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Smarten up your social media & online marketing : 5 tips to improve your reach and engagement using automation and triggers


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Smarten up your social media & online marketing : 5 tips to improve your reach and engagement using automation and triggers

1) Get inspiration on how to plan, automate and measure your social media efforts
2) See how you effectively automate work processes for your online marketing
3) Get deep insight from a simple, yet successful use-case that anyone can implement today

Orador: Michael Leander - Markedu

Published in: Marketing
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Smarten up your social media & online marketing : 5 tips to improve your reach and engagement using automation and triggers

  1. 1. Tips to improve your reach and engagement using marketing automation and triggers  /  @markedu  /  @michaelleander     Michael Leander
  2. 2. The  right  message   to  the  right  person   at  the  right  /me   in  the  right  place   using  the  most  effec/ve   channel  
  3. 3. Is  this  message  best   suited  for  ?     a)  an  exis)ng  customer   b)  a  non-­‐customer  
  4. 4. Best approach for selling subscriptions? Direct   mail   Email   Direct   mail   Email   approach   2   Email   approach   3   Email   approach   4   Etc.  
  5. 5. Charles Tyrwhitt cross-channel marketing automation
  6. 6. Customer  lifecycle  marke1ng  automa1on   Differen1ated  approach  addresses  different  needs   1 Pre Sale 2 Sale 3 Past Sale Pre Departure 4 Departure 5 Arrival 1. destination 6 Travel & experience 7 Comming home 8 Evaluation & Reliving 9 Next Pre Sale Profiling  and  knowledge  of  where  the  customer  is  in  the  ”wheel”     opens  up  for  a  coordinated  and  relevant  dialogue  before,    during  and  a@er  the  ini1al  sales  transac1on   Transac)onal   Behavioral   Targeted         Example   Travel   SMS/Email   Insurance   Car  rental   Excursions   Car  rental   Recommend   to  friends  
  7. 7. Disappointed  or  excited?    
  8. 8. Automa1ng  communica1on  can   generate  impressive  results   53%  higher   conversion   rate   9,3%  higher   sales  quota   achievement   50%  more   sales  ready   leads  at  33%   lower  cost   12,2%   reduc)on  in   marcom   overhead   70%  faster   sales  cycle   )mes  
  9. 9. Most effective marketing channels ignored by (most) CMO’s ! •  SEO   •  Email  marke)ng   •  3   •  4   •  5  
  10. 10. Does  your   team  have   the  skills  to   embrace   the   technical   side  of   marke)ng?     Showstopper  
  11. 11. Quick  interac/ve  exercise     •  Describe  the  process  of   your  typical  morning   •  Draw  the  process  so   that  another  person  will   be  able  to  understand   how  to  “do”  your   morning   •  The  Devil  is  in  the   detail!  
  12. 12. Failing is not a problem. As long as your organization learn from each failure
  13. 13. Your  ability  to  create  detailed  process   flows  is  impera)ve  to  implemen)ng   marke)ng  automa)on  successfully  
  14. 14. Triggers = quick fixes A  behavior  or  non-­‐event  where  you  can  use  smart  marke)ng   automa)on  to  trigger  a  marke)ng  ac)on  that  will  s)mulate  a   different  (customer)  behavior  
  15. 15. Who is Michael Leander? ü  As  CEO,  CMO  have  made   marke/ng  mistakes  consistently   for  20+  years  …   …  and  learned  from  most  of  them   ü  Speaker  in  40+  countries     ü  Customer  lifecycle  marke/ng   management     ü  Judged  marke/ng  awards  in  15   countries  …   …  great  source  of  inspira8on  for   learning  how  marketers  think  &  act   ü  Board  member.  Consultant,   trainer,  speaker,  father  of  many,   husband  to  one   ü  Founded  Markedu  
  16. 16.   A few challenges faced by brands and marketers today
  17. 17. “By 2020 customer experience is expected to surpass product and pricing as the key business differentiator”       Source:  Forbes  Insights  “Customers  for  Life”      in  associa8on  with  Sitecore  
  18. 18. Convenience   Ease  of  interac)on  
