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  1. 1. AfricanMythologyMatt Skopin, JonathanBobkov
  2. 2. A Little Intro to Afican MythologyThis video sets a nice mood to begin apowerpoint, so please enjoy!
  3. 3. Background•  Myths and legends have developed overthousands of years in Africa•  Heavily influenced by mass migration•  Myths, legends, and history passed throughspeech•  First written mythology appeared in 1800s
  4. 4. Deities•  Most African religions have many gods•  Recognize one as the supreme god or all-powerful creator•  Deity differs between regions
  5. 5. List of DeitiesDeity People/Region RoleAla Ibo/Nigeria Mother GoddessAmma Dogon/Mali Supreme GodCagn Bushmen/ SW Africa Creator GodEshu Yoruba/Nigeria Trickster & Messenger GodKatonda Buganda/ E Africa Creator God; King of UniverseKibuka Buganda/ E Africa War GodLeza Bantu/ Central & S Africa Creator & Sky GodMujaji Lovedu/ S Africa Rain GoddessNyame Ashanti & Akan/ Ghana Creator God ( Sun & Moon)Ogun Yoruba/ W Africa God of War & IronOlorun Yoruba/ W Africa Sky God & Supreme Deity
  6. 6. The Beginning: the NigerianCreation Myth•  As every culture has its ownnotion of creation, thisNigerian myth represents theAfrican ideas of creation•  Describes the creation of theworld by the Creation God,Arámfès childreno  Key Players§  Orísha§  Odúwa§  Arámfè
  7. 7. Big Idea / Conflict in "TheBeginning"•  Arámfè, the creator of theworld, tells his sons to go outand create a new race, andmake sure they areproductive and taken care of.•  Odúwa steals the bag ofhousing all Mans futureWisdom from Orísha.•  All of the Wisdom at oncecauses war and strife amongthe humans
  8. 8. Comparison to PrometheusThe Beginning•  Odúwa unknowinglycripples mankindwith what hethought would be ablessing when hethrows the bag ofwisdom tohumankindPrometheusEpimetheus opensPandoras Box thinkingit would be a gift for allof mankind, when itreally was a pile ofwretched emotions hereleased unto thehuman race.
  9. 9. Informative and Funny VideoThe Below Video is a great synopsis of "TheBeginning" and is pretty entertaining
  10. 10. The War of the Gods•  As a continuation to the idea of creation in Nigerianmythology, this myth represents the conflict betweenthe gods as a result of Odúwas theft•  Describes the war started by Orísha and Odúwa as wellas the effects of other gods on the conflicto  Key Players§  Orísha§  Odúwa§  Arámfè§  Ogun
  11. 11. Main Conflict in "The War of theGods"•  Orísha requests that Odúwa return the bag of wisdom andarts so that he can bestow it upon mankind•  Outraged, Odúwa denies and war breaks out between thegods•  Arámfè tries to stop the conflict but fails•  After years of war, Ogun, the god of war and iron asked hisking, Odúwa, to stop fighting and give Orísha the bag sincethe soldiers were weary from battle and great agony wasabout•  Odúwa again refused andenraged, turns himself intoa stone and takes the bagwith him as he sinks deepinto the soil
  12. 12. Comparison to How the Monkeybecame GodThe War of the Gods•  Orísha is given thebag of wisdom toteach to mankind.Odúwa steals itfeeling he rightfullydeserves the bag,which causes a warbetween manygods.How the MonkeyBecame GodSun Hou-tzŭ fights withYü Huang over therights to Heavensthrone, and all thewonders of immortalityand power over otherthat comes with it.Both  Stuggles  for  power  in  the  form  of  property  
  13. 13. Modern Events in NigeriaThe Article linked below is a great example ofafrican Culture being carried through eventhrough to modern times. African cultureshave used sculpture as a medium for ideasfor centuries, and the article describes how,even now, Nigerians represent their countrywith similar works to their ancientprecursors
  14. 14. General African MythologySlideShareWe focussed mainly on Nigerian Lore, so thisSlideShare will offer an alternateperspective on African Mythology
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