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Contract management Solutions


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Trackado is a powerful, easy to use and cloud based contract management software.
Our software provide a variety of tools to monitor all the contracts at one place.

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Contract management Solutions

  1. 1. Contract Management Solutions How contract management software help in contract management
  2. 2. Contract Management Definition Contract management or contract administration is the management of contracts made with customers, vendors, partners, or employees. The personnel involved in contract administration required to negotiate, support and manage effective contracts are often expensive to train and retain
  3. 3. Phases of Contract Management Contract management can be divided into three phases namely 1. Pre- contract phase 2. Contract execution phase 3. Post award phase (often referred to as contract compliance/governance)
  4. 4. A common situation Contract compliance/governance This phase is critical to take a closer look for items such as unrecorded liabilities, under-reported revenue or overpayments. When do we have to cancel that contract or renegotiate its terms? Then you have to scan through an endless amount of pages in order to find the relevant details of the terms & conditions
  5. 5. Contract Management with Trackado Trackado helps organizations to overcome these issues and supports contract governance especially in the post award phase by providing the following functionality: 1. Contract repository 2. Contract calendar: events and reminders 3. Reporting
  6. 6. Contract calendar: events and reminders Managing contracts means keeping track of activities and deadlines in order to not miss an important contract related deadline. 1. Register events, e.g. For upcoming reviews or cancellations. 2. Assign the events to specific users. 3. See the status of all reminders. 4. Receive automated reminders for all activities and deadlines
  7. 7. Reporting Dashboards and overviews with powerful built-in reports provide all relevant contract data. 1. Upcoming costs and revenues 2. Upcoming activities and notifications 3. Latest contract additions 4. Amount of contract per category, status, organizational unit
  8. 8. Summary Trackado is a easy to use , powerful , cloud based contract management solution. Trackado gives you full control over your contract portfolio and makes contract management a breeze.
  9. 9. Thanks For Contract management software Visit us.