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Global Nuclear Power Market Update -


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Latest updates on nuclear power market worldwide, government initiatives, expansion plans etc.

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Global Nuclear Power Market Update -

  1. 1. Global Nuclear Power Market – An Update
  2. 2. What helped nuclear power to emerge as a potential market
  3. 3. Government initiatives 1. Britain approved 10 sites for nuclear power stations in 2009 with some of them coming online as early as 2018 2. In 2010, US made up to $8 billion in federal loan guarantees available to build the first American nuclear power plants for over 30 years. 3. In 2011, 14 of the 15 European countries had largest share of nuclear power as a percentage of total energy. 4. France producing 75 percent of their total energy from nuclear sources.
  4. 4. Nuclear share of electricity Country Percent of total energy output produced by nuclear power Germany 16.1% Switzerland 35.9% United States 19% Japan 18.1% Russia 17.8% France 74.8% India 3.6% Taiwan 18.4% Belgium 51.1% Source:
  5. 5. Market after Fukushima disaster 1. Fukushima disaster revived old fears about nuclear power across the world. 2. Both Germany and Switzerland announced a phase-out of nuclear power from their energy portfolios. 3. Investors are worried by the rising construction and insurance costs and regulations that followed.
  6. 6. Market after Fukushima disaster Cont.. Drop in Uranium Prices $120 $100 $80 $60 $40 $20 $0 2007 2011 - Before After - Fukushima Fukushima 2013
  7. 7. Nuclear projects experiencing odds amid US shale gas boom 1. Nuclear power stations in Canada and the United States are closing because they cannot compete with cheap power being produced from shale gas. 2. Power generation cost from shale gases obtained by fracking is 4-5 cents a kilowatt hour puts the nuclear power plant at a competitive disadvantage as Its current production price is 9 cents a kilowatt hour and it needs a $4.3 million refurbishment . 3. In Europe the nuclear industry is reported to need a price of $155 a megawatt hour for 30 years for its electricity to get a reasonable return on its investment, while the current price is around $93.
  8. 8. Current market scenario (Global) • Globally, there are more than 430 reactor units that are currently under operation. • 62 nuclear reactors were in construction stages of development in 14 different nuclear power countries globally, as of July 2013 • More than 435 nuclear reactors are in the financed, permitting and announced phases of development across the globe. • Over 45 countries are considering introducing nuclear power generation as part of their energy mix across different regions in the world.
  9. 9. Current market scenario (Global)…Continued • Global uranium demand will climb from 105,531 metric tons in 2012 to 145,680 metric tons in 2020, representing an increase of 38% over the eight year period. • Worldwide nuclear energy generation to jump from 2,386,449 GWh in 2012 to 3,078,130 GWh in 2020 • At present there are around 45 nuclear-free countries looking at adding the controversial power source to their energy portfolio, including the UAE, Turkey, Poland and Bangladesh.
  10. 10. Current market scenario in USA 1. Nuclear power generation in the US is expected to increase at an AAGR of 1% to hit 905 TWh in 2025 2. Despite the limited growth of the USA’s nuclear power installed capacity between 2000 and 2012, which increased from 97,256 MW to 101,465 MW at an Average Annual Growth Rate (AAGR) of 0.4%, its capacity is now expected to rise at a higher AAGR of 0.8% to 113,769 MW by 2025. 3. North America will be the largest market for nuclear Plant Life Extension (PLEX) between 2013 and 2025, valued at almost $21 billion.
  11. 11. How Old is USA’s Nuclear Fleet *Currently provides 60 percent of zero carbon emission energy. Source:
  12. 12. Current market scenario in USA Due to aging plants, cheap natural gas, and public opposition, five nuclear stations have been closed or scheduled to close, representing 3.3% of USA’s zero-carbon energy supply. Another six stations, representing 3.1% of zerocarbon energy supply, are in imminent danger of closing. Source:
  13. 13. Current market in Asia and Asia Pacific (Cont…) • Nuclear power generation across Asia-Pacific will rocket over the next decade due to surging energy requirements and a need to diversify an energy mix heavily reliant on coal. From 331,720 GWh in 2012, nuclear power generation in the region is expected to hit 901,380 GWh in 2020, climbing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13.3%. • South Korea is also planning to more than double its nuclear capacity from 20.7 GW to 43 GW by 2030. • China is planning to expand its nuclear capacity from 12.85 gigawatts (GW) to 400 GW by 2050.
  14. 14. Current market in Asia and Asia Pacific • India, which is seeking to expand its nuclear capacity of 3.6 percent of total electricity production to 25 percent by 2050. • During 2013-2020, Asia’s nuclear feed water market value is anticipated to reach an aggregate value of $374.91m • South Korea approves $7 bn reactor plans in boost for nuclear power ( two nuclear plants due to be completed by 2020)
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