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Old Spice: Wild Collection Case Study


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Old Spice: Wild Collection Case Study

  1. 1. Old Spice and the Wild Collection Mark, Cindy, Joey, Rob
  2. 2. • • • • • • Manufacturer: Procter and Gamble Founded: 1934 Acquired by P&G in 1990 from the Shulton Company Industry: Male Grooming Products P&G Annual Marketing Budget: $10 billion Wieden + Kennedy advertising firm for Old Spice Old Spice Background
  3. 3. • “Provide branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world‟s consumers, now and for generations to come. As a result, consumers will reward us with leadership sales, profit and value creation, allowing our people, our shareholders and the communities in which we live and work to prosper.” • “The idea is that these primal scents bring out the wild, masculine side of men” while having “a little more sophisticated look and feel” Old Spice and Wild Collection Mission Statements
  4. 4. Situational Analysis (size, growth rate, geographic trends) • Market Share of Old Spice: 37.8% - Men‟s Deodorant 6.6% - Men‟s Fragrance 16% - Shaving Cream
  5. 5. External Analysis: Competitive Analysis • Major competitors: Axe, a Unilever brand; and Right Guard, a Dial brand. HOW DO COMPETITORS COMPETE? • PRODUCT, PRICE, PLACE, PROMOTION • • • • Axe generally targets the teen to late teen demographic Axe Apollo Campaign Right Guard markets to the sports enthusiast Both competitors can be found at the same places and cost about the same. ARE THEY VULNERABLE TO YOUR NEW OFFERING AND HOW WILL THEY RESPOND? • Axe is vulnerable because as users in their target market age, they will be likely to switch brands to a more mature positioned product such as the Wild Collection.
  6. 6. • Financial Performance/ Operations:
  7. 7. • • Situational Analysis cntd
  8. 8. P&G departments: Janitorial& Carpet Cleaning Services Industry Pet food Manufacturing Industry Personal Care Products Manufacturing Industry Soap & Other Detergent Manufacturing Industry Snack Foods Manufacturing Industry Pharmaceutical
  9. 9. • Wild Collection, Red Zone, High Endurance, Fresh Collection, Red Zone: Sweat Defense, Classic, Odor Blocker, Dry Skin Defense • Antiperspirants, deodorant, body wash, body spray, bar soap, shave gel and fragrance • Return Policy: If you received a damaged or defective item from us, or the wrong item was shipped to you, you will not be responsible for return shipping charges and we will not charge any restocking fee or other fee in connection with the return. In addition, you will receive a full refund for the item. For all returns other than damaged, defective or incorrectly-shipped items, we will charge a return shipping fee of $5.00 per package returned and a restocking fee equal to 20% of the purchase price for each item returned INTERNAL ANALYSIS: PRODUCT/SERVICE ANALYSIS
  10. 10. • Stock • Current: 77.94 • 52 week: 59.07 - 82.54 • SEGMENTATION ANALYSIS: • • • • • • TARGET MARKET: Males 18-24 Who: Males usually buy; some females What: Primarily men‟s deodorant; in personal grooming When: shopping for the house Where: Convenience, grocery stores, and super-stores Why: Old Spice provides branded products and services of superior quality and value that appeal to young men Demand/Customer Analysis
  11. 11. SWOT Analysis: Strengths • Brand recognition; marketing • Many products offered • New products liked by younger demographic • By creating more products and product line Old Spice benefited from allowing consumers to experiment within the brand; retaining their market share. • • • • • • Leading market position from a strong brand portfolio Significant R&D and marketing investments Social Media Strategic acquisitions expanded P&G's product portfolio Increasing presence in the developing markets Strong cash productivity
  12. 12. SWOT Analysis: Weaknesses • Neglecting older demographic • P&G probably relies on Gilette for late 25-40 demographic but for Old Spice, it is a weakness. • Increasing instances of product recalls • No shampoo products. Axe has shampoo products on top of their deodorants and body washes
  13. 13. SWOT Analysis: Opportunities • Expand market, focused on BRIC countries • Old Spice is not present in these countries that have incredibly rapid economic growth. • • • • • • The Growing middle classes in these countries could present big opportunities for Old Spice in the future. Growing personal care and household care markets Growing men's grooming industry Initiatives to improve productivity Expand Old Spice Body Spray product line Development of an Organic/Natural Product Line
  14. 14. SWOT Analysis: Threats • Competitors: Axe and Right Guard • Negative skin reactions caused by high scent loadings; lost customers • This can lose customers to a competitor and deter new customers from the brand entirely • Rising input cost inflation • Store brand imitations • “Classic” products target market ages
  15. 15. Marketing Strategy: Goals • Old Spice is primarily geared to men ages 18 to 24; The Wild Collection aims at the older end of that spectrum to keep users in brand • Increase brand recognition through ad campaigns and social • Grow in Sales and Volume • Increase already ruling market-share for men‟s grooming products. • Continue to encourage young to middle age men with innovation of products • Develop new “manly” scents
  16. 16. • Concentrated marketing strategy- Large share of one or more segments of a market. • The modern Old Spice brand contains numerous male grooming products, but is segmented in five clear lines, comically referred to as the “Gentleman‟s Stockade”: Antiperspirant, Deodorant, Body Wash, Body Spray and Fragrance. • The product lines are expanded primarily based on scent and product type and all utilize a similar color scheme containing red or white packaging, various sailing ship logo and “Old Spice” written in classic cursive. • All Products look familiar • Ex:This Powerpoint and products Marketing Strategy: Product
  17. 17. • 3 new scents -- Foxcrest, Hawkridge and Wolfthorn -- are available in stick deodorant, body spray, body wash, after shave lotion, and new cologne spray. • Foxcrest suits the man of the day, with the always hirsute mix of woods, musk, green herbs and a dash of citrus. • a cool and cunning fragrance that keeps the senses sharp, yet seductive. • Hawkridge was crafted with date night in mind, mixing rich, red fruits and chocolate with finishing notes of musk and sandalwood. • Formulated with spicy, manly ingredients to capture the raw power of nature. • Wolfthorn is for the nocturnal animal; a pulpy mix of citrus and mango with bases of vanilla and carnal musk. Wild Collection: Product
  18. 18. • Price: $2-5 (Excluding shaving cream) • Priced fairly enough to be in a wide range of stores • Higher quality products; higher price • Old spice bundles products together • Cheaper to buy in bundle rather then individual products • Gift sets come around the holidays Marketing Strategy: Pricing
  19. 19. Packaging example
  20. 20. • Old Spice deodorant can be found at almost any retail establishment. • Their product line is carried at mega-retailers such as WalMart, Costco, and Target as well as local grocery and convenience stores. Those options currently make up a large part of the sales percentage of deodorant. • Distribution • Options `gives consumers more choices which results in more volume • their already existing website which includes a list of on-line retailers that allows customers to see where products are sold in the nearest location Marketing Strategy: Placement
  21. 21. • The Old Spice brand has undergone significant repositioning since it was acquired by P&G, with a greater emphasis on a younger demographic. Before P&G Old Spice focused on the older male demographic. Products conceived before P&G are currently categorized as “Classic” and bear an older logo, color palette and product packaging. • Acknowledges old roots with “If your grandfather hadn‟t worn it,” it says, “you wouldn‟t exist.” on packaging. • Old Spice seeks to appeal to both men and women in their advertising so that women that are shopping will be more likely to purchase Old Spice products. • Old Spice encourages experimentation of products among young men. (Giving samples out at high school events) Marketing Strategy: Positioning
  22. 22. • The Wild Collection harnesses is man‟s call of the wild. The collection‟s are spiced in just a way to give off the air of business, but not as usual • At the same time, as the advertising campaign makes clear, the scents are not meant to project that their wearers are wallflowers, but rather, that they are men who want to be viewed as manly, seductive and maybe a little intimidating • Representing the dangerous side of masculinity and inspired by the personality attributes, eating habits and mating rituals of wild animals, the Old Spice Wild collection is a sophisticated line-up of man smells that helps guys answer the smell of the wild. • Old Spice is primarily geared to men ages 18 to 24. WC aims at the end of the spectrum Wild Collection: Positioning
  23. 23. • In the grand scheme of mannish history, Foxcrest Deodorant might be considered the turning point from wild stink to wild nights of face-winking and pleasurable food delicacies in the company of lady lovelies. • Foxcrest is a cool and cunning fragrance that keeps the senses sharp, yet seductive. • For cunning gentleman • Hawkridge: Get ready for the hens to invite you into the coop • Wolfthorn is marketed as a fragrance for the man who can run alone or with a pack and for nocturnal creatures. Wild Collection: Positioning
  24. 24. • Old Spice spent $46.2 million on advertising in 2011 and $16.6 million in the first nine months of 2012 • Old Spice‟s promotional strategy has been extremely successful over the last 2-4 years • In the last 3 years, Old Spice has focused heavily on television advertising. • Most notable to consumers are their effective use of advertising, sales promotion, event sponsorship, use of digital media and public relations. • Old Spice commonly uses celebrities in their campaigns; • Fabio, Terry Crews • Their television advertisements had a carried over to digital media. Old Spice uses Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and their company websites to promote their brand. Marketing Strategy: Promotion
  25. 25. Terry Crews Click
  26. 26. • In the year following “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign, Old Spice received 40 million Youtube, increased Twitter followers by 2,700%, Facebook traffic increased 800% and website traffic increased 300%. • Making effective use of digital media has strengthened Old Spice‟s connection with their target market and created mass appeal. • The humorous creative frames Old Spice products in a way that they can contribute to confidence and attractiveness, playing on male bravado. Marketing Strategy: Promotion cntd.
