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The Public Safety LTE and Mobile Broadband Market: 2012 - 2017


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This report presents an in-depth assessment of the global public safety LTE market, besides considering the wider LMR and mobile broadband industries. In addition to covering the business case, the challenges, spectrum allocation strategies, the industry‘s roadmap, deployment case studies, vendor strategies, and the application ecosystem for public safety LTE, the report also presents comprehensive forecasts for mobile broadband, LMR and public safety LTE subscriptions from 2011 till 2017.Also covered are public safety LTE service revenues as well as device and infrastructure (eNodeB base stations) shipment and associated revenue forecasts.

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The Public Safety LTE and Mobile Broadband Market: 2012 - 2017

  1. 1. Category : Mobile & Wireless
  2. 2. Introduction to Report Launch Date: 15th November, 2012 Number of Pages: 148 Geography Coverage: Global Available Format: PDF, XLS Price For Single User License: USD 2,500 Price For Global User License: USD 3,500 Delivery Time: Within 24 Hours (During Working Days)
  3. 3. Report Description: Transition to LTE is one of the most complex technical changes the public safetycommunications industry will ever witness and will present challenges in its own rights. Furthermore spectrum, regulatory and budgetary issues in certain regions such as Europe will delay large scale deployments.
  4. 4. Report Findings: installed base of private public safety LTE basestations (eNode Bs) will reach nearly 80,000globally by the end of 2017. Following a CAGR of nearly 80% between 2012and 2017, and will serve more than 1 Millionprivate public safety LTE subscribers worldwide.
  5. 5. Report Coverage: Business case for public safety LTE and mobilebroadband services Key benefits of public safety LTE and mobilebroadband Challenges to public safety LTE adoption Agency, carrier and vendor commitments to publicsafety LTE List of public safety LTE commitments worldwide Public safety LTE deployment case studies The industry roadmap for the public safety mobilebroadband in general and the LTE market in particular
  6. 6. Report Coverage (continued): Public safety LTE deployment and funding models Spectrum allocation for public safety LTE Public safety LTE applications ecosystem Public safety LTE vendor assessment and strategies Subscriptions, operating service revenue, unitshipment and revenue forecasts for (private andcommercial) public safety LTE, mobile broadband(WiMAX, WCDMA, HSPA, EV-DO) and LMR(TETRA, TEDs, P25, Tetrapol, dPMR, PDT, AnalogueRadio) user devices and infrastructure, globally and byregion
  7. 7. Key Question Answered Which countries will be the first to deploy and adoptLTE for public safety applications? How many private public safety LTE base stations(eNodeBs) and user devices will ship in 2017, andhow will these compare to the wider commercial LTEmarket? How will the VoLTE ecosystem evolve and how willthis impact PTT and voice services for public safetyLTE? How much revenue will the public safety LTEapplication ecosystem generate in 2017? Is a 10 MHz bandwidth for LTE realistically feasibleto support public safety applications?
  8. 8. Key Question Answered (continued): How will public safety LTE device shipments vary byform factor (Handportable LMR Terminals, Mobile In-Vehicle LMR Modems, Notebook PCs, USBDongles, Smartphones, PDAs) overtime? Does Huawei stand a chance in the public safety LTEmarket following its ban in the U.S? How many first responders rely on private andcommercial mobile broadband networks for their dailytasks? How will private and commercial public safety LTEsubscriptions compare in 2017? How will public safety LTE subscriptions compare toother mobile broadband technologies such as WiMAXand HSPA in 2017?
  9. 9. Companies Covered (113):1. 3GPP 20. EADS2. Abu Dhabi Police 21. Eircom3. Airspan Networks 22. Ericsson4. Airwave Solutions 23. Etherstack5. Alcatel-Lucent 24. Televate, LLC6. Amdocs 25. TCCA (TETRA and Critical7. Apple Communications8. ARASKOM Association)9. ASTRID 26. TETRA Ireland10. AT&T Mobility Communications11. Atlas Telecom 27. TetraNed12. Aviat Networks 28. Thales13. BAE Systems 29. T-Mobile14. Brazilian Army 30. Turkish National Police15. China Mobile Force16. Cisco 31. …17. Covia Labs 32. …. Up to 113 companies18. Dubai Police19. Dutch Police
  10. 10. How To Buy This Report?Visit following URL to see Table of Content andpurchase this publication: About Market Research ReportsMarket Research Reports provides a customized setof reports from reputed Publishers, built on theintelligence available within organizations andleverages on our motto of “Intelligence Redefined”. Contact : Amitava Sen Email : Phone: +91-8762746600