Laboratory Information Systems


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Laboratory Information Systems

  1. 1. Get more info on this report!Laboratory Information Systems (LIS / LIMS) MarketsJanuary 1, 2011Automating instruments in the laboratory has created a demand for similar automationof information management systems, a need for speeding the turnaround of data andincreased access to information resources. For this reason, the market for computersystems in the lab is a need-to-know area both for IT companies and diagnosticcompanies.Laboratory information systems (LIS), also known as laboratory informationmanagement systems (LIMS), are data and information management systems designedspecifically for industrial and medical-related laboratories. This report provides marketanalysis of suppliers competing in the LIMS market. The report also provides anoverview of the industry and detail on important trends in the market including:middleware trends, the Abbott acquisition of Starlims, on-demand LIMS, user interfacetrends, managing genomics, among others. Segmented Market Size Estimates and ForecastsThis Kalorama Information report, Laboratory Information Systems (LIS/LIMS Markets),focuses on the market for LIS for clinical health care labs and pharmaceutical drugdiscovery laboratories, although other aspects of drug research and development labsare mentioned. The report includes market size and forecast data for the followingsegments: Clincial LIS, North America Clinical LIS, World Clinical LIS Software Clinical LIS Hardware Drug Discovery LIS, North America Drug Discovery LIS, World Profiles of Over 50 LIS CompaniesAs with most Kalorama reports, this report was the result of primary research into theLIS market. In addition to market statistics, this report provides coverage of vendor
  2. 2. offerings, trends in choosing LIS / LIMS systems, vendor concerns, trends in M&A in theindustry, as well as detailed company profiles. This report discusses the followingcompanies: AAC Infotray AG Abbott Starlims Corp. Accelerated Technology Laboratories Inc. AJ Blomesystem GmbH Antek HealthWare ASM Soft SL Baytek International Benetech Medical Systems Blaze Systems Caliber Infosolutions Inc. CambridgeSoft ChemWare Inc. Clinical Software Solutions Clinical Systems Ltd. Common Cents Systems Core Informatics * Custom Software Ltd. Data Unlimited International Inc. Desarrollo Aplicaciones Sanitarias SL eBioSys Pty Ltd. Eclipsys Corp. Elekta AB 115 F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. GenoLogics Life Sciences Software Inc. GraphLogic Inc. H&A Scientific Inc. Ingensis Ltd. Interface Engineering Co. Ltd. ISYS/Biovation Kriti Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. LabLogic Systems Ltd. LabVantage Solutions Inc. LabWare Inc. LIMS at work GmbH McKesson Provider Technologies Modul-Bio Multidata Computer Systems Inc. NeTLIMS NJ, LLC NXG Group Odysis SA Orchard Software Corp. Polisystem Informatica Srl