  27. 27. • Old Spice employs direct marketing through their displays techniques in stores. • Men‟s grooming products are typically found in the health and beauty sections of stores. By building on the expanding “male grooming” market, Old Spice has been a lead contributor to the development of the concept of “Man Aisle”, a direct marketing technique creating a separate aisle containing all male-specific products as opposed to mixing them in with female products. Marketing Strategy: Promotion cntd.
  28. 28. • Advertising created by Wieden + Kennedy • Introduced during the third quarter of the Super Bowl • Advertised through TV, print, and online ads, as well as interactive advertising via social media • The advertisements are focused specifically on the Wild Collection product line, however they show an „umbrella‟ effect that results in increased sales in all products. Wild Collection Promo
  29. 29. Foxcrest: • For cunning gentlemen Wolfthorn: • Alpha dog marketing style Hawkridge: • Women gaze approvingly at the Hawkridge user, but the primary message is not that his scent attracts women, like Axe ads, but that it vanquishes other men. • Intimidation is at the heart of a commercial for another scent in the line, Hawkridge. The other things that are important besides girls are money and winning. • the poker-game commercial might be especially appealing to men who started using Old Spice as adolescents and were at risk of abandoning it for what they perceived as more sophisticated products. In addition, Old Spice employed Mr. Wolfdog to address the brand‟s well-known humorous side to advertising Wild Collection Promo Wild Collection Commercials
  30. 30. • Facebook- • 2.3 million likes • Twitter- @OldSpice; @DirectorWolfDog • 3,360 Tweets; 230k followers • Youtube- • 480 videos; 325,647 subscribers • 22 Wild Collection videos; 3mil views • Live business webinars; also on Ustream • LinkedIn- • 266 connections • Tumblr- • 32 blog posts • Google+ • Mr. Wolfdog searched for an assistant through Hangouts • Pinterest- Social Media Marketing
  31. 31. • Automated interactive fake business call: 1-866-695-2407 • Mr. Wolfdog played Xbox Live with fans • Music: • Released an album of inspirational business music • Spotify playlist • Ringtones • • Social Media Marketing cntd
  32. 32. Why Old Spice Marketing is Successful • Creative and Unconventional • Simple, easy and straight forward ads • Keeping their content relevant Use of social media to activate mass media • Mainstream media outlets used to tap into global audience • Superbowl XL viewers in 2013: 164 mil. (34% of US Population) • Millions of views on Youtube • Youtube • Facebook posts • Tweets • Engaged in personal conversation The WC campaign is exactly what consumers have come to expect from the brand: brilliantly tongue in cheek, self-referential and full of the viral hooks that the internet loves
  33. 33. The End.
  34. 34. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Mintel: Antiperspirants and Deodorants – US – February 2011 Mintel: Fragrances – US – September 2011 - Changing Old Spice‟s Message Mintel: Soap, Bath and Shower Products – US – March 2011 - Old Spices Extreme Make Over Data Monitor: Old Spice Case Study Mintel: Men‟s Toletries US September 2011 The Emerging Middle Class in Developing Countries by Homi Kharas – Centre For Development The America's Intelligence Wire, April 27, 2011 pNA • • • Appendix: Charts, Tables, Bibliography