Freight Cars And Russian Market Of Freight Cars. Current Situation And Forecast By Intesco Research Group


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Freight Cars And Russian Market Of Freight Cars. Current Situation And Forecast By Intesco Research Group

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Freight Cars And Russian Market Of Freight Cars. Current Situation And Forecast By Intesco Research Group

  1. 1. Freight Cars And Russian Market Of Freight Cars. Current Situation And Forecast Intesco Research Group Report Highlight
  2. 2. EXTRACTS FROM RESEARCH SUBJECT OF RESEARCH In the USSR freight and passenger cars were produced by about ten plants, two of the enterprises provided about a half of needs of the country. It is the Ural car-building plant, nowadays ""NPK Uralvagonzavod"" JSC, and Mariupol ""Azovmash"", nowadays ""Mariupolskiy zavod tyazhelogo machinostroeniya"" PAO. Crisis on the market of freight cars was marked in the 1990th when the Ministry of Railways, the main customer on the rolling stock market during this period, began to reduce purchases of new products. At the same time the main part of the state budget intended for purchase of cars, began to leave to car-repair plants which extended service life of cars for rather low price, often for even over 30-33 years. As a result production of cars decreased considerably. Since 1998, growth of industrial outputs, and growth of freights transportation outlined. So, during 1998-2012 railroad freight turnover increased 2,2 times, thereby having caused an increase of production of the freight rolling stock. RUSSIAN FLEET OF FREIGHT CARS The most capacious and the most saturated segment of freight cars market is open cars segment. More than two thirds of open cars fleet in Russia operate for not more than 22 years. However, the standard term of service of 28,5% of open cars came to the end and requires renovation. In the above, as of beginning of 2013, the share of open cars with the expired term of service did not change much and was equal to 28,3%. As of beginning of 2013 surplus of open cars was formed on the market due to the decrease of volumes of freights for transportation in the universal rolling stock, during 2012 cars of this type were actively purchased. And, the third significant problem is the decrease of cars turnover at RZHD. The third parameter directly depends on the second one. It is such an endless circle, the speed decreases, the demand for cars increases that leads to the surplus. At the same time, over a quarter of open cars has to be utilized.
  3. 3. Table of Contents 3. RUSSIAN FREIGHT CARS FLEET 4.4. Open cars 3.1. Structure by types of owners Production volumes by years 3.2. Structure of the fleet by types of cars Production volumes by years 3.3. Age composition of open cars in Russia Production structure by regions and federal districts 3.4. Investments into production of railway rolling stock 4.5. Flat cars in RF Production volumes by years 3.5. The degree of wear of funds and provision with cars Production structure by regions and federal districts in RF 5. PRODUCERS OF FREIGHT CARS IN RF AND CIS 4. PRODUCTION OF FREIGHT CARS 4.1. Trunk freight cars 6. ANALYSIS OF PRICES FOR FREIGHT CARS Production volumes by years 6.1. Dynamics of index of prices for railroad freight cars Production volumes by years by years Production structure by regions and federal districts 6.2. Dynamics of prices for cars railroad freight by years Production structure by types 6.3. Rental rate for railroad freight cars in RF 4.2. Covered trunk freight cars Production volumes by years Production structure by regions and federal districts 4.3. Cistern car Production volumes by years Production structure by regions and federal districts
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