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GPU accelerated path rendering fastforward


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SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 FastForward slides

Published in: Technology
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GPU accelerated path rendering fastforward

  1. 1. GPUs are good at a lot of stuff
  2. 2. GamesBattlefield 3, EA
  3. 3. Data visualization
  4. 4. Product design Catia
  5. 5. Interactive ray tracing OptiX
  6. 6. Molecular modeling NCSA
  7. 7. All impressive stuff
  8. 8. What about advancing 2D graphics?
  9. 9. Can GPUs render & improve the immersive web?
  10. 10. on-indep endentResoluti Web co ntent rendered En tirely on the GPU
  11. 11. red e nde utlin l yph re al o ry g ematic Eve ath mi ts mfro
  12. 12. Ove rwhelmingly complex 2D scenesfrom last year’s conference Now rendering in real-time!
  13. 13. No t just Res earch… Availab le Today
  14. 14. GPU-ac celerated P ath Rendering
  15. 15. Please Attend OurSIGGRAPH Asia 2012 PresentationGPU-accelerated Path RenderingAuthors: Mark Kilgard & Jeff Bolz, NVIDIA CorporationPresenter: Mark KilgardTime: Friday, 30 November 14:15 - 16:00Location: Peridot 206, Singapore EXPOBlurb: For thirty years, resolution-independent 2D standards (e.g.PostScript, SVG) have relied largely on CPU-based algorithms for thefilling and stroking of paths. Learn about our approach to acceleratepath rendering with our GPU-based "Stencil, then Cover" programminginterface. Weve built and productized our OpenGL-based system.Web site: