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Bringing Customer Segmentation to Life


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Many companies have a customer segmentation strategy. And, many of these strategies sit dusting behind a desk.

What does it take to put it into action?

Executing customer segmentation and maximizing its potential takes an effective tool to help you market to each segment based on specific behaviors and preferences. In recent years, more and more companies are finding marketing automation can effectively help them deliver tailored nurturing programs to customers, and develop higher quality leads for sales.

In this short, 15 minute flash webinar, Bringing Customer Segmentation to Life with Marketing Automation, Steven Lewis, Vice President of Marketing Services, discusses:
• How marketing automation facilitates near real-time testing and refinement to raise conversion rates by over 40%
• Best practices for all phases of marketing automation deployment, from preparation through roll-out
• What happened after a small business service provider developed the “right” SMB segmentation and brought a new product to market

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