  3. 3. Sapio Sciences LLC SCC Soft Computer Sciformatix Software Point Oy Technidata * Thermo Fisher Scientific Timeless Medical Systems Two Fold Software Ltd. VelQuest Visual Access Health Systems Pvt. Ltd. Zumatrix Inc.Market forecasts are based on an examination of current market conditions and oninvestigations into the development of new products by key companies. The marketdata are generated into multiple year forecasts for different product segments coveredin the report. The information presented in this report is the result of data gathered fromcompany product literature and other corporate brochures and documents, as well asinformation found in the scientific and trade press. In addition, interviews wereconducted with company executives and researchers.Table of ContentsCHAPTER ONE: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.1 Overview 1.1.1 Insights 1.1.2 Variety of Functions 4 1.1.3 Emerging Trends 5 1.2 The Case for Automation 1.2.1 Integration 1.3 Key Challenges and Issues 1.3.1 Competition, Regulations, Changing Business Requirements 9 1.4 World Market Summary 1.5 MethodologyCHAPTER TWO: INTRODUCTION 2.1 Origination and History 2.1.1 Building on Basic Platforms 2.1.2 LIMS versus LIS 2.2 Key Niches and Capabilities 2.2.1 Automation 2.2.2 Interconnectivity
  4. 4. 2.2.3 Integration Meeting Organizational Objectives 2.3 Creating More Efficient Labs 2.3.1 Effective Data Management 2.3.2 Better Sample Management 2.4 Trends 32 2.4.1 Commercial Off the Shelf Systems For the Pharma Lab For the Clinical Lab 2.4.2 Web-Based Systems 2.4.3 Cost Reduction 2.5 Key Issues 2.5.1 Enterprise Management 2.5.2 Point of Care Testing 2.5.3 Choosing a System 2.5.4 Vendor ConcernsCHAPTER THREE: RECENT MARKET DEVELOPMENTS 3.1 Transforming LIS 3.2 Enhancing LIS 3.3 Next Generation Pathology System 3.4 Middleware Trends 3.5 LIS Optimizing Quality 3.6 Abbott Acquires Starlims 3.7 Licensing 3.8 On-Demand LIMS 3.9 User Interface 3.10 Tool Kit 3.11 Information Sharing 3.12 Forum 3.13 Managing Genomics 3.14 Understanding the Needs of the End User 3.15 Automating the LaboratoryCHAPTER FOUR: MARKETS 4.1 Overview 4.2 Reshaping Markets for LIS 4.2.1 Niche Markets The Clinical Laboratory The Drug Discovery Laboratory 4.3 High Performance, User Friendly Systems 4.4 Benefits for the Market 4.5 Merger and Acquisition Activity 4.6 Market Perspective
  5. 5. 4.6.1 Clinical Laboratory LIS Market Analysis and Forecasts 4.6.2 Drug Discovery LISCHAPTER FIVE: CORPORATE PROFILES 5.1 AAC Infotray AG 5.2 Abbott Starlims Corp. 5.3 Accelerated Technology Laboratories Inc. 5.4 AJ Blomesystem GmbH 5.5 Antek HealthWare 5.6 ASM Soft SL 5.7 Baytek International 5.8 Benetech Medical Systems 5.9 Blaze Systems 5.10 Caliber Infosolutions Inc. 5.11 CambridgeSoft 5.12 ChemWare Inc. 5.13 Clinical Software Solutions 5.14 Clinical Systems Ltd. 5.15 Common Cents Systems 5.16 Core Informatics 5.17 Custom Software Ltd. 5.18 Data Unlimited International Inc. 5.19 Desarrollo Aplicaciones Sanitarias SL 5.20 eBioSys Pty Ltd. 5.21 Eclipsys Corp. 5.22 Elekta AB 115 5.23 F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. 5.24 GenoLogics Life Sciences Software Inc. 5.25 GraphLogic Inc. 5.26 H&A Scientific Inc. 5.27 Ingensis Ltd. 5.28 Interface Engineering Co. Ltd. 5.29 ISYS/Biovation 5.30 Kriti Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. 5.31 LabLogic Systems Ltd. 5.32 LabVantage Solutions Inc. 5.33 LabWare Inc. 5.34 LIMS at work GmbH 5.35 McKesson Provider Technologies 5.36 Modul-Bio 5.37 Multidata Computer Systems Inc. 5.38 NeTLIMS NJ, LLC 5.39 NXG Group 5.40 Odysis SA
  6. 6. 5.41 Orchard Software Corp. 5.42 Polisystem Informatica Srl 5.43 Sapio Sciences LLC 5.44 SCC Soft Computer 5.45 Sciformatix 5.46 Software Point Oy 5.47 Technidata 5.48 Thermo Fisher Scientific 5.49 Timeless Medical Systems 5.50 Two Fold Software Ltd. 5.51 VelQuest 5.52 Visual Access Health Systems Pvt. Ltd. 5.53 Zumatrix Inc.Available immediately for Online Download at 800.298.5699UK + +1.240.747.3093Fax: 240.747.3004