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Linkedin for the job seeker basics.ppt


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Linkedin for the job seeker basics.ppt

  1. 1. LinkedIn and the Job Seeker Mark Van Baale | Doug Richards
  2. 2. New Landing Presents: LinkedIn and the Job Seeker • Meet your presenters – Mark Van Baale: Kansas City Social Media Group – Doug Richards: Managing Partner; RH & Associates • Session Goal(s) – Discoverability – Credibility – Find ‘hidden’ jobs – Grow your network • Errata – No question is dumb – The agenda is yours
  3. 3. LinkedIn basics • To earn a 100% complete profile you must have completely filled in the following – A current position – Two past positions. – Education. – Profile summary. – A profile photo. – Specialties. – At least three recommendations
  4. 4. 100% complete profile view
  5. 5. LinkedIn Basics (cont.) • Your profile – It’s not your resume (snapshot of your brand) – Make it enticing (aka ‘sticky’) • Tip: if you’re stuck, recruit help from a friend – Be descriptive • How would a recruiter know you’re a fit – Size does matter • The size of your network is important but not nearly as important as having the right type of contact
  6. 6. Summary (Tell A Story)
  7. 7. LinkedIn Basics (cont.) • 1st, 2nd, 3rd … home plate? – A 1st degree connection should always be someone you know well and could enthusiastically recommend – A 2nd degree connection is typically someone that you have yet had a need to connect with – A 3rd degree connection will almost always require an introduction (shortcut: join their Groups or Answer their questions) – Out of Network; you have no visibility of this person or their network. – Networks are grown by establishing trust and offering to help
  8. 8. Example of 1st degree connection to 2nd degree connection
  9. 9. Example 2nd degree connection extending invitation to connect and talk in more detail
  10. 10. Exploring “Hidden Job Market” • Company Follow • Integrated Job Search Site ( with LinkedIn • LinkedIn Groups and Answers
  11. 11. LinkedIn Basics (cont.) • Following companies and individuals – Why follow a company? • Get notified immediately of new jobs • Get notifications of recent hires and promotions • Follow their latest news – Why follow an individual? • If you’re not connected via a degree • Receive notifications about their network updates • Build a conversational profile about this potential connection • Connect with them if they work at a company you wish to work at
  12. 12. Following Companies Follow Companies by going to a company’s profile page via Search or clicking on a person’s profile where company name displays
  13. 13. Following Companies Can choose how often you receive updates and what types of updates you receive.
  14. 14. Following Companies You can look at statistics about those employees on LinkedIn tied to the company you want to work for.
  15. 15. Following Companies You can view where company employees worked at before joining the company and where many went after leaving the company (Career Path)
  16. 16. Following Companies You can also see other companies people looked to get a sense of similar companies to check out:
  17. 17. Integration with LinkedIn
  18. 18. LinkedIn Basics Q&A • You must – Create a 100% complete profile – Reserve your personal (vanity) URL – Write and request recommendations – Grow your network – quality and quantity – Follow the companies you want to work for and the individuals you want to work with