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Career college instructional materials market 2009


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Career college instructional materials market 2009

  1. 1. Get more info on this report!Career College Instructional Materials Market 2009April 7, 2009In the Career College Instructional Materials Market 2009 report, Simba Informationexamines one of the fastest-growing segments in higher education—the career college,or for-profit postsecondary segment.In signature Simba Information style, this new report focuses market intelligence on thecurrent use and potential growth opportunities for instructional materials in the careercollege segment.This report offers decision-makers a current portrait of the career college segment,historical grounding in the larger higher education market and projections for the futureof the market segment.Topics include: Segment opportunities in terms of enrollment and discipline offerings; Segment growth potential and challenges from traditional higher education delivery models; Opportunities for traditional print and online materials; How instructional materials are purchased; Who makes purchasing decisions. Segment growth drivers, including the need for remedial materials and custom publishing solutions. Who‟s Who among career college providers.The Career College Instructional Materials Market 2009 report is an essential marketintelligence tool for publishers, editors, marketing, business development andinvestment professionals who need to understand the business strategies that currentlydrive this important segment of the higher education publishing industry and thestrategies, challenges and opportunities that will drive it through the complex economicclimate of the near future.Additional Information
  2. 2. Stamford, Conn. - April 8, 2009 - Students, educational publishers, and investors areflocking to career colleges, an industry valued at $18.3 billion in 2008. The new strategiceducation market report, Career College Instructional Materials Market 2009, releasedtoday by Simba Information, examines the landscape of this growing higher educationsegment, composed of more than 2,800 for-profit postsecondary institutions, or careercolleges, in the United States.“This segment has become a key market for educational publishers, who frequentlyforge alliances with school operators to develop customized and specialized learningmaterials for students,” said Kathy Mickey, senior analyst/managing editor of Simba‟sEducation Group. “Moreover, because of the popularity of online learning in thissegment, career colleges have become a hospitable environment for digital learningmaterials.”The report examines the overall career college segment and—through the prism of the13 leading firms on the Simba Information Career College Index—-delineates particularpockets of growth.This important niche—-which is not addressed by traditional public and private collegesand universities—-offers focused, career-oriented programs and flexible schedules fornontraditional students, thus opening up new market opportunities for publishers andmarketers of educational materials.The report examines: Enrollment patterns in spite of—or because of—the recession; Changing student demographics; Disciplines that are attracting students; Outlook for expansion geographically and programmatically.TABLE OF CONTENTSTable of ContentsMethodologyExecutive SummaryCareer College Instructional Materials Market 2009 Overview Strong Enrollment Growth Demand for Skilled Workers Nontraditional Students Drive Enrollment Specialized Training and Retooling Skills Diverse Student Body Changing Demographics Simba Information Career College Index
  3. 3. Economy Impacting EnrollmentOnline Is Attractive OptionRetention Is FocusLighter Course LoadsRevenue of Simba Index Firms Grew 15.2% in 2008Moving into 2009, Education Management Sees GrowthCapella Introduces New ProgramsCareer Education Grapples with Culinary EnrollmentCorinthian Colleges Continues New Start GrowthCareer College Market StructureStrongest in Associate DegreesStrong Growth in Master‟s Degree OfferingsSkills-Oriented Disciplines OfferedBusiness Administration Leads Discipline OfferingsAllied Health on the RisePublic Safety Offerings Include Homeland SecurityCulinary Arts, Arts & Design StumbleOnline Leads GrowthNew Online OfferingsInstructional MaterialsCourseSmart Signs Distribution Deal with Ed MapAsynchronous Technologies Most Widely UsedOnline Appeal in Certain DisciplinesOnline Courses Attract the MilitaryCareer Colleges Operate BookstoresOutlookTuition TrendsPrivate Lending Dries Up„No Material Impact‟ on EnrollmentCareer Colleges Take Steps to Ameliorate Credit CrunchStudent Debt LoadCareer Colleges See Benefit in Greater Federal SupportWeak Economy Higher EnrollmentPostsecondary Competitions Heats UpExpansion of Programs and LocationsInternational ExpansionImproving Marketing InitiativesFocus on Customer ServiceWho‟s WhoAmerican Public EducationApollo GroupCapella EducationCareer Education Corp.Corinthian CollegesDeVry Inc.Education Management LLC
  4. 4. Grand Canyon University ITT Educational Services Kaplan Higher Education Lincoln Educational Services Strayer Education Universal Technical Institute Table 1: Number of For-Profit Postsecondary Institutions, 2007-2008 Table 2: Enrollment Growth at For-Profit Institutions, 1980-2006 Table 3: Degrees Conferred at For-Profit Postsecondary Institutions by Level, Gender, Race/Ethnicity, 2006-2007 Table 4: Simba Career College Index Enrollment Winter 2008 vs. 2007 Table 5: Simba Career College Index Financial Results, 2008 vs. 2007 Table 6: Number of For-Profit Post-Secondary Institutions by Degree-Granting Status, 2007 Table 7: For-Profit Postsecondary Degrees by Level, 1995-1996 vs. 2005-2006 Table 8: Enrollment Data by Degree Level, ACICS-Accredited Institutions, 2008 vs. 2007 Table 9: ACICS-Accredited Institutions by Credential Level, 2008 vs. 2007 Table 10: Top 10 Programs by Number in ACICS-Accredited Schools, 2008 vs. 2007 Table 11: Top 10 Programs by Enrollment, ACICS-Accredited Schools, 2008 vs. 2007 Table 12: Distance Education Activity, 2006-2007 Table 13: Average Tuition, Fees, and Cost of Books and Supplies at For-Profit Postsecondary Schools, 2005-2006 vs. 2007-2008 Table 14: Average Published Tuition and Fees for Undergraduates, 2008-2009 vs. 2007-2008 Table 15: Percentage of Federal Aid Funds Going to For-Profit Postsecondary Schools, 2006-2007Available immediately for Online Download at 800.298.5699UK + +1.240.747.3093Fax: 240.747.3004