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Sizzling Stats Healthcare It

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Sizzling Stats Healthcare It

  1. 1. SIZZLIN’ STATS20 Hot Stats on Healthcare IT
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  3. 3. Over 66% of doctors allow patients to bring online health information to appointments. (Healthcare and Technology Statistics 2012,
  4. 4. Parents can now text infants’ health symptoms to a gov’t shortcode to receive audio messages from doctors with treatment guidelines. (Healthcare and Technology Statistics 2012,
  5. 5. The shift to electronic medical records is being driven by $20 billion in stimulus spending.” “ (IT Opportunities In Health Care Industry, SF Gate, 2012)
  6. 6. 45% 66% (5 Major Healthcare Trends in 2013, Supplemental Health Care, 2013) 2011 2012 Practitioners are now heavily dependent on tablets.
  7. 7. Cloud computing provides to the health care environment the opportunity to improve services for patients, to easily share information, to improve operational efficiency, and to streamline costs.” (5 Cloud Computing Advantages For The Healthcare Industry, CloudTweaks, 2013) “
  8. 8. There are currently over 9,000 health and medical apps available for smartphones and tablets. (Healthcare and Technology Statistics 2012,
  9. 9. (Emerging mHealth: Paths for Growth, PwC) The top three reasons consumers want to use mHealth Convenient access to doctor or healthcare provider (46%) Reduce out-of-pocket healthcare costs (43%) Take greater control over their health (32%) 2 1 3
  10. 10. The days of the independent, not-for-profit community hospitals are shrinking because they don’t have the resources needed for the technology and medical devices to capture all of this data that will satisfy under the new health reform.” (The Hottest Jobs In Health Care Right Now, Business Insider, 2013) “
  11. 11. 80% of doctors use smartphones and medical apps.” “ (How The Explosion of Mobile Health is Changing Healthcare, MedNet Technologies, 2012)
  12. 12. Cloud computing helps healthcare organizations share all the information which is stored across various information systems in real time and increases productivity and cost-efficiency.” (Healthcare Cloud Computing Market is Expected to Reach USD $6.79 Billion Globally in 2018, Bizcloud, 2013) “
  13. 13. (Medical Market Overview & Industry Trends, ALTERA) Technology is giving rise to new clinical therapies, which in turn are addressing more and more medical ailments and aiding in earlier diagnosis and prevention of diseases.” “
  14. 14. (Mobile Healthcare Uptake Increases, ISGTW, 2012) Currently, there are 40,000 medical health apps for smartphones and tablets, with 6.3 billion mobile subscribers worldwide this year, which is set to increase to 7.4 billion subscribers by 2015.” “ M
  15. 15. Nearly half of consumers said they expect mobile health will change the way they manage their healthcare. (Emerging mHealth: Paths for Growth, PwC) Chronic Conditions Medication 48% 48% Overall health 49% % of consumers
  16. 16. 40% of doctorsbelieve mobiletechnology canreduce numberof patient visits.” “ (Bloomberg, 2012)
  17. 17. Hospitals nationwide could save 950,000 lives and approximately $93 billion over 5 years by replicating performance-boosting practices employed by QUEST.” (Data-Sharing Initiative Reduces Deaths, Healthcare IT News) “
  18. 18. (Cloud Computing’s Latest Growth Market: Healthcare, CMS Wire, 2012) “71% of healthcare providers already deploy, or are planning to deploy, cloud-technology services.”
  19. 19. Mobile health applications are a growing business, estimated to be worth $11.8 billion in 2018.” “ (Mobile Healthcare Uptake Increases, ISGTW, 2012)
  20. 20. Sharing data has saved 92,000 lives and $9.1 billion over 4.5 years.” (Data-Sharing Initiative Reduces Deaths, Healthcare IT News) “ According to Premier Healthcare Alliance:
  21. 21. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012)
  22. 22. Since 2010, the mhealth market has grown at a rate of 17%. It is forecasted that the market will grow at about 22% from 2012 to 2014.” (Mobile Health Technology Trends, Rapid Value Salutions, 2012) “
  23. 23. Helping You Meet Your Business Goals