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College Publishing Market Forecast 2009-2010


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College Publishing Market Forecast 2009-2010

  1. 1. Get more info on this report!College Publishing Market Forecast 2009-2010August 31, 2009College Publishing Market Forecast 2009-2010 from Simba Information is the leadingand most-trusted source of market intelligence in the highly competitive $9.6 billioncollege market.This all new edition is the one-stop source for understanding the business dynamics inthe college instructional materials market, including the impact of changing distributionmodels and the inroad of digital materials. Prepared by the experts at SimbaInformation, College Publishing Market Forecast 2009-2010 examines the majorissues affecting the state of the college instructional materials market.Use the College Publishing Market Forecast 2009-2010 to evaluate developingmarket trends affecting the industry, benchmark performance among market leadersand develop realistic strategies to position your company for short- and long-termgrowth.Topics include: Market size by media segments, including: new and used textbooks and multimedia materials The continuing rise of custom publishing and electronic media The impact of emergent technologies on the development and delivery of instructional content Exclusive sales statistics by discipline and publisher, as provided by PubTrack Higher Education Market forces shaping sales and growth projections through 2011 Up-to-the-minute advancements in marketing and distribution practices Market landscape changes in policy, enrollment and funding Growth and demand in the community college segment Trends in the adoption of distance learning programs Burgeoning opportunities in the for-profit career college sector Detailed profiles of the leading U.S. college publishers, textbook distributors and infrastructure software providers.College Publishing Market Forecast 2009-2010 is an essential market intelligence
  2. 2. tool for publishers, technology providers, editors, marketing, business development,sales and investment professionals who need to understand the business strategiescurrently driving the educational publishing industry.Additional InformationStamford, Conn.-Sept. 1, 2009-With strong growth in student enrollment in the market, sales of college textbooks and other instructional materials is projectedto grow 5.7% to $9.68 billion in 2009, according to the newly released CollegePublishing Market Forecast, 2009-2010 from media industry forecast and analysisfirm Simba Information.“Behind those numbers, some exciting trends are turning the once staid collegepublishing industry into a dynamic segment,” said Kathy Mickey, senioranalyst/managing editor of Simba’s Education Group. “Distribution channels forinstructional materials are expanding rapidly with publishers taking a more direct andactive role in getting students the content and tools they need.”One of the strongest drivers of growth in college publishing is the multimedia materialssegment. New in this edition of the well received annual report from Simba is anexamination of e-textbooks. “This segment is still small—accounting for an estimated1.7% of industry sales, but if sales continue to double in the next several years, e-textbooks could reach a 10% market share quickly,” Mickey said.College Publishing Market Forecast, 2009-2010 provides in-depth assessment of thehigher education publishing industry, including the critical segments of new and usedtextbooks, multimedia materials and tools, as well as parsing the key markets ofcommunity colleges and for-profit career colleges. The report looks at marketing anddistribution and presents strategic analyses of leading college publishers, distributorsand retailers.The report includes detailed analysis of textbook sales in the 10 leading collegedisciplines based on sales data collected by R.R. Bowker PubTrack Higher Education.At a time when federal policy and funding is shining a new light on higher education, theSimba College Publishing Market Forecast provides important data for publishers,marketers, distributors and business development executives as they navigate theevolving higher education landscape.For more information please visit or contact KathyMickey at 203-325-8193 x102.About Simba Information:
  3. 3. Simba Information is widely recognized as the leading authority for market intelligencein the media and publishing industry. Simbas extensive information network delivers topquality, independent perspective on the people, events and alliances shaping the mediaand information industry. Simba publishes newsletters and research reports that providekey decision-makers at more than 15,000 client companies around the globe with timelynews, analysis, exclusive statistics and proprietary industry forecasts. For moreinformation, please visit OF CONTENTSMethodologyExecutive SummaryChapter 1: Industry Size and Structure Introduction New Textbooks Dominate, but Share Slides Strong Growth in Multimedia Materials Demand for Used Textbooks Flattens Key Media in the College Classroom Average Textbook Prices Show Moderate Growth Seven Publishers Control 88.9% of College Market Pearson Tops Simba’s College Publisher Index in 2008 Cengage Learning’s A&P Group Leads in Operating Performance Pearson Dominated International Education Sales Cengage Eyes Global Business Strategy McGraw-Hill, Wiley See International Growth in 2008 Textbook Exports Strengthen with 19.3% Growth in 2008 2009 Begins Weakly in Export Activity M&A Marked by Consolidation and International Expansion Cengage Learning and Others Look Globally Table 1.1: Domestic Net Sales in U.S. College Market by Segment, 2007-2009P Table 1.2: New Textbooks vs. Used Textbooks in the U.S., 2007-2009P Table 1.3: Breakdown of Key Media for Instruction in U.S. College Classrooms, 2007-2009P Table 1.4: Share of Media Used in U.S. College Classrooms, 2009P Table 1.5: Average Textbook Price New vs. Used, Academic Years 2003-2008 Table 1.6: Simba Information’s College Publisher Index, 2007-2009P Table 1.7: Simba Information’s Publisher Performance Index, 2008 vs. 2007 Table 1.8: Major Publishers by Non-U.S. Education Sales, 2008 Table 1.9: Top Foreign Markets for Exports of U.S. Textbooks, 2008 vs. 2007
  4. 4. Table 1.10: Top Foreign Markets for Exports of U.S. Textbooks, Q1 2009 vs. Q1 2008 Table 1.11: Simba’s Higher Education Merger & Acquisition Index, January 2008- August 2009Chapter 2: Enrollment Overview Enrollment by Age Enrollment by Gender Diversity on the Campus Public vs. Private Enrollment Changes Full-Time vs. Part-Time Enrollment Changes A Degree Matters More Now Where the Students Are Table 2.1: Total Enrollment in Higher Education, 1992-2017P Table 2.2: College Enrollment by Age, 1992-2017P Table 2.3: Total Enrollment in Higher Education by Gender, 1992-2017P Table 2.4: U.S. Enrollment Numbers by Race, 1992-2017P Table 2.5: Higher Education Enrollment, Four-Year Public vs. Private, 1992- 2017P Table 2.6: Higher Education Enrollment, Two-Year Public vs. Private, 1992- 2017P Table 2.7: Total Higher Education Enrollment by Enrollment Status, 1992-2017P Table 2.8: Degrees Conferred, 1992-2017P Table 2.9: Enrollment Ranked by State in Two-Year and Four-Year Colleges, Fall 2006 Table 2.10: Public High School Graduates, 2004-2005Chapter 3: Market Niches: Community Colleges, For-Profit Post-SecondarySchools and Distance Learning Introduction Community Colleges Enrollment Rises Addressing Basic Skills Leading Fields for Associate Degrees Post-Secondary Schools Recession Provides Tailwind for Enrollment Growth Health Fields Are Popular Strongest Growth Online Revenue Growth Ushers in 2009 Penetration of Distance Learning Concentrated in Undergraduate Programs Table 3.1: Community Colleges at a Glance Table 3.2: States with Enrollment Growth at 2-Year Public Colleges, 2006 vs. 2005
  5. 5. Table 3.3: Projections in 2-Year College Enrollment, 2006-2017P Table 3.4: Leading Associate Degree Fields, AY 2006-2007 Table 3.5: For Profit, Career Colleges at a Glance Table 3.6: For Profit Colleges, Spring Enrollment, 2009 vs. 2008 Table 3.7: Career College Q1 Financial Results, 2009 vs. 2008 Table 3.8: Online Enrollment Growth, Fall 2002-2007Chapter 4: Funding Introduction Tuition Rises for 2008-2009 Aid Comes in Various Forms Federal Government Addresses Affordability Rising Debt a Concern Pell Grants Key to Federal Funding New Focus on Community College States Face Financial Issues California Students Hit Hard Cutting the Norm Across the State Texas Bucks the Trend Table 4.1: Average Tuition and Fee Charges Table 4.2: Higher Education Financial Aid, 1997-1998 to 2007-2008 Table 4.3: Estimated Federal Aid for Post-Secondary Education, 2010E Table 4.4: Federal Higher Education Programs, FY2008-2010P Table 4.5: Appropriations to Higher Education, FY2007-2009 Table 4.6: Fiscal 2010 State Budget OutlookChapter 5: Textbooks Introduction Publishers Tout Format Variety and Price Ranges Long Term Growth in Custom Publishing E-Textbook Push Is On Nascent Higher Education E-Textbook Sales Bloom After Good Fall in 2008, CourseSmart Expands Digital Pilots Abound Wiley Pilot Launched at University of Texas Kindle DX Ignites E-Textbook Dialogue Flat World Knowledge Builds Free and Open Model Course Staple: Textbooks Costs Drive Used-Book Sales Ten Publishers Command 64.1% of New Units Sold Math Courses Accounted for the Most Textbook Sales in 2008 Most Improved: Computers/Info Systs.; Greatest Drop: Museum Studies In 10 Leading Disciplines, Pearson Holds Sway as Leader Pearson Is Best-Selling Math Publisher in 2008 Pearson Also Leads in English Cengage Learning Captures Lead in Psychology
  6. 6. Pearson, McGraw-Hill Lead in Biological Sciences Pearson Captures Education’s Top Spot Pearson Leads in History McGraw-Hill No. 1 in Accounting McGraw-Hill Titles Claim Lead in Management McGraw-Hill No. 1 in Foreign Languages Pearson Leads in Chemistry Table 5.1: Growth in College Textbook Net Sales, 2000-2008 Table 5.2: Wiley/U-Texas Digital Pilot Table 5.3: Book Sales in College Stores, 2006-2008 Table 5.4: Estimated Average Used Book Rate, 2006-2008 Table 5.5: Leading Publishers by New Units, 2008 vs. 2007 Table 5.6: Top Disciplines for Textbook Sales, 2008 vs. 2007 Table 5.7: Sales Patterns, 2008 Table 5.8: Mathematics - Leading Publishers, 2008 Table 5.9: English - Leading Publishers, 2008 Table 5.10: Psychology - Leading Publishers, 2008 Table 5.11: Biological Sciences - Leading Publishers, 2008 Table 5.12: Education - Leading Publishers, 2008 Table 5.13: History - Leading Publishers, 2008 Table 5.14: Accounting - Leading Publishers, 2008 Table 5.15: Management - Leading Publishers, 2008 Table 5.16: Foreign Languages & Literature - Leading Publishers, 2008 Table 5.17: Chemistry - Leading Publishers, 2008Chapter 6: Multimedia Materials Introduction Technology Market Expanding Multimedia Materials Grow 28% in 2008 Pearson Releases MyEducationLab Cengage Learning Expands Aplia New Incarnation for Homework Manager at McGraw-Hill WileyPLUS Continues to Produce for Wiley Students Respond to Student Response Systems More Demand for Lecture Capture Table 6.1: The 21st Century Campus Table 6.2: Multimedia Materials Used in College Classrooms, 2007-2009PChapter 7: Marketing & Distribution Overview What Students Pay and Where it Goes College Stores Business Good Used Texts Wanted, but Limited Drivers Toward Digital Content Online Purchasing of Materials
  7. 7. Textbook Rental Options on the Rise Table 7.1: Where the New Textbook Dollar Goes Table 7.2: Course Materials Purchased by Location Table 7.3: Total College Store Market Table 7.4: Contract Management of College Store by Operator Table 7.5: Increase in Median College Store Online SalesChapter 8: Forecast and Conclusions Overview Changing Business Models Continued Growth in Higher Education Materials Table 8.1: Sales Forecast of Key Instructional Materials Used in U.S. Classrooms, 2008-2012PProfiles of Leading U.S. College Publishers & Software Providers Bedford, Freeman & Worth (Macmillan) Blackboard Cengage Learning Jones and Bartlett McGraw-Hill Education (The McGraw-Hill Cos. Inc.) Oxford University Press Pearson Education John Wiley & Sons W.W. NortonProfiles of Leading College Textbook Distributors and Retailers Barnes & Noble College Bookstores Follett Corp. Nebraska Book Co.Available immediately for Online Download at 800.298.5699UK + +1.240.747.3093
  8. 8. Fax: 240.747.3004