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Highway Maintenance Market Report – UK 2013-2017 Analysis By AMA Research


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Highway Maintenance Market Report – UK 2013-2017 Analysis By AMA Research

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Highway Maintenance Market Report – UK 2013-2017 Analysis By AMA Research

  1. 1. Highway Maintenance Market Report – UK 20132017 Analysis AMA Research Report Highlight
  2. 2. Key areas in the report: Structure and size of the UK Highway Maintenance sector – budgets, funding sources etc. Structure of responsibility for highway maintenance – analysis of Highways Agency, DLO’s, Long Term Maintenance Contracts, Other Devolved Agencies eview of England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland Key material sectors – market size, trends, key suppliers etc Market forecasts. Areas of particular interest: Key market trends and the impact of Government spending on highways projects and maintenance Structure of Maintenance Contracts in UK – DLO’s, Contractors, Agencies etc. Review of key material sectors – asphalt, bitumen, surface dressings, aggregates etc – market sizes, trends, key players etc. Supply chain review – key players, material suppliers, long term maintenance contractors etc. Companies mentioned in the report include A-one Colas, AECOM (Faber Maunsell), Amey, Arup, Ayton, Balfour Beatty Living Places, BASF, BEAR Scotland, Berkshire Macadams, Bestco Surfacing, Bituchem, Breedon Aggregates, Britcon, Carillion, Cemex, Chevron, Chris Wright Planing, Clearview Traffic, Cleveland Potash, CMS Pozament, Colas, Coldmac, Coneworx, Connect Plus, Dowhigh, Enterprise Plc, Fitzgerald, FM Conway, Fosroc, Foster Contracting, Glendining Highways, Halcrow, Hanson UK, Hazell & Jefferies Henry Williams, Holcim (Aggregate Industries), Hyder Consulting, INEOS, Irish Salt Mining and Exploration, J B Riney & Co, Jacobs Babtie, Jet Plant Hire, Jobling Purser, Jordan Surfacing, JPCS, Kiely Bros, Kier Group, Lafarge, Lagan, Leith Group, Marlborough Surfacing, May Gurney, McQuillan Companies, Midland Quarry Products, Miles Macadam, Mott MacDonald, Murrill Construction, Nynas, O’Rourke, Parex, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Peacock, R J Dance, Ringway/Eurovia, Ronacrete, Salt Union, Scotland TranServ, Shell, SIG UK, Specialist Surfacing, Spray Tanker Services, SSE Contracting, Stabilised Pavements, T J Services, Tarmac, Tarstone Surfacing, Tayside Contracts, Total, United Asphalt, URS - Scott Wilson, Volker Highways, W S Atkins, Wainwright, Weber Saint-Gobain, Whitemountain Quarry, Wirtgen.
  3. 3. Key areas covered in the report include : CONSTRUCTION / HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE BUDGETS Infrastructure Output – split by roads, rail, water, electricity, harbours etc – output by sector 2010-12 – forecasts for infrastructure 2013-2017. Dept of Transport Road Budgets – 2010-2015. Programme Areas – Highways Agency, Local Authorities, Transport for London – major schemes, maintenance etc. Investment in Transport Infrastructure – DfT, Highways Agency -Resource / Capital – 2013-2018. Highways Agency – HA regions, areas covered, roads managed. Highways Agency – Indicative Budgets 2013-15 –Capital and Resource Budgets -Areas of Spend – New Projects, Major Schemes, Maintenance, Network Management, Technology Improvements, Smaller Schemes Budgets etc. Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland – overview of road management agencies. Scotland – motorways and trunk road expenditure 2011-2015 – Road Improvements, Structural Repairs, Forth Bridge Crossing, Network Improvements, Routine and Winter Maintenance etc. Local Authority road expenditure 2008-12. Wales – roads expenditure 2008-12 – structural maintenance, routine/winter maintenance, street lighting etc. HIGHWAYS MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS Non-Trunk Road Network – management structure - rest of the network is maintained by 217 local authorities, including county councils, metropolitan boroughs, London boroughs, district councils etc. Reactive highway maintenance in the UK - market is split between DLO’s that are part of the council, and long term contracts - almost 50% of contracts now subject to long term contracts - analysis of split, shares, differences between authorities, London Boroughs and regions (devolved authorities in Wales, Scotland, N. Ireland etc). Types of Contracts – Framework Agreements, Term Maintenance Contracts, Consortia, PFI. Local Govt spending on transport – split by funding area – 2010/11 – roads, rail, bus, parking services etc. Data on Road Network – number of vehicles, road length, class of roads etc. Local Authority spend on reactive road maintenance – 2011/12– England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland.
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