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Be a Powerhouse Listing Agent


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Special guest agent Jerimiah Taylor will offer must-have strategies during this "Fill Your Pipeline" series webinar. Surpass your goals this summer and become #1 in your market!
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Be a Powerhouse Listing Agent

  1. 1. Be a Powerhouse Listing Agent Host: Shannon Shimabukuro Sr. Market Leader Trainer Featuring: Jerimiah Taylor
  2. 2. • Ways to attract seller leads • Strategies to convert leads into listings • Open Q/A: Ask Jerimiah… What Will You Learn Today?
  3. 3. Meet Our Featured Expert! Jerimiah Taylor Team Leader, San Diego, CA Lead Agent, Tucson, AZ “Rising Star of 2012” Arizona State Association of REALTORS
  4. 4. • Someone who would like to: – List a $200,000 home – Buy a $200,000 home? Sellers vs. Buyers: What would you choose?
  5. 5. • Marketing opportunities • More control of your time • More sales volume • More money for your time • You are on the front-end of pricing “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” by Gary Keller Why Seller Leads are Awesome! “…On average, one well-marketed listing will generate one serious buyer who buys… It’s the real estate industry’s version of the ‘twofer.’”
  6. 6. 66% of sellers interview only 1 agent * Typical Seller Timeline * NAR Home Buyers and Seller’s report 2013
  7. 7. Where do I find listing leads?
  8. 8. How?
  10. 10. Agent-to-Agent Referrals
  11. 11. “It’s our job to help them remember what to do… it’s NOT their job to remember” Core Advocates
  12. 12. Geographic Mail Farming
  13. 13. Facebook for sellers?
  14. 14. Pay the Pros: Online CMA Requests
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Trulia seller ads
  17. 17. • For Sale By Owners For Sale By Owners “I have a buyer that needs to buy a house in your neighborhood”
  18. 18. • Create a marketing piece with an online call to action for lead capture • Use your Custom Page with Pro! Combine Offline with Online Lead Capture!
  19. 19. Need: A lead capture landing page
  20. 20. • Add your leads to Market Insider Past Clients
  21. 21. Past Clients • Video Blog •
  22. 22. • Highlight new listings and work two sides of a transaction Property Blasts!
  23. 23. Email Listing Report
  24. 24. Buys and Sells
  25. 25. 1. Agent-to-Agent referrals 2. Core Advocates 3. Geographic Mail Farming 4. HouseValues + Trulia Seller Ads 5. FSBO’s (calling from Craigslist) 6. Offline + Lead Capture 7. Past clients (Market Insider + Vyral) 8. Property Blast 9. Buys and Sells Recap: Seller Generating Strategies
  26. 26. • Be Committed • Be Consistent • Capture with your Pro site JT’s Tips:
  28. 28. 1. Call, call, call JT’s Keys to Convert
  29. 29. 1. Call, call, call 2. Mail a handwritten note JT’s Keys to Convert
  30. 30. Keys to Convert 1. Call, call, call 2. Mail a handwritten note 3. Schedule a hand-delivery
  31. 31. 1. Call, Call, Call 2. Mail a hand-written note 3. Schedule a hand-delivery 4. Create mind share Keys to Convert
  32. 32. 1. Follow-up every 48 hours 2. Focus your questions on their motivation 3. Add them to a customized drip campaign 4. Make additional “touches” personal contacts. Create Mindshare “People do business with you, not with your marketing”
  33. 33. • **Seller Lead Conversion** • Short-term seller • Long-term seller Seller Targeted Campaigns
  34. 34. • 9 ways to generate more seller leads • Steps to convert leads into listing appointments • Top strategies from a top listing agent! Today we learned:
  35. 35. • One secret to successful lead engagement • Steps to create quick and effective emails • Anita’s scripts that get results Don’t miss Anita Allen: Turn Your Contacts into Contracts Wednesday, 6/11 at 10:00am Pacific, 1:00pm Eastern To Register:
  36. 36. 1. Generate more sellers: 1. Implement one new strategy to generate more sellers 2. Add past clients to the Market Insider report email 3. Check out (and start using) the Seller Lead Conversion campaign 2. Customize your own phone and welcome email scripts 1. Fill out the survey to receive Jerimiah’s top scripts! 3. Register for the next Power Hour Homework:
  37. 37. Connect with Jerimiah: • Fill out post-class survey: To be emailed today’s notes and Jerimiah’s top scripts • Visit to find recordings, notes, & more! • Customer Support: 1-877-450-0088
  38. 38. Thank you for attending: Be a Powerhouse Listing Agent Host: Shannon Shimabukuro Sr. Market Leader Trainer Featuring: Jerimiah Taylor