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20 Year Personal Marketing Plan - Mark Ymana.pdf

  1. Success through Business 20 Year Marketing Plan for Hustler Mark Mark Ymana 2022
  2. ZYX: Contented in pursuit of SUCCESS
  3. A Ladder to successful Entrepreneur A. Daily Rounds ◼ Vision/Mission ◼ Roles ◼ Focus on goals B. End in Mind
  4. I align daily… VISSION/MISSION I serve people using my accounting and business talents to give people jobs and consistently challenge myself to improve personally but also give back to our society.
  5. Success means doing these roles/strokes well daily 1. Down-to-earth Business Owner 2. Helpful Son 3. Inspiring Brother 4. Honorable accountant
  6. Role 1 of 4 Down-to-earth Business Owner
  7. Role 2 of 4 Helpful Son
  8. Role 3 of 4 Inspiring Brother
  9. Role 4 of 4 Honorable accountant
  10. Trusted Business Partner = 1 Reliable 2 Goal driven 3 Consistent service Personal Brand
  11. Mark’s Marketing Plan for Life 1. Define Business- ◼ Who Am I? I am Mark 2. Assess Market- Capitalize on Strength ◼ My accounting knowledge, thinking skills & positive attitude 3. ID PTM- Discovering Real Me ◼ Excel in roles as business owner, brother, son, accountant 4. Launch Strategy- Find Niche & Risk ◼ Reliable business partner for people who want to be successful ◼ (risk: not compatible interest and hobbies)
  12. Mark’s Marketing Plan for Life 5. Weather PLC (Product) Life Cycle - ◼ Continuously adapt, learn and improve 6. Balance Mix- Build My Brand ◼ Increase network 7. Expand Reach (Place) - Create My Legacy ◼ Globally present 8. Campaign Ad (Promo)- Reawaken Creativity ◼ Keep pace with competitors
  13. Mark’s Marketing Plan for Life 9. Plan Distribution (Place)- Share Time & Energy ◼ Learn from successful business owners 10. Achieve Sales- Reach Goals ◼ Specify daily, monthly, annual, 20 yr targets 11. Analyze P & L- Keep Score ◼ Review actual vs. targets 12. Seek Opportunities- Make Dreams Real ◼ Grab every opportunity and never stop improving
  14. 3 Rules to live by: 1. If you do not GO AFTER what you want, you'll never have it. 2. If you do not ASK, the answer will always be NO. 3. If you do not break out of your COMFORT ZONE you'll always be stuck in the same place.
  15. The 20-year journey is worth every day of it Here and Now 26 years old Brother Live day to day Employee Student Wandering End in Mind Successful business owner Can afford what I want Stable life With family
  16. My Journey to Success As an entrepreneur, I succeed if I was able to satisfy most of my customers, myself, and everyone around me. Success is not only about generating profits but also overcoming difficulties and hardships. Every day I will continue to improve and innovate in order to help other peoples’ life and the society we live in.
  17. ZYX: Contented in pursuit of SUCCESS
  18. Success through Business 20 Year Marketing Plan for Hustler Mark Mark Ymana 2022