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Kalorama Information Knowledge Center


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Kalorama Information Knowledge Center

  2. 2. Knowl edge [nol-ij] All that can be known: All the information, facts, truths or principles learned throughout time
  3. 3. It gives us insight and enables us to grow
  4. 4. … our business and expand our horizons Photo credit: Paul Ricketts
  5. 5. …or from around the corner?
  6. 6. Do you require a full business analysis? From Photo Credit: Saif Saif
  7. 7. Or just a slice? Photo Credit: Jason Toney
  8. 8. When you need reliable data and analysis to make business decisions with confidence, you need a market research company that is at the forefront of life sciences market research.
  9. 9. A comprehensive and fully searchable library of market research reports, which includes reports on biotechnology, diagnostics, health care, health care technology and medical devices. What is a Kalorama Knowledge Center?
  10. 10. A Kalorama Knowledge Center Includes: More than 500 titles about 40 new reports, over 115,000 pages of vital data. Access to nearly 15 years of authoritative market research on the life science industry.
  11. 11. Charts and Tables Tens of thousands of charts and tables that present market data in a visually engaging way.
  12. 12. Topics Covered • World Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Markets • Long Term Care • Outsourcing • Wound Care Markets • RFID in Healthcare • Remote & Wireless Patient Monitoring Markets • OTC Drug Market • World Anesthesia Drug Market • Cancer Diagnostics • Prescription Dermatological Drugs • Global Market for Medical Devices • Lab Automation • Clinical Laboratory Services • SNP Genotyping and Analysis • What’s Next in Vaccines? • EMR
  13. 13. What you will find in our reports: In-depth research from primary & secondary sources Expert overviews & analysis of world markets Market size, segmentation, historical data & projections Competitor insights & profiles of key industry players Analysis of current & emerging market trends Reviews of current products & pipelines Identification of growth opportunities Numerous graphs & tables
  14. 14. Learn More • Learn more about a Kalorama Knowledge Center. • Talk to one of our Account Managers to receive a Personal Demo.