tests, however thereader will find a bias toward the developed areas of the globe -- North America, Japanand Western Europe. However public health and infectious disease are a growingglobal problem and where possible the report covers POC products related to globalpublic health and healthcare delivery issues. The following specific POC testingsegments are included: Glucose Testing Critical Care Infectious Diseases Urinalysis Cholesterol HbA1c Coagulation Hematology, Chemistry/Immunoassays Infectious Diseases, Fecal Occult Blood Pregnancy, Cardiac Markers Oncology Urinalysis, Drugs of AbuseAll market data are based on factory sales to the end user and not retail pricing orreimbursement payments. Data are presented in U.S. dollars and the market size forcategories of tests, and for specific analytes is provided where possible with certainty.The dollar value of a market segment is directly proportional to the number of testsperformed, because the cost of the instrumentation is generally buried in the per testprice.The information presented in this report is derived on publicly available informationsources such as company, government, and medical organization reports. The analysisis based on the authors industry knowledge combined with literature searches andinterviews with industry professionals and experts in the areas of POC tests,decentralized healthcare and healthcare economics.TABLE OF CONTENTSCHAPTER ONE: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Scope and Methodology Size and Growth of the Market Market TrendsCHAPTER TWO: INTRODUCTION
  3. 3. Miniaturization, digitization and informatics The pros and cons of POC testing Point of ViewCHAPTER THREE: ECONOMICS, EMR AND HEALTHCARE REFORM Healthcare Reform POC and Clinical Outcomes Management POC’s Unmet NeedCHAPTER FOUR: TECHNOLOGY AND INDUSTRY TRENDS Backgroun The search for non-invasive tools Saliva Breath Optical Techniques Patch Technology Wearable Sensors/Textiles The Wireless Revolution Connectivity Imperative Lab-on-a chipCHAPTER FIVE: VENUES FOR POC TESTING POC Testing in the Hospital POL and Clinic Testing Retail Outlets Other Professional POC Venues - Workplace Testing and Home Visits Home Monitoring of Individuals with Chronic Diseases Self-Test Sector - OTC TestsCHAPTER SIX: MARKET ANALYSIS Market Overview Prognosis for POC growth Technological Challenges Market and Forecasts Self Testing/OTC Breakout of Non-Glucose Testing Professional POC Testing POC in world markets Europe Asia Rest of World United States
  4. 4. Physician Office Labs United Kingdom HIV/AIDS Market for Rapid Flu Testing The Major Players Licenses and Distribution Agreements Struggling CompetitorsCHAPTER SEVEN: POC TEST SEGMENTS Diabetes Testing - Blood Glucose Monitoring (BGM) Blood Glucose Self-Testing Blood Glucose Testing by Professionals Diabetes Testing - Glycated Hemoglobin Cardiovascular Diagnostics Cardiac Markers (AMI enzymes) Cholesterol/Lipid Panels Clinical Chemistry/Critical Care Hemoglobin Testing for Anemia Hematology Coagulation Decentralized Coagulation testing - Professional Use Decentralized Coagulation Testing - OTC Drugs of Abuse/Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Allergy Infectious Diseases OTC Tests for Infectious Diseases Professional POC Tests for Infectious Diseases Pharmacodiagnostics Sepsis Oncology Bladder Cancer Colon Cancer Prostate Cancer Cervical Cancer Women’s Health / Pregnancy/Fertility Emerging Tests and Technologies Commercial OutlookCHAPTER EIGHT: COMPANY PROFILES MAJOR COMPANIES Abbott Diagnostics o Diabetes o Critical Care o Hematology ARKRAY, Inc.
