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Norse mythology


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Norse mythology

  1. 1. Norse MythologyBy, Talia Durant & Van Trat
  2. 2. Introduction•  Beloved by Scandinavian/Nordic peoplesuch aso  Norwegiano  Swedisho  Danisho  Icelandic•  Even Vikings from these regions!
  3. 3. Odin•  Ruler of Asgod (the land of the gods)•  Associated with war, magic, poetry, wisdom,and victory•  Had many sons- Thor is the most well known
  4. 4. Thor•  Favorite son of Odin, brother of Loki•  Husband of warrior goddess, Sif•  Associated with power and thunder•  Featured in Marvel Comic, Thor, andmovies, "Thor" and "The Avengers"
  5. 5. Thor (Movie)•  Portrayed by Chris Hemsworth•  Love interest- Jane Austen (Portrayed byNatalie Portman)•  Based off of Thor from Marvel comics•  Also featured in The Avengers
  6. 6. Thor Trailer
  7. 7. Loki•  Son of Odin, brother of Thor•  Associated with mischief and trickery•  Portrayed by Tom Hiddleston in the film"Thor" and in the film "The Avengers"•  Gave birth to a six-legged horse
  8. 8. Magni•  God of strength and brute forceo  Even stronger than Thor himself!•  Son of Thor and giantess Jarnsaxa•  Lifted a colossal leg of a stone giant off ofThor
  9. 9. Heimdall•  God of Light, Security, and Surveillance•  Guards Biforst (the gateway to Asgard)•  Waits with his horn (Gjail) to announce theend of the world•  Rescued Freyas necklace after it was stolenfrom Loki
  10. 10. Freya•  Queen Valkyrie Goddess of Love, Fertility,and Sexual Desire•  Daughter of Njord•  Twin sister of Freyr•  Wife of Od•  Mother of Hnoss and Gersemi•  Held possession of Brisingamen, the goldenamber necklace of desire
  11. 11. Baldur•  God of Peace (The Shining One)o  a champion of goodness, innocence and forgiveness•  Son of Odin and Frigg•  Loki was the cause of his deatho  Made a dart of sharpened mistletoeo  Convinced blind God, Hod, to shoot him
  12. 12. Hel•  Underworld Ice Queen, Goddess of the Deadand the Blues•  Rules Helheim (Norse Underworld)•  Daughter of Loki and Angrboda
  13. 13. Fenrir•  Wolf monster•  Son of Loki•  Would one day destroy the world•  Kept on a strong ribbon made by dwarves•  Tyr was his kennel mastero  placed a hand in Fenrirs mouth as a gesture of trust
  14. 14. Creation of the Worlds
  15. 15. Modern Articles••
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