Mystery Shopping Fieldwork Germany, Austria, Switzerland


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Mystery Shopping Fieldwork Services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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Mystery Shopping Fieldwork Germany, Austria, Switzerland

  1. 1. MYSTERYPANEL Mystery Shopping Fieldwork Services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland MYSTERYPANEL
  2. 2. Management Summary We are a mystery shopping fieldwork service provider for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our registered mystery shoppers provide plenty of information about their consumer behavior that exceed pure demographic data. Therefore, they can be selected by various criteria: socio-demographic attributes, credit and loyal cards they hold, household net income, car type/brand, insurances etc. Our mystery shoppers and product testers are real customers. Their power of observation comes from training without compromising their authentic attitude towards the observed services and products. For market research companies or consulting firms without their own field of mystery shoppers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we are offering support throughout the whole process from recruiting to data delivery. Therefore these companies can offer their clients additional services without recruiting, building and managing their own field. We are working objectively, customer-focused, goal-oriented and effectively. Our work is based on reliability, trust, professionalism and a high quality of assessment. Discretion and maintaining confidentiality is very important to us: Therefore, all information we receive from our clients remains confidential. 2 © 2009 Dr. Grieger & Cie. | MYSTERYPANEL
  3. 3. We are offering all types or mystery research. TYPES OF MYSTERY RESEARCH Mystery Calling Mystery Service Check Mystery Research Mystery Promotion Check Mystery Store Check High class field of trained mystery shoppers 3 © 2009 Dr. Grieger & Cie. | MYSTERYPANEL
  4. 4. High quality is important to us throughout the whole process. QUALITY MANAGEMENT Recruiting Training Design Delivery Mystery shoppers Results are Mystery shoppers Questionnaires are have to elaborate checked for receive a detailed pre-tested by their motivation plausibility by two briefing for every experienced project upon registration project leaders. project. managers and (60% fail at this mystery shoppers. Data can be Additionally step) delivered in all mystery shoppers All mystery Mystery shoppers known formats. are trained research projects have to fill out a personally or by are designed and Results can be complex profile. phone. conducted with a delivered in a substantial focus All data provided is detailed chart on reliability, cross checked and report with in-depth validity and updated frequently. analysis representativeness. Mystery shoppers are evaluated after every project. 4 © 2009 Dr. Grieger & Cie. | MYSTERYPANEL
  5. 5. For each mystery shopping project we can select the field by various criteria. EXAMPLES OF SELECTION CRITERIA Socio-demographic attributes Demographic attributes Card possession (loyalty cards, bonus cards, credit cards) Insurances (health, finance) Financial services (bank, insurance company, broker) Automotive (car brand, type, year) Selection criteria Existing customer relationships (e.g. telecommunication, energy) Consumer behavior (products, preferred stores) Utilities (glasses, hearing aid, lenses, wheel chair) Electronic devices (e.g. digital camera, mobile phone) Selection criteria Magazines are permanently etc. extended based on your wants and needs 5 © 2009 Dr. Grieger & Cie. | MYSTERYPANEL
  6. 6. With our high quality database we can easily identify and contact appropriate mystery shoppers to conduct a project. DEMONSTRATION OF OUR MYSTERY SHOPPER DATABASE 6 © 2009 Dr. Grieger & Cie. | MYSTERYPANEL
  7. 7. Almost half of our mystery shoppers half a household net-income of more than 2000 Euro. DATABASE INSIGHT 36.9% 48.9% Half of our mystery 25.6% shoppers half a high 23.3% household net income. Therefore, our mystery shoppers are rather 14.1% motivated by fun than by money. We can therefore also implement projects where shoppers of luxury goods are needed. <1000 Euro 1000-2000 2001-3000 >3000 Euro 7 © 2009 Dr. Grieger & Cie. | MYSTERYPANEL
  8. 8. Depending on the complexity and amount of tests we can conduct a mystery shopping project within three weeks. TIME FRAME Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Depending on Set-up complexity Fieldwork Measurements Analysis 8 © 2009 Dr. Grieger & Cie. | MYSTERYPANEL
  9. 9. We can deliver your mystery shopping results in a detailed chart report. OPTIONAL: MYSTERY SHOPPING REPORTING You will receive meaningful charts instead of pure data that is hard to be interpreted. We are able to deliver a chart report in your individual corporate design. You can easily integrate the charts into your management presentations. Necessary measurements and actions can be derived easily. You can work with the results without problems. 9 © 2009 Dr. Grieger & Cie. | MYSTERYPANEL
  10. 10. Working with MYSTERYPANEL is beneficial. BENEFITS OF WORKING WITH US We have a field of trained mystery shoppers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 1 Most of our mystery shoppers are very experienced due to many projects. 2 Mystery shopper profiles are frequently updated or deleted. 3 You can choose a field that suits your criteria. 4 We can set-up a field in short notice 5 Data delivery can be in all known formats or as an individual chart report. 6 We have professional mystery shopping know-how. 7 10 © 2009 Dr. Grieger & Cie. | MYSTERYPANEL
  11. 11. We are also offering quantitative and qualitative research in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. QUANTITATIVE AND QUALITATIVE RESEARCH SERVICES Quantitative Research Qualitative Research Own field of experienced interviewers Own research facility in Germanys second largest city Hamburg Registered for main high frequency locations all over Germany, Austria and Partner institutes with research studios Switzerland in all other relevant cities Methods: Large database to recruit all target CATI, CAPI, CAWI, PAPI, SAQ groups for group discussions, focus groups 11 © 2009 Dr. Grieger & Cie. | MYSTERYPANEL
  12. 12. MYSTERYPANEL Contact person: Dr. Gunnar Grieger Papenhuder Str. 53 22087 Hamburg Germany +49-40-2269 2250 © 2009 Dr. Grieger & Cie. | MYSTERYPANEL All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, 12 © 2009 Dr. Grieger & Cie. | MYSTERYPANEL or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission from Dr. Grieger & Cie. including photography, recording,