  19. 19. Getting and keeping anyone’s attention is difficult these days.           Buyers  have  an  abundance  of  choices   You  need  to  “nudge”  consistently  to   earn  the  desired  behavior.     And  occasionally  push  hard.    
  20. 20. No more sex on the first date !     On  average  buyers  engage  with   more  than  11  pieces  of  content   before  making  a  purchase   decision  
  21. 21. Effective marketing = Increase OTS Opportunity  to  see.  Find  your  number  through   experimenta)on.  Don’t  trust  your  intui)on    
  22. 22. Tips  related  to  OTS     •  Where  do  you  seed  first;  paid  or  earned/ owned?   •  So_  and  hard  selling  phases;  build  up   gradually   •  Anything  )me  limited  usually  performs   be`er  
  23. 23. Email   marke/ng:   Find  your   best   frequency   through   tes)ng   Decide:  Is  CTR  really  how  you  want  to  measure  your  success?   Or  is  how  effec)ve  you  convert  to  the  next  step  –  monetary  or  not?  
  24. 24. The  old   AIDA  
  25. 25. Meet  the  new  AIDA   A  =  A`en)on  (Awareness)   I  =  Interest   D  =  Desire   E  =  Engagement     A  =  Ac)on   Engage  me   Many   interac)ons   to  convince  &   convert  
  26. 26. A  =  A`en)on  (Awareness)   I  =  Interest   D  =  Desire   E  =  Engagement     A  =  Ac)on   Personalized   dialogue   Eyeballs   Engage   $     Engage   Nurture   Re-­‐ ac)vate   AIDEA is the new black!
  27. 27. Nudge to change people’s behavior and turn intentions into actions – add to the experience
  28. 28. Define   a  non-­‐ event   •  Think  about  a  desired  ac/on,   which  could  be  indica/ve  of  a   customer  intending  a  specific   behavior,  but  doesn’t  materialize     •  Then  plan:  “If  the  ac1on  doesn’t   happen,  then  we  do  this  !  
  29. 29. Brilliant  ideas  are  1  in  1.000  and  (very)   expensive  to  generate.     Execu/on  is  bread  and  buZer  for  CMO’s!   Choose  strong  execu/on  over  brilliant  ideas    
  30. 30. Don’t  count  the  customers    you   reach  –  Reach  those  who  count   @michaelleander  
  31. 31. Ideas on how to approach social media marketing automation
  32. 32. AID+LIRA  Attention > Interest > Desire + Like – Interaction – Recommendation - Action Engagement   Share  is  good   ac1on  counts   Like  is  NOT  a  currency,  engagements  conver8ng  to  ac8ons  are  @michaelleander  #appmpt  
  33. 33. 3 big C’s: Context, Connectivity, Content CONNECTIVITY Desktop Phone Tablet TV CONTEXT CONTENT Watching Monday night football and has his phone Awareness TV Spot and Twitter Sponsored Tweet Ad As a high LTV prospect, loaded into Fb custom audience list Awareness messaging via Fb newsfeed DR remarketing mobile display ad with customized offer for Term Life Life Insurance Key Word Re-Marketing Pool Visits site 2 days later on his iPad, recognized as same user Customized, responsive offer landing page: Online quote Searches for branded generic keyword; Attitudinal Segment A YouTube video on how to buy Life Insurance High-LTV, incomplete quoter re-marketing pool Personalized offer email Personalized site landing page with offer Segment A Perhaps  content  isn’t  King  a^er  all?  Perhaps  context  is  !  
  34. 34. Treat your content assets with respect •  Repurpose  content   •  Beware  )me  sensi)ve   •  Automate  republishing   •  Automate  distribu)on   from  blog  to  social   •  Study  effect  to  spot   winners.  Infuse  more   energy  into  winners  
  35. 35. The  5-­‐3-­‐1  rule  or  the  2-­‐5-­‐2  rule?   Mix  your  content     •  OPC  (Other  People’s  Content)     •  Your  own  value  adding  content   •  Promo)onal  content  
  36. 36. The Vision for marketers? >  An/cipate   customer  needs   >  Provide  /mely   service     >  Differen/ate     communica/on   >  Personalize     communica/on     >  Understand     preferences   >  Manage  the    permission  
  37. 37. Speak  to  customers  and  prospects  in   their  language  addressing  the   problems,  concerns  and  aspira1ons  of   individuals,  not  segments   Automa1ng  your  marke1ng  will  make  a  lot  of  sense.   Pick  your  baNles  carefully  
  38. 38. Obrigado     Talk  to  me