Global LTE (Long Term Evolution) Tariff Tracker


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New report “Global LTE (Long Term Evolution) Tariff Tracker” published on Market Research Reports, Inc finds that as price pressures continue to mount for operators European customers are benefiting from lower cost. 4G Inquire about this report:

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Global LTE (Long Term Evolution) Tariff Tracker

  1. 1. Category : Telecom / 4G & LTE All logos and Images mentioned on this slide belong to their respective owners.
  2. 2. Introduction to Report  Launch Date: January 6, 2014  Geography Coverage: Global Price For Single User License: USD 2,995 Delivery Time: Within 24 Hours (During Working Days)
  3. 3. About the Report Launched in April 2012, and updated since every quarter, the Global LTE Tariff Tracker comprises of a spreadsheet analysis, quarterly descriptive summaries and free customer service. The database covers pricing for both Mobile Broadband and Smartphone offerings and allows the subscriber to compare like-for-like offerings. The latest edition Q4 2013 covers pricing for 130 mobile operators offerings across 71 countries worldwide and it is constantly being updated as operators introduce new LTE services both mobile broadband and smartphone price plans. The launch of new LTE services is set to continue into 2014, with developing markets in Asia, South America and the Middle East preparing for the commercial launch of new 4G networks.
  4. 4. Research Findings In recent years, particular growth in new services seen from the South American region. In more established markets, LTE operators are also reducing the price for existing LTE services - particularly in France, where LTE services are being charged at the same level as 3G data. Additionally a number of operators have introduced selective price discounts or bundles as part of a LTE promotion. Additionally, some LTE operators are now introducing Pre Pay services in selected markets, with ICE (Costa Rica) and Everything Everywhere (UK) both launching Pre Pay LTE in the last quarter. Another trend is the introduction of LTE as a low cost “add on” – with TIM (Italy) for example charging an additional Euro 5 per month for its 4G Internet Plus product, which allows theoretical download speeds of up to 70Mbps with the existing user data allowance.
  5. 5. Examples of LTE promotions include Personal (Paraguay) – a 50 per cent price reduction in LTE tariffs Telefonica O2 (Germany) – a 40 per cent price reduction for entry level pricing (for the first 12 months of a 24 month contract term) Telekom (Germany) – a discount off the monthly fee plus a 3 month free period for the Music Streaming Option Vodafone (UK) – an option to subscribe to either Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile with a 4G contract, with a free period ranging from 6 months up to 24 months (depending on the 4G package subscription)
  6. 6. Global LTE Pricing Tariff Tracker The Q4-13 Global LTE Pricing Tariff Tracker also segments LTE pricing (for Post Pay LTE for PC or laptop connectivity) into six main geographical regions around the world. It finds that average LTE pricing in the EU is now USD $34.89 per month (with an average monthly data allowance of almost 20GB) and is the lowest of the six regions surveyed by publisher. Continues..
  7. 7. Global LTE Pricing Tariff Tracker Summary price details from the TCL Global LTE Pricing Tariff Tracker are shown in the chart below - with the LTE (4G) pricing shown by region based on the average price per GB): Chart 1 – Chart 1: The average Post Pay LTE Pricing per month per GB by region (in USD) including taxes (Inside the bundle)
  8. 8. Geographical Coverage •EU: 23 countries, 55operators •Non-EU: 5 countries, 9 operators •Middle East: 8 countries, 12 operators •Asia-Pacific 8 countries, 16 operators •Africa: 8 countries, 11 operators •Americas: 19 countries, 27 operators
  9. 9. Key Takeaways •Searchable database by pricing and product •Summary report of main pricing trends •Price changes highlighted in red font •Prices given in local currency, USD and Euros •Free Analyst enquiry service
  10. 10. Report Coverage 1. Name of LTE vendor 2. Geographical coverage 3. Launch date 4. Type of offering 5. Download speed 6. Monthly cost (inclusive and exclusive of tax) 7. Data (MB/GB) included 8. Outside the bundle pricing 9. Promotional pricing in effect at the time of updating 10.Relevant notes For more details regarding Report coverage see the last slide All logos and Images mentioned on this slide belong to their respective owners.
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