"How to measure your website effectiveness and get on the right track with web analytics" with Chrilles Wybrandt.


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"How to measure your website effectiveness and get on the right track with web analytics" with Chrilles Wybrandt.

  1. 1. How to measure your website And get on the right track with web analytics By Chrilles Wybrandt Misura.dk
  2. 2. Adobe connect•  Test Adobe Connect•  How to write a comment/question•  Sound quality
  3. 3. About Me •  4 years with web analytics – full time Today I work as an independent webChrilles wybrandt analytics consultant. •  6 years as webmaster at Copenhagen Business School •  12 years experience with IT •  Working as a sub contractor for web- and marketing companies •  Other customers: www.classichotels.dk, www.energinet.dk, www.travelmarket.dk, www.dtu.dk, www.ku.dk, www.egmont.dk among others.
  4. 4. Completing this webinarCompleting this webinar, you will:1.  Have an overview of web analytics2.  Understand why improved tracking is important3.  Understand Goals in Google Analytics and how to set them up4.  Be able to understand online campaign tracking in Google Analytics
  5. 5. Completing this webinarAnd you will …1.  Know where to begin your analysis2.  Be aware of the most common challenges and mistakes – and maybe how to deal with them3.  Get some excellent resources to help you get started
  6. 6. Ask QuestionsYou are welcome to ask (write) questions during thepresentation.I will do my best to answer – still focusing on thepresentation.
  7. 7. What is webanalytics about?
  8. 8. Web analytics is aboutmeasuring andoptimizing success onyour website.
  9. 9. Continuously…
  10. 10. Web Analytics ToolsFree Tools•  Google Analytics•  Yahoo! Web AnalyticsNot Free Tools•  Webtrends•  Adobe SiteCatalyst (Former Omniture SiteCatalyst)
  11. 11. Why trackingGet insights about•  Traffic sources and keywords, fx Facebook & Mobile traffic•  Your Visitors & their engagement on the website•  Page- and Content performance•  Online Campaigns, including newsletters•  What content is consumed
  12. 12. Why trackingTo optimize•  Pages and navigation•  Online Campaigns•  Revenue•  Usability
  13. 13. Why trackingTo document•  If your optimization is working•  What is (not) happening on your website•  It benefits, working with your website•  You may even be able to have allocated more recourses if you can prove an improved performance
  14. 14. Getting on the right track First collect some lovely data to analyze …Standard tracking & Extended tracking
  15. 15. Standard trackingStandard tracking gives you•  Number of Visitors•  Traffic Sources & Keywords•  Page Views•  Time on site•  Nice information – but not very useful if you want to optimizeThat is easy. Just implement the standard Google Analytics trackingscript. But you are still missing the most important stuff.
  16. 16. Extended trackingExtended Tracking Google Analytics configuration is important•  Conversion Rates for Goals/KPI on you website•  The ability to find your most successful campaigns, traffic sources and keywords•  More valuable insightsThen you will get a benchmark for yourvisitors success on your website.This makes you see, if you are doingbetter or worse over time optimizing your website
  17. 17. Getting started1.  Track data that you can trust •  Remove your own data, track all pages (including 404-pages) and track all your campaigns (Banners & E-mails)2.  Define and setup your goals in Google Analytics3.  Investigate, Get insights and Focus on one thing at a time!4.  Act on your findings •  fx reduce Bounce Rate or Improve conversion rate from landing page.5.  Evaluate6.  Investigate, optimize, evaluate, investigate, optimize, evaluate …
  18. 18. Traffic/segments Exits…Sources/Segments
  19. 19. Your website goalsWhat goals do you have on your website?What is important that visitors do on your website? Goals are also called KPI – for Key Performance Indicators
  20. 20. Kpis on your websiteKey Performance Indicators = Activities showing website engagement / VisitorSuccess on the website (Goals in Google Analytics )1.  Newsletter signups 6.  Time on site2.  Downloads of product sheets or 7.  Viewing a video white papers 8.  Reading a specific page – ex. The3.  Completed Contact Forms About us page or a product page4.  Tip a Friend 9.  RSS-Subscriptions5.  Content engagement – ex. Viewing more than X pages
  21. 21. Other possible Kpi´sDepending on your business and online strategy•  Sell more products•  More traffic from Search Engines (when doing SEO)•  More conversions from Organic traffic (Search Engines)
  22. 22. goals & “value”In Google Analytics, a goal is defined as a visitor completinga defined task – eg. a newsletter signup or a purchase of aproduct•  A visitor can only fulfill each goal one time (pr. session).•  Always assign a value to every goal to illustrate the aggregated value of that particular goal
  23. 23. How are we doing so far ..?Do you understand ..?Am I going too fast or slow ..?
