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Simba Information's 2009 National Textbook Adoptions Scorecard and 2010 Outlook


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Simba Information's 2009 National Textbook Adoptions Scorecard and 2010 Outlook

  1. 1. Get more info on this report!Simba Informations 2009 National Textbook Adoptions Scorecardand 2010 OutlookDecember 21, 2009Simba Information’s 2009 National Textbook Adoption Scorecard and 2010 Outlookreport presents the crucial business intelligence on textbook adoptions necessary fordevelopers and marketers of instructional materials in a convenient single-sourcereference edition.This report offers the most comprehensive analysis available of the results of 2009 statetextbook adoptions that is expected to generate nearly $500 million in first-year revenuefor publishers and of the opportunities for an expected improved environment foradoption of instructional materials in 2010.Prepared by the analysts at Simba Information, the 2009 National Textbook AdoptionScorecard and 2010 Outlook covers sales results in specific states, includingCalifornia, Florida and the three other states that are set to purchase reading and/orlanguage arts materials, as well as the five states that are slated to purchase mathmaterials. The report also provides guidance for opportunities to come.Topics include: Results from individual states Results in major disciplines Results by grade segments Scorecard of results and market share by publisher Index of top-selling K-8 textbooks Performance trends of electronic products Impact of funding constraints and changes in state academic standards Outlook for key adoption opportunities in 2010 and beyondThis report is an essential market intelligence tool for publishers, editors, marketing,business development and investment professionals who need to understand thebusiness strategies currently driving this important segment of the educational
  2. 2. publishing industry.Additional InformationStamford, Conn.-Dec. 28, 2009-A very rocky K-12 textbook adoption market in 2009 laidthe groundwork for a legacy of change in textbook adoptions beginning in 2010,according to Simbas 2009 National Textbook Adoptions Scorecard and 2010Outlook, the new strategic education market report from Simba Information.“Two factors—the recession and technology—combined to rock the traditional textbookadoption process in 2009 in ways that will resonate with far-reaching effects forpublishers and schools in the coming years,” said Kathy Mickey, senioranalyst/managing editor of Simba’s Education Group.The report examines those changes, including the cancelled reading adoption inCalifornia and the impact of state funding reductions on school district adoptions in 2009and their plans for future adoptions.Additionally, the push for greater use of technology in classrooms that has beenpercolating for years intensified in 2009. “In 2009, the recession roiled that potthroughout the K-12 school market, but it was particularly disruptive to the textbookadoption process with several states taking steps to include devices and open-sourcematerials in the acquisition process for instructional materials,” Mickey said.Among the states with such new plans examined in the report are California, Texas,Indiana and West Virginia.Overall, the adoption market contracted to an estimated $500 million in 2009, butpublishers are looking for growth in 2010 to an opportunity worth between $900 millionand $950 million, if all goes well, with new opportunities led by Texas reading andFlorida math.The new Simba report examines sales results in specific adoptions states in 2009 anddelineates where key opportunities lie through 2013.For more information please visit or contact KathyMickey at 203-325-8193 x102.About Simba Information:Simba Information is widely recognized as the leading authority for market intelligencein the media and publishing industry. Simbas extensive information network delivers topquality, independent perspective on the people, events and alliances shaping the mediaand information industry. Simba publishes newsletters and research reports that provide
  3. 3. key decision-makers at more than 15,000 client companies around the globe with timelynews, analysis, exclusive statistics and proprietary industry forecasts. For moreinformation, please visit of ContentsMethodologySimba Information’s 2009 National Textbook Adoptions Scorecard and 2010Outlook Introduction and Trends Technology Rises 22 States Adopt Textbooks Textbook Adoption Cycles 2009 Textbook Adoption Opportunity and Results Disappointing Year for Reading/Language Arts California Purchasing Dries Up Florida Adoption Results Where the Purchasing Happened In Georgia, Some Buys, Some Delays Promising Climate in Alabama Disintegrated 2009 Math Sales Driven by North and South Carolina Mixed Results for Idaho Kentucky Extends Adoption Oregon Adopts but Also Postpones Other States Are Picking Up Math as Well Results for Tennessee Science Adoption Indiana Changes Adoption Rules Indianapolis Purchases Books Oklahoma Schools Purchase World Language Materials West Virginia Purchases for World Language Domination in K-5 Pushes One Publisher to the Top of the Index Pearson Titles Dominate K-5 Best-Sellers; HMH & McGraw-Hill in 6-8 Performance of Electronic Materials Hybrid of Print and Digital Proves Popular Indiana Encourages Experimentation Texas Legislates for Change, But Makes Standard Choices West Virginia Leads in Opening the Process More Digital Options Available in 2010 Adoptions Forecast: Adoption Market Growth in 2010 Texas Schools to Adopt Reading, Literature in 2010 Commissioner’s List Digital Presence in 2010 Competition Intensifies in 2010 Florida Math Adoption 2011 and Beyond
  4. 4. Shaking Out Science in 2011 and 2012 Social Studies Builds Table 1: Textbook Adoption States Table 2: 2009 Textbook Adoption Opportunity, Selected Disciplines Table 3: Tracked English Language Arts Adoption Spending, 2009 Table 4: Florida Adoption by Grade Table 5: Florida Tracked Adoption Spending, 2009 Table 6: Alabama PreK-12 Language Arts Textbook Adoption, 2009 Table 7: North Carolina K-5 Math Textbook Adoption, 2009 Table 8: South Carolina K-8 Math Textbook Adoption, 2009 Table 9: Tennessee Science Adoption, 2009 Table 10: Tennessee K-5 Science Adoption, 2009 Table 11: Tennessee 6-8 Science Adoption, 2009 Table 12: Tennessee 9-12 Science Adoption, 2009 Table 13: Oklahoma Adoption by Grade Table 14: Oklahoma World Language Estimated Sales by Publisher, 2009 Table 15: Oklahoma World Languages Table 16: Simba Information’s Adoption Scorecard, 2009 Table 17: Simba’s Best-Selling Textbook Series, 2009 Table 18: Texas Adopted Reading/Language Arts Materials, Proclamation 2010 Table 19: Publishers Bidding in Florida K-12 Math Adoption, 2010 Table 20: Selected K-12 State Adoption Schedule for Purchase Years 2010-2013Available immediately for Online Download at 800.298.5699UK + +1.240.747.3093Fax: 240.747.3004