  5. 5. o Distribution News o Product News Bayer Diabetes Care Beckman Coulter Inc. Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) bioMerieux Inc. Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc. GE Healthcare Instrumentation Laboratory Inverness Medical Innovations Lifescan Inc. Nova Biomedical Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (OCD) Qiagen N.V. Quidel Corporation Radiometer A/S Roche Diagnostics o Diabetes o Cardiac Markers o Clinical Chemistry o Critical Care Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics o Cardiac Markers o Diabetes Care o Blood Gases o Urinalysis Sysmex Corporation TOSOH CorporationCHAPTER NINE: NEW FRONTIER POC COMPANIES 3M Health Care 77 Elektronika Kft. Abaxis, Inc. A/C Diagnostics Accumetrics ACIST Medical Systems, Inc. AgaMetrix, Inc. Alfa Wassermann Diagnostic Technologies, LLC (AWDT) American Bio Medica Corp Audit Diagnostics Axis-Shield plc Biohit Oy BioIQ Biomerica, Inc. Biosite Incorporated
  6. 6. B.R.A.H.M.S. AG Calypte Biomedical Corporation Chembio Diagnostic Systems, Inc. Chempaq A/S Cholestech Corporation Concateno plc DexCom, Inc. Diabetech, LP Diazyme Laboratories EKF-diagnostic GmbH ESA Biosciences Inc. Hain Lifescience GmbH HandyLab, Inc. Helena Laboratories USA Hema Diagnostic Systems (HDS) HemoCue AB HemoSense, Inc. Home Diagnostics, Inc. Horiba ABX S.A. Insulet Corporation International Technidyne Corp (ITC) Masimo Corporation Matritech Medical Automation Systems, Inc. MedMira Inc. Medtronic Inc. A. Menarini Diagnostics Meridian Bioscience MP Biomedicals LLC Nanosphere, Inc. OPTI Medical Systems, Inc. OraSure Technologies, Inc. Phadia AB Philips Handheld Immunoassays Polymedco, Inc. QBC Diagnostics, Inc. Response Biomedical Corp. Serotec (AbD Serotec) Smiths Medical MD, Inc. (formerly Deltec, Inc.) Stanbio Laboratory Taidoc Technology Corp. Trinity Biotech plc Via Medical Corporation Vital DiagnosticsCHAPTER TEN: OTHER PLAYERS
  7. 7. Acrongenomics Inc.Alfa Scientific Designs, Inc.Amic ABAstron ClinicaAspenBio Pharma, Inc.AT First Diagnostic, LLCbioLytical Laboratories Inc.Biomagnetics Diagnostics CorporationBionime CorporationBodyTel Scientific, Inc.Burnet InstituteCelerus DiagnosticsChelsea Technologies Group LtdClaros DiagnosticsCLX Medical, Inc.ContraVac, Inc.Decision Biomarkers Inc.Diabetes Sentry Products Inc.Diaglobal GmbHDiagnostic Devices, Inc.Diagnostics for All (DFA)Diagnostics for the Real World (DRW)Digital Bio Technology/ InCytoDiversa Limited (formerly Ambri Ltd.)DNAFORMDxNAEcho Therapeutics, Inc. (previously Sontra Medical)Enigma Diagnostics LimitedEnterix Inc.Entra Health SystemsEpocal, Inc.EUMED Biotechnology Co. Ltd.eScreen, Inc.EyeMarker Systems, Inc.Flexsite Diagnostics, Inc.Fora CareGenBioGene Smart WellnessGentag Inc.Glucometrics, Inc.Guided Therapeutics, Inc.Hai Kang Life CorporationHealthPia AmericaHeidelberger-Medical-Marketing GmbH (HMM GmbH)Hema MetricsHoana Medical, Inc.
  8. 8. Idaho Technology, Inc.Identa CorporationIdentigeneInnovative Biosensors, Inc.Integrity Applications Ltd.Intel CorporationLifeAssays ABLifeSign LLCLifestyle Choices LtdLuminous Medical, Inc.:M-BiotechMenssana Research, Inc.Micromem Technologies Inc.Micronics Inc.MicroPhage, Inc.Multilyte LimitedMycroLab Pty Ltd.Nanomix, Inc.National Jewish HealthNetwork BiosystemsNeuroptix CorporationNoninvasive Medical Technologies, Inc.OrSense Ltd.OvumOptics, Inc.Oxonica DiagnosticsPlaCor, Inc.PointCare TechnologiesProbe Scientific LtdPrometheus Laboratories Inc.Q-lineaQuadraspecQualSec, IncQuantRx Biomedical CorporationQuotient DiagnosticsRapid Pathogen ScreeningRennesens GmbHScreening Devices Canada, Inc.Sentinel Bioactive Paper NetworkSphere Medical Ltd.SIENCOSmiths DetectionSolei Systems, Inc.Solianis Monitoring AGSpheroSense Technologies Inc.STD Test ExpressSurface Enhanced Micro Optical Fluidic Systems
  9. 9. T2 Biosystems, Inc. TwistDx, Ltd. Veralight, Inc. Veredus Laboratories Pte VeriChip Corporation Vivacta LimitedAvailable immediately for Online Download at 800.298.5699UK + +1.240.747.3093Fax: 240.747.3004