  24. 24. Goal SETup•  Notice the CHANGE in the url BEFORE and AFTER the form submit. A Unique URL is needed.
  25. 25. Goal SETup•  Login to your Google Analytics account •  www.Google.com/analytics•  Edit your profile
  26. 26. Goal SETup•  Add a Goal
  27. 27. 11.  Goal Name 22.  Goal Type 33.  How to detect goal 44.  Goal Value5.  Funnel Visualization 5
  28. 28. Goal value over time•  Goal value and conversion rate for my goal•  Avg. conversion rate 8.45% of all Unique Visitors•  Investigate why
  29. 29. However…
  30. 30. Tracking is notOptimizing!
  31. 31. Now startOptimizing…
  32. 32. Most important metricsStart focusing on these metrics:1.  Bounce Rates on most important pages •  Home Page and other Landing Pages •  Do you understand Bounce Rate (BR)? BR is single page visitors! Visitors who come to your website, see one page, and then leave. Why do they leave is the question you need to find answers to. What they see is not what they expected OR all the information they needed were on that page (phone no. on a contact page)2.  Conversion Rates for your Google Analytics goals
  33. 33. Start optimizing hereStart to optimize •  Your Newsletter Signup •  Always make it clear why I should sign up to your newsletter. What is in it for me? •  Your shopping funnel
  34. 34. Optimizing the shopping funnelInvestigate Shopping Funnel•  Look for usability issues•  Ask your visitors•  Test & Optimize Issue here?
  35. 35. More optimizingOptimize Home Page and other Landing Pages •  Every landing page should answer these questions: •  Where am I? •  What should I do? •  Why should I do it? •  How do I do it? If that is not clear, then you have opportunities for big improvement. •  Minimize High Bounce Rates. Avoid visitors leaving your page on first page view. Make a Clear Call to Action. Recommended reading: Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug•  Watch these webinars and get inspired: Homepages Optimized - How using the homepage as a channel led to a 59% increase in conversion OR Homepages Optimized
  36. 36. And more optimizingYour Online Campaigns •  E-mials and Banners •  Learn what is working / what campaigns is giving the highest ROI •  Campaign A: •  You only have Visitors and Orders in Google Analytics. So, this calculation you have to make on paper. •  Find more details here: http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/ 2011/03/web-data-analyses-techniques-analysis-ninjas.html
  37. 37. Campaigns I Google Analytics•  Adwords campaigns in Google Analytics Payment Completed: Value:
  38. 38. Analyzing your website – think about•  Find your business objectives. What is important to your business and “What do you want to improve”•  Look at numbers over time Good and bad numbers does (almost) not exist. •  70% Bounce Rate is bad. But, if it was 90% one month ago, it is good. •  Avg. page views pr./visitor (look at segments)•  Focus optimizing one goal or business objective at a time – you will not be able to optimize everything on the website in one day (or month…) Also, focusing will help you limit the time you need to spend in Google Analytics
  39. 39. Common mistakes1.  Not being aware of the possibilities web analytics2.  Goals are missing3.  No online strategy for the company – don’t know what to track / where to focus4.  Missing Campaign tracking – not being able to compare campaigns5.  Not enough time or resources6.  No acknowledgement from the management7.  Not comfortable measuring performance – gut feelings are better because that is what we always have done and I still have my job8.  Getting started feels too technical (It is not if you can communicate with your IT-department)
  40. 40. Other useful toolsOther free tools that can help you to get insights and optimize your website•  URL-builder for Online Campaign Tracking. Use it when tracking your newsletters and banners. Never use it or internal campaigns fx product promotions. •  http://www.roirevolution.com/google-analytics/google-analytics-url-builder.php•  Google Webmaster Tool – will tell you, what Google think of your website •  www.google.com/webmasters/•  Google Website Optimizer for A/B-testing and MVT-testing. Optimize and find your best performing landing pages •  www.google.com/websiteoptimizer•  CrazyEg for Heat mapping. See where your customers click on your web page. www.crazyegg.com (not free)
  41. 41. Recommended Book & Blog•  “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug. An excellent book about common sense usability.•  A fantastic blog – get inspired here •  http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/ •  The Difference Between Web Reporting And Web Analysis •  Three Amazing Web Data Analyses Techniques For Analysis Ninjas •  Web Analytics 101: Definitions: Goals, Metrics, KPIs, Dimensions, Targets •  www.marketingexperiments.com
  42. 42. Further trainingI can help you:1.  To fine tune your Google Analytics2.  With an intensive Google Analytics training based on your website data3.  To find areas, where your website is underperforming4.  To get full tracing of all your online campaignsAlways feel free to give me a call for an analytics talk +45 3029 5505Lets talk about your options. Just give me a call.Please use promotion code: LEANDER and get 20% off.