The Market for BEMS and Enterprise Energy Management 2013 to 2017 By Memoori Business Intelligence Ltd.


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The Market for BEMS and Enterprise Energy Management 2013 to 2017 By Memoori Business Intelligence Ltd.

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The Market for BEMS and Enterprise Energy Management 2013 to 2017 By Memoori Business Intelligence Ltd.

  1. 1. The Market for BEMS and Enterprise Energy Management 2013 to 2017 Memoori Business Intelligence Ltd. Report Highlight
  2. 2. This Report is the NEW 2013 Definitive Resource for Building Energy Management Systems Market Research & Investment Analysis; combining Market Sizing Statistics with Analysis of Mergers, Acquisitions and Investments. It sets out with the objective to assess the size of BEMS and EEM, two seemingly separate markets, but in analyzing all the important factors that will shape these businesses in the next 5 years it concludes that they will be brought together if they are going to achieve customer value propositions. Gain Insightful Information about this Business for your Strategic Planning Exercises; including the Size and Structure of the BEMS and Enterprise Energy Management Markets. Learn about the Global Size and Structure of the Building Energy Management Systems DDC Controls Market; including Breakdown by Product Type & Building Type in 2012 and Sales Forecast to 2017. Discover the Acquisition Strategies of all the Major Players in this Sector. What is driving M&A and Investment in this Business? Understand how Technology is Influencing the Future of BEMS and the effect it will have on your Business and Investments. What are the Major Opportunities and Threats to this Market? This report reviews the growing business of interfacing the different technical services and the business enterprise in Smart Buildings to reduce the buildings operating costs and improve energy efficiency.
  3. 3. List of Charts and Figures Fig 2.1 – Total Sales of BEMS by Region 2012 Fig 2.2 – BEMS Sales by Region 2006 – 2012 Fig 2.3 – BEMS Forecast Sales 2013 – 2017 Fig 2.4 – Market Share by Building Type 2012 Fig 2.5 – Breakdown of BEMS by Product Type 2012 Fig 2.6 – Distribution Channels for BEMS 2000 & 2012 Fig 2.7 – UK Controls & BEMS Product Routes Fig 3.1 – World Expenditure on EEM 2012 – 2030 Fig 6.1 – Model of Integrated Building Service & Convergence with IT Fig 6.2 – The Progression of Building Services Moving to the Cloud Fig 6.3 – The Global Market for Lighting Controls in Commercial Buildings 2013 – 2018 Fig 6.4 – Estimate of the UK Lighting Controls Market 2007 to 2016 List of Tables Table 5.1 – Listing of Suppliers of Smart Building to Smart Grid Interface Products & Services Table A1.1 – Analysis of Acquisitions by Company and Type of Business Table A1.2 – BEMS & Smart Grid Interface Acquisitions & Funding Table A1.3 – The World’s Major BEMS, Specialist Software & Lighting Controls Companies
  4. 4. About the Publisher Memoori is an independent market research and business intelligence provider. Our intelligence and advice helps technology companies and investors create sound strategies for future success. We specialise in researching Smart Grid, Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Renewable Energy and Physical Security Markets. View This Report View More Reports from this Publisher
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  6. 6. For More on this Report and Additional Research Visit Or call 1-800-298-5699